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for SAO: The Rangers Black and Blue

8/7 c33 Hades Darkstar
Just so you know, throughout the story you made the mistake of calling Agil, Egil, so you might want to correct that. Anyway, I really liked your story, and I will be reading the sequels shortly.
4/5 c30 Owaen
Awesome awesome awesome
4/5 c22 Owaen
More fluff pls,
4/5 c16 Owaen
Its awesome
Your awesome
Keep it up
4/5 c13 Owaen
Your writing is good, i like your style, and how you've got the relationships going, keep up the work pls,
I'm doing a fanfic for sao with my sister and your work has given me some great ideas,
3/1 c31 RainIce
I enjoy this fanfic wayyyy more than i should
2/13 c1 Heavyarms150
2022 having game stores makes sense. I mean its 2020 irl and we have them even if more order stuff online.
1/24 c33 kept123
Thanks for the chapter
1/3 c1 Mernom
Well, this chapter is in a DIRE need of a rewrite. And Kazuto really comes across as a Mary Sue.
Will see if that's still the case for the remainder of the story, since the update date suggests that it was fixed some.
10/19/2019 c5 therandompers
You having nested quotation marks is rather...odd.
10/17/2019 c5 19Estriella
-kun is added to the names of close classmates, friends, family, sympathy. It's very confidential. -san is added to neighbors, older people, schoolmates. It's formal. For strangers. The exception is, for example, "oto-chan" means daddy and "oto-san" dad, "Oto-sama" father. - it is very official. When you turn to someone with a higher status, someone important. For example, there are princesses ("hime") in anime, you add "hime-sama". What's more, nee-san / chan is an older sister. Sugu is younger than Kirito. You in the first chapter wrote how Kirito calls Sugu for breakfast "nee". And most importantly, in Japan, nobody calls themselves by their first name unless they are very close. Like marriage, siblings or childhood friends. Even couples speak their family names, even if they are in love. Naming someone by their first name is very rude if you don't ask for it. Kazuto is the first name Kirito. Kirigaya is a family name. Shino should call him "Kirigaya-kun".
I don't want to insult you here, God forbid. But I am of the opinion that if you do not know the language or do not understand the words in that language, you should not use it in your story. Personally, I would prefer that Kirito spoke to Sugu by name rather than call her nee-san / chan. And it hurts when I read how Shino calls him by the first name as if she were his wife because they are not so close. Nobody will be angry if you just don't use honorifick.
2/8/2018 c1 Guest
Neechan is elder sister in Japanese. Younger sister is imouto but given kirito’s slightly rocky relationship with his family he probably would have gone for Suguha. In canon he goes for Sugu.
7/18/2017 c31 Ddot1400
I liked seeing the improvements you made each day for a month. You made alot of progress during your first month writing on this site
6/30/2017 c21 Lady Izuna
5/15/2017 c2 9AraelDranoth
No! Never use 1st person! You fall straight into the OOC trap 99/100 times! And never just switch the POV in a story.
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