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7/27 c48 DukeCityGirl
Wow! I was hooked from the first sentence. What a great story. I look forward to future updates. Thank you very much for sharing such a wonderful gift with us.
7/9 c26 Ypm1
There’s so much I like about this story: Hermione moving on and becoming a superpower Longbottom Malloy, her adorable dragon, George taking her side over Ron, the elves who have humans, the coven of friends across all houses, Arthur’s respect for Hermione based on her merits, the way Slytherins are being helped to success, a reformed and grateful Goyle, Draco’s dark mark disappearing, the going along with the magic hippie vibes, and somehow what I like most of all is this sweet thing between Luna and Theo.
7/9 c48 Whit96
I just love this fic so much! The flow is just so fun and quick, the story is amazing. I have to read it at least every other month just for fun. It’s a beautiful masterpiece. After this time around I’m curious your plans for Pansy.
7/6 c48 Dances with Willows
This has been lovely hun. Thank you so much for all the time and dedication you poured into it. It is very appreciated. I hope you and yours are well. Thank you for sharing it with us.
7/5 c24 Dances with Willows
Oh goodness. The humor in this is fantastic. I love the vine patting Lucius on the head. Fuckin love Luna.
7/2 c48 jso
You have spun a fantastic story. I am thoroughly enthralled. I hope you will update. Love all the players, such rich and in-depth characterizations. I look forward to more, you are quite a storyteller.
6/27 c48 diamondnightskies
I don't even feel capable of fully expressing to you how utterly amazing I am finding this story. I stumbled onto it through a recommendation and actually thought it was already finished. I've spent practically the while day binge-reading it. I'm a little sad to find it wasn't the all wrapped up story I thought because I love that resolution, but much, much more excited to know that there will be more coming! What you have created here is so wonderfully rich, captivating, funny, smart, and I wanna be stupidly cliché and say magical. I feel so invested in finding out what happens to so many characters! This is definitely one worth waiting for and please don't let anyone make you feel Iike it isn't. Those people are miserable. You are gifting us all with your imagination and the talent to translate that into a compelling story, not to mention your time and effort. Thank you.
6/27 c48 Jces999
Thank you for your excellent writing - really enjoying this & looking forward to seeing where this is going
6/19 c48 roseslover36
Oh I Love this! This is so great, hope you’re able to finish it but if not that’s okay, you’ve done so great!
6/3 c1 aiachrstn0809
i hope you update huhuhu i love more fluffy and positive dramione stories
5/18 c1 3shaila22star
are u going to finish this any time soon?
5/11 c48 moriah
I just got a chance to re-read this wonderful story after catching up with Time Amok. I just wanted to say, I love your stories!
5/8 c26 WhatNowWhoHow
Rereading this story for the millionth time and came across your note at the beginning of this chapter. I hope you’re doing well, and that you know this story brings me infinite joy, whether it’s complete or not. I just love these characters so, so much. It’s brilliant, even if another chapter is never added.
4/19 c26 1EmpressReader
I am So sorry someone did that to you! Are you okay? Know that I have LOVED your story from the first sentence.
4/3 c3 Lily Dangerous
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