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1/12 c3 Mar.azul.14
Well, they had a great time together, and in the end, they simply couldn't resist each other.
They really should have an honest conversation about their past, current and future form of their relationship..
Beautiful chapter... I really like the way you present in every chapter their feelings and emotions... it's very detailed and emotional...
Great writing... Well done!
1/9 c4 2jilyandbambi
You have such nuanced, respectful insight into Fitz and Olivia as characters and how their strengths and imperfections make them click-and tick, heh-as a couple. It's something I really appreciate about all of your stories. Normally, I can't bear to see my OTP fight, even in fanfic, but you have a way of conveying all of the love and heartbreak behind the cruel words and below the belt jabs that make even Olitz's fights enjoyable and almost fulfilling (?) to read. Thank you
1/3 c2 Mar.azul.14
Amazing chapter...strong emotions...awkward moments...sweet moments.. powerful feelings..
honest conversations...moments of joy and relaxation.. moments of realization...
They have the opportunity to get to know each other again, in a different way than in the past, now that they are free from the responsibilities of their previous positions.. Without no doubt there are feelings that wait to come back to the surface.. and the question isn't IF but WHEN that is going to happen... Extremely well written chapter in every detail... Well done!
1/3 c1 Mar.azul.14
Promising start...very emotional chapter...
You really have created through your words characters that are vulnerable, have emotional backgrounds, have unresolved issues between them and all of that make them interesting and fascinating... You gave us in a vivid way their emotions and feelings toward each other, from the past till the present... the tension between them was palpable and almost painful that you could feel it in the atmosphere...
Beautifully written chapter from the beginning to the end... Well done!
11/29/2020 c20 Shooting star3328
Lockdown life is hard, rereading this again gave me such joy. Thank you for such lovely writing.
10/6/2020 c20 ms9392
I love this. Thank you for this fic.
7/16/2020 c20 Guest
I don't know why but this story made me so emotional. I cried almost every chapter. You're an incredible writer. Thank you. I needed to read something so sweet and beautiful. Thank you
3/25/2020 c20 2Jane Wen
I was scouring the internets looking for a cannon verse in-character Olitz story and thankfully stumbled across this story. So so well done. Thank your for sharing this with us. The care you took in writing this story was a wonder to see.
1/5/2020 c20 noro
The chapters just keep getting better and excellent work
12/28/2019 c20 TvIsForever
I loved the added chapter and the update on their life! Everything was amazing! Thank you for the chapter! Happy holidays!
12/26/2019 c20 21kkimberly49
I did not realize how much I missed them until I read this update. I am so happy that married life is still going well. I love how Fitz is able to open Liv up to life. Like he said they even each other out. thank you. I enjoyed that so much...
12/23/2019 c13 bb315
Gah, I've been reading this with a happy grin on my face the entire time. This chapter was magic!
12/22/2019 c20 Guest
Happy holidays! Thanks for the wonderful update!
12/24/2019 c20 ScandalOnica
So I am procrastinating from christmas presents wrapping to nap and read this update. My family is giving me the side-eye. Lol
Olivia officially being a dog Mom with Lady who hilariously ignores Fitz is such a great personality match. So nice seeing her settled but not shying away from the limelight she gained while campaigning and in the WH.
You make me want to go back and look at the first season to find a the slot where that could have possibly have happened... and that trip to Asia, oooh will we be seeing a possible update with that one?! Either way, you know we love this couple in any scenario.
Thanks for writing and a Merry Christmas to you and your family!
12/22/2019 c20 Guest
This was AWESOME... love this thank you Soooo much for the early Olitz Christmas gift...Merry Christmas to you & your family enjoy Colorado and take lots of pics of the ice castle.
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