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12/28/2016 c37 Ally
I'm crying, you haven't updated in years. I need the rest. :'''))))))
12/26/2016 c37 7MissMJS
Damn it! So close! xD
You did just fine! I - obviously - wanted to read more!
This was adorably funny and so cute! Loved this chapter!
12/23/2016 c37 260GalaxyStar92
Ah! They were so close to kissing! And who just ruined their moment?
12/17/2016 c36 4wavyinterlude
I feel it's Taylor again...:/. And yes I did like it!
12/10/2016 c36 39Ai Star
Was that Sonic?
12/9/2016 c36 7MissMJS
Of course you'd leave it there! ;)
I love group chats! well, unless you miss 61 like I did just did a few hours ago, but they're hilarious!
12/3/2016 c35 2Purrincesseawah
Do you mind uploading it every Friday because it gets annoying when there is no chapter to read. I've waited so many weeks for chapter 36
11/22/2016 c35 7MissMJS

Whoa! Hold the phone! Negative?! No way!
Glad Sally's taking responsibility
Sonia, the blame game is not cool!
11/21/2016 c35 Guest
Actually chapter 35 is pretty short and it only took 5 minutes to read so...
11/21/2016 c35 39Ai Star
I have a feeling that the results were mixed up
11/12/2016 c35 4wavyinterlude
I was intending on leaving a review two days ago, but I wasn't signed in...Sorry!

Anyway, this is coming to be very good (not that it wasn't good from the start XD)! I hope that the DNA results were fake...! But what does Sonia mean by that? I'm confused too, like Amy...

But, yeah! Don't be hard on yourself about updating late, it's okay if you have to do other things. I understand, and I'm sure everyone else understands (I'm not saying leave updates till a year, I still want to read this story!). Keep up the good writing!

Just wanted to point out, when you are using quotations marks, use a comma at the end of the line before putting the ending quotation mark, okay? For example, near the last line:

"You know, I actually believe they messed up on the results." Amy responded.

See that period at the end (after 'results')? That should be a comma, like this:

"You know, I actually believe they messed up on the results," Amy responded.

See? I hope you understand (bet you didn't, I suck at explaining grammar XD). Bye, and again, keep up the great writing! Hope to see something big in the future out of you! Heck, you could end up writing your own book if you play your cards right!
11/2/2016 c34 1Tiger The Hedgehog
Author- Till the next comment. Damn lol I didn't know the effects were soooooooooooo long lasting... hahahahaha
Tiger- You just wait when I give you a dose of your own medicine.
Author- and I'll be waiting. Anyway real review. Awesome story. It is gripping me like a snake. Can't wait for the next chapter.
10/29/2016 c34 4wavyinterlude
Ooh...can't wait for next Friday lol XD! There was one mistake at the end of the chapter. Amy seems so shocked when Sonic told her about Sally posting the video. Why is she so surprised? Sally already confessed in the forest; why should she be so shocked for? But the story's still good nonetheless, I still can't wait for more.

BTW, I added this story, and many of your other SonAmy stories in my community, The Wind and the Rose. You should also check out the rest of the stories there, they're really good!
10/25/2016 c33 1Tiger The Hedgehog
Tiger- Impossible! This is a joke!
AuthorTakes out a bottle of rubber cement and pours it in his glass of Orange juice) This is a complete game changer.
TigerSnatches the glass of Orange juice and drinks it) I know!
Author- My juice! That's mine.
Tigerin a squeaky voice) Not any...MY VOICE! WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?
Author- That's what you get for drinking my juice without my permission.
Anyway real review. Now I am shocked but I am pretty sure there is a good reason. Keep it up.
10/23/2016 c33 4wavyinterlude
It's obviously a joke Lol! Can't wait for next chapter, that was a turn down!
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