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7/15 c156 Onkury
Word at the start, this will get long lol
Kinda late to the party (it's 2023 god dammit) but I just need to let out my thought and most of them simply say: WOW
This, honestly, was one of the best (if not *the* best) hetalia fic I've ever read (and there was a lot of them)
I spent over a week reading this and due to experience, I always say, the longer I read, the better it is and over a week is longer than I ever spent on any book (fic or physical, the only exception being Journey to the West)
I ESPECIALLY loves how every chapter invidually surprised me with something, I even commented to my friend who also plans to read it that "if you think something bad happened, there's always another chapter where it's worse" lmao (it's of course meant positively)
Another thing that I loved, I'm not a very shipping person and I mostly read stuff that doesn't include ships or they're really in background but here, even tho I'll probably won't ship these, I pretty much loved how they were written! They didn't feel forced or anything and while they were somehow main part of the plot (red ribbon and stuff), they also weren't really in the very front and weren't "pushed into reader's face", you kept them important, yet subtle and I loved that
Yet another thing which are OCs, I'm one of those people that are not really a fan of OCs in fandom stories but here is the almost same story as with ships, I really loved them and after finishing it, I couldn't imagine this story without them (considering like most of the countries are technically OCs), but let's not forget the forces of nature, next generation and of course Panarus which were ones of the most important parts of the plot, especially in later chapters (I'm pretty eager to make a fanart of General Winter, Adamastor, Pele, La Catrina and Panarus actually, it make take a while tho since it's Art Fight right now) but back to the topic, outside of them we also can't forget the countries (and regions of course!) which also were important to the story bit didn't make it yet in official hetalia (even after all 4 years since this story been completed) and of course I'm talking about Brazil, South Africa, Israel, North Korea, South Americans and many, MANY more
All of them had their own invidual personality, even if some characters were given 2-3 sentences before they died, but in most cases I could literally feel how it would been if I were there and talked with them for a while
This one is not that much story related but I also really loved your author notes at the end of chapters, especially the ones that include history stuff, since I'm a big history nerd (mostly WW1 and European stuff tho) so thanks for all the facts from South African history
I was so invested in the story I literally made a table with the nations in Amodi (separate for the ones in willingly and not willingly), nations kidnapped and dead, along with keeping track on literal map (used an app for this but it's the fact that counts)
At one point I literally myself didn't know if I wanted for Amodi to win or the Allies and even made speculations how it could end in both scenarios, didn't expect back then for a personification of chaos and destruction be relased actually
Also the ending kinda cought be off guard cause I wasn't really expecting some of them dying to nuclear attack and then kind of making peace with each group but ot was still pretty enjoyable
Wales, Quebec and Portugal gonna stay as my favorite characters to the end of the world and longer (I'm really into betraying, characters changing sides, possession and not being in control, and most important of all, ANGST)
As the last words here, I'm gonna kinda miss waiting till night time to read this till 3-4am (cause I didn't had much time during day), now I need sadly to find a new thing to do then (and hopefully draw this one fanart I have in mind lol)
Sorry this review was so rushed lmao, I really just wrote what came to mind so I most likely even forgot some stuff I wanted to say so anyways
Keep safe and have a good day/night! And once again AMAZING STORY
7/9 c156 Mundodelocos21
Es una historia de lo mejor, cuando lo empecé a leer no lo creí es una historia que no pensé que necesitaría leer? Inicie la historia y hasta que se termino la historia no la deje de felicitación es una de las mejores historias que he leído de hetalia junto con la historia mascara rota de su creación.

Se puede escribir una reacción de los personajes originales a la historia ?
5/16/2022 c1 3lukabondevik
Italy and Poland being a duo here just made me think of the fact that they are the only two countries to mention each other mutually in their national anthems
1/8/2022 c156 Harmony Houston
This was absolutely amazing! Great job!
1/8/2022 c109 Harmony Houston
oh nvm. i did get further in this than i remembered!
1/8/2022 c106 Harmony Houston
oh and what I meant in my last comment, meaning not just this chapter but the story in general
1/8/2022 c106 Harmony Houston
I’ve been binge reading this again. Except now I’m getting way further than last time. This story is so incredibly well written. A large part of me wishes I had artist talent, this would make for an amazing series of animatics
5/10/2020 c156 randombrick
This is one of, if not the best story I have ever read. It had me hooked from the prologue, all the way to the epilogue. I really love the creative tactics and stuff Amodi used, and how everything (or almost) is given an explanation. Even from the author’s notes, you got be interested in South African history and culture. Great job, 11/10 would recommend reading!
10/6/2019 c5 2Hetaku
India? Man, that was surprising. Like, India was pillaged by others for so long. Was it all an act? Woah, well executed.
9/22/2019 c46 SparklyMagix
When my parents curse in Farsi, they use 'kherseh gondeh' or 'big bear' as an insult. From what I understand, it means a crybaby. And apparently, 'zahreh maar' or 'snake tongue' is what you say when you'd say 'sh*t' in English. And from what I've seen when googling Farsi swears, an equivalent of motherf*cker literally translates to mother killer, which if you think about it, is actually a much worse thing to be called.
9/22/2019 c31 SparklyMagix
Actually, Iran wasn't originally an Islamic country. I believe the common religion was originally Zoroasterism.
5/8/2019 c130 8Scarllettx
Poor Brazil. I hope he’ll be okay, though I doubt anyone would ever be ‘okay’ after dealing with Argentina...
5/7/2019 c125 Scarllettx
Afghanistan was kicking ass in this chapter. I didn’t quite like her in the beginning (even when the others were being nice to her she was pretty rude to everyone, but I can understand why) but what can I say? She sorta grew on me lol.
5/6/2019 c107 Scarllettx
I must say, the Italian brothers walking in on each other at bad moments is something that never fails to amuse me. Poor San Marino, he’ll never catch a break, will he?
5/6/2019 c94 Scarllettx
Poor Quebec and his harem. He’s so clueless, France is probably laughing at him from the afterlife.
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