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for A Gem in the Rough

12/12/2022 c17 LukyBrad
I didn't remember that scene where Zoro training Steven.
But, wow, afther all this time it's still Amazing.
You should continue It when you'll resolve your personal problem.
Because it's too fantastic, you're an artist.
11/30/2022 c29 LukyBrad
When i read this chapter for the first time, i hadn't understand very well, for more the part of the fight between Greg and Paula.
But, it's a true show for the immagination, and the duel of Pearl and Zoro versus Mr 1 it's a bomb!
Drillmaster, you're a Genius.
11/4/2022 c34 LukyBrad
For how many i watch this, the reaction Is the same
I love it! It's sad that the series Is dead but maybe, when the times will be better, It come back to alive.
10/21/2022 c46 LukyBrad
This fanficion Is a story that have touch my heart in many ways.
It's sad that It musted finish in this way, there were many things that i wish see.
The Friendship between Brook and Greg, the fight between Jasper and the straw hats and more appears of Lufven.
In the life there are more obstacles and many delussions, but there Is always a light ti the end of a dark hole and i hope that the author and all other you will can find it.

And Drillmaster, please, don't be angry with me or other people who have sent you bad comment or menaces, It was only that we loved this story that you have writen and we wanted see how be might continue.
6/10/2021 c46 SomeGuy2020
I have to say that just about everything I read in this story was truly amazing! And made sense altogether for the most part. What I really admire the most about this story is the way the characters interacted altogether and the other many fandoms and HCs you threw in there. It was funny, it was weird, but most importantly, it was great! Great job to you
4/13/2021 c11 Gguma030
Funfact, lapin means rabbit in french
3/1/2021 c8 mr. jack joke
3/1/2021 c2 mr. jack joke
a horrible creature called Onion . lol
12/31/2020 c37 Energizing Entry
If gems are pieces of original gems mashed together, then has there been amalgamation of a gem with at least a head with it or no?
12/31/2020 c12 Energizing Entry
I thought the fusion name would be Steffy
12/31/2020 c5 Energizing Entry
You caught my interest but now you have my undivided attention
11/29/2020 c45 48GeekCat
This story is an enjoyable read, and I have to say-a good crossover. The interactions between characters feels natural, and their reactions to finding themselves in a different world feels equally natural. I can't recall any parts of the story where the pacing felt too quick or too slow.
11/18/2020 c40 9Emrys Akayuki
Nah, most pirates in one piece are straight up evil monsters. And the majority of the marines are good guys. It's the world government that are evil. Hell, the revolutionaries don't even care about the marines, they wanna destroy the WG and celestial dragons. It's just that the WG control the marines is the problem.
7/8/2020 c5 magitechxinc
I love how peaceful Steven is. It's always been his best trait.
7/8/2020 c4 magitechxinc
This is so great! Steven having to cope with the Crapsack World of one piece and her people, while they have to cope with his endless optimism as an All-Loving Hero.
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