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for Bladestorm: A Mercenary from Tomorrow

7/9/2019 c2 cjboughton
please continue.
1/11/2016 c1 7Nero Angelo Sparda
This has a lot of potential. I have wanted to do a Bladestorm fanfic like this, but you've beaten me to the punch.

Your Oc will definitely perform above the norm. He is a soldier of today with knowledge of todays time and technology. That he could use to his own benefit. He'll no doubt realize that things aren't exactly like how they should be when he sees the magic, the ninjas and all that jazz

Tell me when you said the events that transpired through the story do you also mean the events of Nightmare or no.

Hope you can update this soon.
11/26/2015 c1 11gandalf42
A decent start and I am curious to see how this story goes. I guess next chapter your OC will be introduced to a Hundred Year's War filled with Ninjas, Wizards, Elephants, Romans, Vikings, Muskets and many other things that should not be there.

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