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2/9/2016 c16 261GalaxyStar92
Nebula: I was wondering how long it too Sonic to remember that promise. I just hope nothing gets ugly between Amy and Sally.
2/8/2016 c16 Unknown
Ah finally you decided to update -_- I like your story so update the next chapter :D
2/5/2016 c9 JoshTheDong
Yo Yo Josh here tk be fab, anyways can you make another chapter pleassssseeeee?
We'll be happy just please make more
1/20/2016 c15 InfinityBraveCat
I need to review for my exam tomorrow..
Cya guys.

1/17/2016 c15 33Soniclover23
Okay guys...this is my story and I know what I'm doing. Right now Sonic is acting like this for a reason. -.- if you're patient enough to wait for the next chapters, you'll understand why. There's still more to sonic acting like this. I only write Sonamy stories and why would I only write about them? Well, because it's my favorite couple and I want them to have a happy ending. So, if you don't like how Sonic is playing out right now, then I suggest you don't read this story. One the main points of this story is that Sonic needs to learn how to soften up after he discovered something he didn't meant to discover. Also, he's upset about the break up and he doesn't understand these feelings which makes him mad and obviously Sally mentioned Amy, the only answer to him is that she's the reason why and he needs to show his anger and confusion towards Amy so she can start helping him and maybe she will develop her old crush again on Sonic as the process go on. I just gave you a Big hint on this story so for any people who don't like Sonic right now, I suggest you respect my ideas and be patient. I'm not letting any reviewers who don't respect my ideas change my ways of continuing this story. I appreciate the other reviews who understand the plot and are patient with me .
1/17/2016 c15 JoshTheDong
Lawl I kinda like it when those to kinda fites
1/17/2016 c15 Hmph
Cyo the Lion has a point. Why is it that every single SonAmy story has Sonic being a complete douche and then one measly sorry fixes everything? I'm fucking sick of seeing this trend over and over and over again. Yours is a particularly bad case due to Sonic showing that he was nice to Amy before finding a family and forgetting her. That is what turned a unique idea into an unoriginal one and it enrages me. I feel like if Sonic doesn't smarten the fuck up soon, the audience is going to get tired of Sonic's verbal, psychological and emotional abuse. Because Amy is going through abuse from someone she used to care about who's a complete dick now. Maybe Amy can date someone who actually gives a damn about her and will love her, all while Sonic sits in a lonely corner and ponders why life sucks for him now. And if this must be a SonAmy (but with every snide and hurtful comment Sonic gave Amy, I am completely against SonAmy at this point), I want that blue rat to beg. I want to see him completely beg for Amy to give him one more chance after he remembers her. I want that rat's pride to be smashed into pieces when she tells him no on the grounds of all the shit he did to her. Why should sorry make all the "I hate yous" and "You ruined my perfect life" and all that other talk go away? It doesn't. He was still a complete jackass to her and he deserves to feel like shit after what he did.
1/17/2016 c15 39Cyo the Lion
Why do you always make Sonic mean and selfish?
1/9/2016 c14 JoshTheDong
Amy:What Did You Say Sonic?!
Shadow:Rose Calm Down...
Silver: Amy Dont Mind Him, It's HisProblem.
Rouge: Did I Ever See My Name In This Story?
Blaze&Tara: Let's just Shut Up And Wait For The Next Chapter.
Silver: Im Just Gonna be Fabulous At The Lake.
Sonic:Just Shut Up Weed Head Junior.
1/9/2016 c14 261GalaxyStar92
Nebula: (sighs) Just because Sally broke up with you doesn't mean you should blame it on Amy, Sonic. You can't start treating Amy badly because sooner or later, you'll lose her.
1/9/2016 c14 39Cyo the Lion
Hope Sonic don't beat Amy
1/5/2016 c1 8no longer zosonils' account
Nicely written. I like how you've managed to change points of view. You're pretty good at really showing us the characters' personalities.
1/4/2016 c13 1Physcogurl4evr
love these chapter u posted it a little late waking me up but what eves I still read it ok keep up the good work byeee
1/2/2016 c12 Physcogurl4evr
thanks for making another story and I'm happy u made this one for me oh and when I read my name my mouth dropped to the thank u and I really want to know what you going to do about He Never Notices Me. I love the story and it gives me inspiration just like all your storys do ok well thanks again byeeeee
1/2/2016 c12 hahkhdueh
This was a really good chapter, it's ironic how weird Sonic and Amy are acting between each other
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