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3/1/2016 c21 anotherboarduser
I think this story is not a good one...

I mean even in the note is sad Severus would be Severus if he didn't suffer...

But to write that, the writer just decide to let Lily's hypocrisy go and let Severus just be a exploited person to a bad degree.

So this is not a fun story.
2/29/2016 c17 12excessivelyperky
Yup, that's Lily for you. Not anywhere as different from Petunia as she'd like to think-of course she's impressed by the mansion and his lovely parents and rich friends.

But that's *good* of course.

Severus, in his turn, is being drugged and given strong drink and flattered out the wazoo. In legal terms, he's not fully able to give consent but does anyway.

But of course, that makes Sev *bad*.

Lily never gets over it. Severus does. But of course that still makes Snape a bad person, because in the Rowling universe Gryffindors are forgiven no matter how bad they are (Peter could have managed it if he'd really wanted to), but Slytherins are always eeevil no matter how much they repent.

But it's a good chapter that shows how Lily and Severus could never be together.
1/6/2016 c16 Guest
Plz update! Love ur story btw
12/21/2015 c16 xDawn Snowx
When is the sequel coming out? I dont lie cliffhangers. But i like the story :)
12/20/2015 c16 6Henri Jane
I really like this story. Update soon? Though I really have no room to complain, as I haven't updated my stories in at least a year and abandoned the first one I started lol

12/11/2015 c16 quantumFrog
It's good Severus understands that he needs to move forward from Lily. I hope he does.
12/11/2015 c16 2Metatrix
"She thought Severus would pine for her and she could take her time and see how things went with James."

Lily's lost her security blanket, but at least she recognizes it.

I would have liked to see at least a casual relationship with Mandy...I think it would have done Sev some good. But at least he's finally realizing he can't be friends with Lily.

I liked Snape's friends in this too. You know, actually being friends. In too many stories, their just one-dimensional assholes that treat Sev like shit, and you wonder why he ever defended them.
12/11/2015 c16 anotherboarduser
I like this chapter. What Severus thinking was interesting and I enjoyed the unfairness of Lily being seen as what it is.
12/8/2015 c15 Metatrix
My favourite chapter so far! I actually really like Mandy, she's sort of sweet. And I like that Sev's friends sort of meant well for him, too.

The whole thing about Sev's cock being huge was genius. Also, loved the bit about Lily trying to recall/figure out how big it was based on that night she felt it against her in bed. I can totally remember doing that myself a few times. Very true to life.

And the reveal with James was great. I actually felt bad for him!

Can't wait to see how this plays out, especially with word getting back to Lily. I also kinda hope we see more of Mandy. I think she's good for Sev. He needs a fun girl like Mandy in his life right now.
12/8/2015 c15 Arickakent21
Does this story go according to the book? I'd like to see lily end up with sev for once or neither of them. The James in this story is just ugh! I wanna hurt him so bad he's a jack*** and he's just ugh! lolllol
12/7/2015 c15 12excessivelyperky
So, it's not going to be AU... but frankly, Sev is having a far better time with Mandy, and since we all know that James is going to continue lie his way into Lily's heart, Sev might as well go with who he's with right now.
12/7/2015 c15 Colton
Great chapter next one can you please make lily not hate him
12/7/2015 c15 8Dorianimeyaoilover
Haha! The truth is out! Karma is a bitch.

It is refreshing to have Lily walking away upset instead of Severus.
12/5/2015 c14 12excessivelyperky
Yeah, James needs to man up, but we all know he won't. After all, in canon he got the girl by lying to her, so why shouldn't that work this time around, too?

And Severus just needs to give up on Lily and look for someone else. Frankly, Lily and James deserve each other.
12/3/2015 c13 13HorsemanOTA
Okay okay two things first off loved couldn't get enough I was hooked right away I'm looking forward to more when you ge the chance and second can you clarify if this will eventually be a Snape x Lily fic. or not because I just wanted to know anyway thanks for the read so far looking forward to more.
Later Daze
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