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6/20/2021 c48 Sudop9090
I’ve been in a reading slump , and this is just exactly what i needed. Thank you for this lovely fic, can’t wait for more!
6/20/2021 c48 Grahamgirl93
Such brilliant details in this story! I love it!
6/20/2021 c48 9alliekiwi
This is such a great story! I'm enjoying the pureblood traditions. I hope Harry and Hermione are able to regain their friendship.
6/17/2021 c48 amk41196
Man... Such an awesome fic... Can't wait for the next update... Tc and stay safe... :
6/6/2021 c48 believerofmajick
I loved this chapter and can't wait until Millie and Greg's wedding, as well as see what happens with everything else!
6/5/2021 c48 3123a456e
I read this story a while back but thought of it this morning and decided to reread, was very excited to see an update! I cant wait to see what happens next
6/5/2021 c48 dmjarigese2011
I utterly adore this story and I hope that you continue to update it! The concept of the old magics from the time of Merlin and Nimue being renewed is brilliant and I've never read another story that is like this. Your grasp on how to develop a plot is fantastic and I can't tell you how much I enjoy reading this story every single time.
6/2/2021 c48 MaddieLB
This is one of my absolute favorite fics, and I’ve been reading them for about 10 years now. The world building you’ve done is absolutely beautiful, and incorporated seamlessly. I can’t wait to see where it all goes.
5/26/2021 c48 IzzyMalfoy57
I’ve really enjoyed this and it’s so unique!
5/25/2021 c48 bones71
Sorry this is my 1st review but I restarted this from the beginning. Wow what a story I love the covern of witches. Each bringing different but beautiful magic within them. I cried when they brought Millie into the fold as that girl really needs smart intelligent friends who love and admire her for just who she really is. The dance that kicked it all off sounded awesome you wrote it so brilliantly that I actually felt the love as if I was there. I hope Pansy doesn't try to hurt Millie or do something at her wedding because if she does the girls will kick her butt. Luna and Theo Susan and Blaise are perfect for each other. I cried when the Bones ghosts arrived for her wedding. I'm so happy the Narcissa has finally started to love herself and her coven is going to be just as brilliant as Hermione et Al but oh so different at the same time. Laughed at the thought of Lucy and Frank interrogating poor Draco after the wedding. Whoever took the bones stuff is in for an interesting time.. Ginny is a self center little whiny bitch that needs to be slapped. Wow when Arthur disowned Ron I was amazed as he never even give Molly a thought he just did it and it was perfect. Can't wait to find out just what the dragon torc really is, I think Charlie knows more than he is letting on. Andy and Kingsley are perfect for each other and again I cried when Phineus told her so.

Thank you so much for this and I look forward to seeing what happens.
5/25/2021 c20 LeiaFromAfar
It’s been years since you wrote this but I felt compelled to write something nonetheless.

The ritual dance scene at the wedding was one of the most beautiful and lovely things I’ve ever read. Goosebumps skittered across my skin and I literally cried while reading it. I’ve been feeling as though most author’s don’t use the full depth of what the magic in the potterverse can be, do, and create. I’ve read a few stories that have and have loved them, but have yearned for more. I’ve even thought about posting about it in one of the many facebook groups.

I am so completely happy that I stumbled across this story via a recommendation when someone was looking for a pureblood, or adopted pureblood, Hermione story. Though you had me hooked from the first few paragraphs, I wasn’t expecting this story to be so full of magic, bonds, and rituals. But, you certainly breathed life into their world.

I’ve been devouring this story and I hope to read more of your work after I’m through! Thank you for writing this piece!
5/25/2021 c48 3DiagonAli
very fascinating. the idea of covens and rituals and arcane magic is too often glossed over. I'm loving what you're doing with the story
5/23/2021 c48 1TheDarkLadyJinx
This entire story is so beautiful, I couldn't stop reading. This is actually my second time reading it, but it's been years since, so it's like new again. Thank you for writing! _
5/22/2021 c48 1lilashannah
I belong to a group on Facebook and your story was recommended.. I am so glad it was.. what a wonderful captivating story..I couldn't stop reading. thank you so much for writing it .
5/19/2021 c48 ZeldaSeverous
I'm so glad to see this update!
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