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4/2 c47 dsfran
Wonderful story. Thank you for sharing your talents with us. Hope to read more soon.
3/27 c48 annamaria.cross
Please consider continuing this amazing work. I know you can’t command the muse and that life is challenging at best, but you are an amazing writer. You are right up there with the fanfic greats like shayalonnie,canimal, colubrina. Thank for the chapters so far. I look forward to more.
3/11 c4 1Lavirtu.2
How she can still virgin after be with Ron during 2 years
3/11 c3 Lavirtu.2
So beautiful
3/11 c2 Lavirtu.2
Nice chapter
3/11 c1 Lavirtu.2
3/9 c48 Guest
Love it! Please update soon!
3/7 c1 2LoonyLove52
I love this so much. I know we're at the point where it's silly to hope for an update. But I just can't stop thinking about this story. I've reread it so many times over the years
3/7 c48 aiachrstn0809
i hope there will be update soon
2/28 c48 Guest

I hope everything is ok with you. This is still one of my top 5 fics. Just wanted to send some love ️
2/22 c48 eva
nice chapter am dieing to read next
2/21 c45 lakelady8425
I love how all of the relationships develop in this lovely story. I hope you are well and know how talented a writer you are. The magics you describe in this story are sublime.
2/15 c2 Elisablackcat
pfff author i want you to know that i am already really invested in this story and am thankful that you've made this.
that aside, *wheeze* i didnt expect that last part about kiddie james potter and dad longbottom trying to get married like that XDDDD
2/13 c38 darkxlunatiic
it puts a nasty taste in my mouth that there's never a equal relationship its like either the man has power over the female or the female is so overly powerful that the guys afraid to even have his own opinion.
2/2 c42 LilyJames4Eva
Wow Ginny is a remorseless selfish cow. She literally doesn't mind breaking apart friendships and relationships for her own end, because what she wants is "for the best". Could she get anymore entitled? So does Ginny ever actually get called to account and actually get told to her face that she's an inferior, jealous useless bitch? I hope so.
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