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9/30 c46 Criptofever
when's the next chapter
9/26 c37 JJP123
I was hoping you'd kill Blackbeard, but i understand leaving him alive since I also think he's going to be the last villain in the show to
9/25 c46 gread dxd
sabes que para la escusa de falta de kunai y shuriken solo debe pedirle a usopp o franky que los fabriquen para el verdad digo as visto que usopp fabrica sus propios shuriken par sus disparos.


You know that for the excuse of lack of kunai and shuriken, you should only ask Usopp or Franky to make them for him. I'm really saying that you have seen that Usopp makes his own shuriken for his shots.
9/23 c46 WarzPark
Add Uta To Naruto's Harem
9/22 c46 Borello
nice work.
9/15 c46 11Power of Magic
That was a really cool chapter, and I look forward to the next one. Glad that Naruto beat up Mad Treasure, as he needed to show him why you don't mess with Naruto's crewmates or girlfriends. Also, Naruto in Kurama mode vs giant Gild statue made me think of a Kaiju vs a Jaeger
9/15 c46 Kevin21524596
Epic chapter keep it up!
9/15 c46 WhateverPlus
I liked this chapter.
9/15 c46 Crimson Riot 01
9/15 c46 Sazi94
Nice chapter. Loved how you handled the One Piece Film Gold movie and episodes in this. Any plans to give Naruto any more ladies or this is it?
9/15 c46 4Monster King
Nice update
9/14 c46 volcasiron30
awesome as always
9/14 c46 StrongGuy159
Cool chapter continue please.
9/14 c46 4Gamelover41592
awesome work on this chapter
8/23 c12 roy900jong
Uuuum isn't naruto too weak like naruto at the end of shipuden is at least yonko level of strenght in a movie all of base naruto chakra is enought to blow a hole through the moon no power ups just naruto and no kyuubi chakra
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