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6/7 c31 7Power of Magic
That was quite the chapter, and I'm looking forward to how things go in the next one. I liked how Naruto freed those slaves from that World Noble, along with burning all the slave houses down (and talking to Doflamingo was interesting). Fighting the Pacifista's was cool, and Naruto vs Kizaru was awesome. Looking forward to when Naruto arrives on Amazon Lily, and I don't mind if Boa is added to the harem (but if she does get added, maybe have it where she is a lesbian but only her two sisters know as she hides it from her people)
6/7 c31 2AbyssDragonslayer777
I think Hancock should be with Luffy.
6/7 c31 Issei
Can you add sandersonia to naruto harem oppai
6/6 c31 thor94
Really good chapter, naruto was merciless with the slavers.
Can't wait next chapter, ask what path impel down and marinford arc will take with naruto here.
6/6 c31 oniryuhohokami-otsutsuki
boa hancock
6/6 c31 StrongGuy159
Awesome chapter continue please.
6/6 c31 InuLamar
Epic chapter keep it up!
6/6 c31 midnightscar17
No on boa and the whole island. Thats just sick
6/6 c31 Greer123
Great work writing this new chapter as always. I cannot wait to see Naruto in the War of the Best.
6/6 c31 MarTinez9
Great chapter can't wait to see the next one. Also as for Boa I'm all in for her being in the harem with Naruto. Plus I think Boa will like Naruto more for not only hitting a world noble like Luffy but he also destroyed the slave houses, as well can get rid of the slave mark that hunts Boa her whole life.

So in the end my vote is for Boa Hancock with Naruto
6/6 c31 7ortizale317
Hope you vote for team shnn and the other anime teams

Plus I believe Marguite is a better choice as she is nicer than Hancock
6/6 c31 david.teague.3950
I'll be honest Hancock's hot so is Marguerite. However I'd rather Hancock be more cunning and seduce Luffy rather than being a lovelorn woman who is easily suspicious of the women that Luffy's with. As for Sanji, I like the idea of him being with Pudding. The way I see it he needs a woman with a strong will who's not afraid to pull his ear when he's in love-mode. Usopp has Kaya, that he's sweet on, and Nami's with Naruto, along with several other women. Can you imagine Kurama's response to Carrot, or Shirahoshi getting attracted to Naruto? Oh the thoughts just making me smile with suppressed laughter.
6/6 c31 4Gamelover41592
now it begins
5/30 c30 natsu00
boa hancock x naruto?
5/26 c30 InuLamar
Epic chapter keep it up!
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