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11/24 c58 Borello
really nice work
11/23 c58 11Power of Magic
Glad that Naruto was able to stop Jack from hurting Zunesha (and I thought that he'd also be able to hear/understand him) and I wouldn't be surprised if Naruto would leave a marker or something, so that he could teleport back there. I'm thinking that Big Mom might also want Naruto to marry one (or more) of her daughters, so that any kids they have would have Naruto's chakra
11/23 c58 4Monster King
Good job please continue the story I'm enjoying it
11/23 c58 2Dragonkeeper10
More piraty fun. Plus Naruto chanelling Jack Sparrow is always good in my book.
11/22 c58 5Gamelover41592
awesome work on this chapter and nice change of pace
11/22 c58 StrongGuy159
Cool chapter continue please.
11/12 c57 Borello
nice work
11/9 c57 thor94
good chapter, but i expected more twist for the meeting with raizo and having the straw hat crew comparing him to naruto, like telling "naruto look better, he doesn't need scroll to manipulate elements or make clones, he can transform perfectly into anything or anyone, etc"
11/9 c57 11Power of Magic
I can imagine that Naruto wasn't too pleased to see Raizo, since he looks nothing like a ninja (in Naruto's opinion). I should think that Naruto will go with Luffy to get Sanji back from Big Mom, and lets hope that Naruto is able to fight her on equal ground
11/9 c57 Crimson Riot 01
11/9 c57 fozzerify
this story is getting worse every chapter I don't mean to be harsh but what's the point of having naruto in the story if most of the time you ignore him or nerf him whenever he fights like with doflamingo if you just wanted to right a one piece story then stop claiming it's a naruto crossover when he's hardly ever in it
11/9 c57 WhateverPlus
I liked this chapter.
11/9 c57 4Monster King
Good job please continue the story
11/8 c57 5Shodaime Gahokage
Laugh Tale
11/8 c57 bumblebee9432
I can't wait for Yamato to join the harem she needs some love
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