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12/3/2015 c7 brookeworm
I don't even know how I missed this story! It's wonderful and quite a different take. I absolutely adore the fact that Hermione is now a Longbottom, I am also excited to see how Lucius will win over Hermione and gain his famiy back. I think Lucius will find himself quite pleased with Hermione once he gets to know her and if Augusta and Lucius ever alligned what a force those two would be. I also look forward to seeing a softer side with Narcissa and learn more about the man Neville has become. I can't wait to see everyone's expression at the wedding when Draco and Hermione show up. There is just so much I can't wait for!
12/3/2015 c7 Maddi
What a lovely interlude that shows us the insight of the Malfoy parents! I love how powerful and fierce you write Narcissa! Absolutely wonderful job!
12/3/2015 c7 omslagspapper
juhuuu i love fierce narcissa 3
12/3/2015 c7 anon5082120511
I adored the Dramione side of things but this show of how Lucius is battling to win his loved ones back is sad, too.
12/2/2015 c6 KarukMomma
Love the fluff. :)
12/2/2015 c6 anon5082120511
Short but sweet chapters. I like this plot you have created.
12/2/2015 c6 White Bishop
So far I am loving this story. The writing is sharp and the story development is quite believable. Even with such a ridiculous premise I can't help but enjoy the story so far.

Brilliant use of Greg Goyle, I enjoy stories that make him a decent-ish human being. He's not evil, he's just got a talent for it and as a younger man he played to his talent. Having Goyle work at Hogwarts is a nice touch, he's not a brilliant man but I could totally see him helping out as a groundskeeper.

If I could make a meager request. Would it be possible to have Theo Nott also be a redeemable person. He doesn't need to be pro muggleborn but it would be enough that he's not dismissive of Hermione as the new Lady Malfoy. She's the brightest witch of their age and having him make a claim that he would have considered courting her. had he known she was available. would speak volumes. Often people use Blaise as the de facto best friend in these kinds of stories but I personally think Theo fits better since he has more in common with Draco. Although that's just my 2 cents and you don't need to take it into consideration if it doesn't gel with your story.

Draco, Greg and Theo are my favorite Slytherins to read since each of them are the son's of Death Eaters. Each lived a very different life as a result, but all of them reflect a trait of their house. Draco suffered because of his ambition, Greg's fraternity made him followed orders, and Theo's cunning was able to keep him out of trouble. How these traits have evolved and been tempered post war is something very interesting and I hope you get the chance to explore it.

Keep up the brilliant work.
12/1/2015 c6 Guest
I have never believed in the Draco Hermione pairing, until this story. It is beautiful, wondrous, unique and brilliant, and each chapter written thus far adds a thread to a beautiful tapestry. The words, feelings and actions of the characters draw the reader into your story, and the depth of emotion shared between Draco and Hermione leave me deeply touched, wanting to read more and wishing this story was already finished. Ron is a troll, never deserved Hermione, and deserve the hole he has dug himself. I am so glad that Hermione has a family, now bound by magic and blood, that, along with Draco, will protect and support her. Thanks for writing and sharing this amazing story. Don't let Harry manipulate Hermione back into his good graces. He'd be dead if not for Hermione, and Harry needs to grow up and truly support the friend who has sacrificed everything for him. If not, he is also best left behind. I love everything I've read so far, and I am eager to read more. Please, post more soon.
12/1/2015 c1 liasonfan96706
Great story... looking forward to reading more!
12/1/2015 c6 SpaztasticalMaiden13
Gah! I wondered how they would handle the past. This was so sweet I'm glad they are determined to get to know each other and move past everything. I'm glad too that they have both already grown up after all the things that happened. I'm curious to see what happens in the morning and their courting/church wedding. I'm excited for more. Good luck and happy writing!
12/1/2015 c6 omslagspapper
these absolute NERDS. look at them, being sweet to each other.
wie rrrromantisch!
(that was not sarcasm that was me screaming in german, but quietly in a chapter review in lowercase letters)
11/30/2015 c5 KarukMomma
Love the pairing and an interesting start to the story. I can't wait to see how others react to their marriage. I like how you made the Longbottoms her family. :)
11/30/2015 c5 SpaztasticalMaiden13
I'm just so in love with this story! It's so strange and sweet and the two of them are wonderful together! I'm dying to read what happens next. I hope the writing for this is coming easily so we can have more soon. Good luck and happy writing!
11/29/2015 c5 omslagspapper
i'm so proud of draco for not being defensive when hermion went all S.P.E.W. with the house elves :)
11/29/2015 c4 Maddi
Hi! Just caught up on the two chapters since I've last reviewed! Absolutely loved these two! Thank you for the fabulous job you're doing! All the hearts to you!
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