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for All I want for Christmas is Liv

12/27/2016 c3 Sherri65
Hopefully more updates soon, I am anxious to see how you fix Karen's problem, plus the dinner Olivia has planned.
4/12/2016 c3 Coralsue3
I love this story ! Please keep writing!
1/4/2016 c1 Guest
Aww, I love it! Please update.
1/1/2016 c3 Guest
Love this
12/29/2015 c3 Guest
Thank you.. Pls send to Shonda she needs help
12/25/2015 c3 Guest
In 509, Shonda ruined Silent Night for me so this was just what I needed. Can't wait for the next update! Hope it will be soon.
12/23/2015 c3 Guest
Love this story! So Liv is keeping two secrets, but I'm glad they're not things she intends to keep from him. One that Fitz is going to be so happy about and another he'll come to accept b/c Liv is just honoring Karen's wishes. This is how 5A should've ended. I need more soon!
12/22/2015 c3 Guest
Aww, that was a great surprise! I usually see things like this coming but after Karen's choice, I didn't think you'd go there now with Liv. I'm so glad you did though! Karen's situation puts her in a very tough spot especially now, but I love that she's supporting Karen. Can't wait to find out how Liv tells Fitz her own news and where it all goes from here. Wondering how long Liv has known too. Please update ASAP!
12/19/2015 c3 28Puck and Rachel fan
More soonish please

12/19/2015 c3 IMPI
OMG! Awwwwwe!
12/19/2015 c3 LaJoyMechell
Awhhh...this so so perfect..listening to "the light" right now , and reading this just made my morning...️️️️️
12/19/2015 c3 jennkyle
Such a great chapter and job I hope you have a great weekend tell next time
12/16/2015 c2 Fedex57724
My four year old Corgi can do better than the winter finale. Thank you for giving us our love story back.
11/26/2015 c2 SandraNowakowski
Your story warms my heart. I really do wish you were a writer for Scandal. Shonda's shock and awe won't work this time. It is just causing us to turn away from our favorite show cos of the terrible writing and terrible SR! I won't be watching Feb. 11. I would rather read stories like yours!
11/26/2015 c1 SandraNowakowski
I hated 509 and agree with you that it was a travesty! So now I have FF to turn to for Olitz. I'm so glad that you wrote a sensible story, instead of SR's BS! Looking forward to your story. Thank you!
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