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7/23/2023 c68 piggy8832
In Jurassic Park, there are dinosaurs
Oh no! They EsCaPeDdD
5/28/2023 c128 PG.182227
Not only better than all of the rest of ninjago fanfiction, better than anything after season 6. Here’s to hoping you’ll put the bow tie on this masterpiece.
5/24/2023 c122 PG.182227
Lmao samson implying ninjago Bible and ninjago god in the span of 3 generations
5/23/2023 c110 PG.182227
Bruh literally just put everyone on Zane’s dad’s lighthouse or, even better, Chen’s island or the dark island. Housing problem solved
5/18/2023 c128 Guest
Is this story still updating? Please update it again 3
2/12/2023 c107 1twittlerrick
i’m so confused, did i miss a chapter? did we just skip over the fight? why are jay and cole slightly injured?
1/12/2023 c49 techtor
i’m just terrified for ed and edna right now. nash knows jay’s full name, he must know about them
11/18/2022 c9 Ghostkie
Loved this story
11/17/2022 c128 kmp443
Just came to say that this story is absolutely AMAZING! I literally cannot get enough, Ive came here maybe 5 times to reread the whole story! Cant wait until you update again, this is perfect!
10/14/2022 c42 Ghostkie
Here for the Gourmet Rat. Is it still available?
10/14/2022 c1 Ghostkie
I loved this 1st chapter, I tried to scroll onto the next page, but I stopped short when it said 147 chapters. Looks like I can't finish this book in one day like all the others lol
8/29/2022 c128 hiiiiiiiiiiiiii
i binged this fic to the exclusion of much more important and time-sensitive duties and i regret absolutely nothing. i dont regret a single thing. i got into ninjago about when it released and dropped off sometime after 2015/2016, but in these past two or so weeks, i've taken a trip down nostalgia lane cuz one of my friends is super into it rn, so ive been in a very ninjago mood. i had a different friend been recommending me this fic for literal years, but i just never got around to checking it out until now (due to aforementioned dropping off), and this is... literally everything i wanted out of the show and more. you've done such a spectacular job with nailing down characters and dynamics and personalities and how they bounce off each other (and not to even *mention* the incredible job you've done with the plot, particularly in regards to fun little sideplots becoming actually relevant and having very satisfying payoff) and also fixed some of my biggest qualms with the writing and it is just. it is a delight. i am in love with this fic and i'd really really really like to thank you for taking the time to put this out there and share this spectacular work of art with us. you have made my entire life. thank you.
7/20/2022 c41 Guest
I don't know how works but hey, here I am sending my silly little comment! It's funny how it's a standard in my native language too for little children to use 'uncle' or 'aunt' in that way!

- Tsatsked reader from Russia
4/15/2022 c128 Jini
Okay, it’s been over a year since you last uploaded, and almost three since I started reading. How time flies, huh?
I loved Ninjago as a kid and started caring about it again almost as a joke. But after dipping my toes in the water, I found your fic, and instantly became hooked. You’ve made Jay move from my least favorite to favorite character (funny how fandoms are better for character development than canon, sometimes, huh?) and made me care so much more about the friendships between the characters than I ever expected. I especially want to give Lloyd and Kai a hug!
Not to mention that this is really fulfilling all of my platonic/found family fantasies! Man, Cole and Jay really do have the best friendship, and I just love that everybody does their best to look out for each other. They’re such a wholesome team! Even if they all definitely need therapy by now. Someone needs to force Kai, Lloyd, and Zane especially to talk about their feelings, because man, those three are getting it rough.
Also, I love that you’re one of those fic writers who include all those fun side plots and details that other writers might cut. They add so much additional depth to the characters. Plus, they make the overall fic that much more fun to read and re-read!
It’s amazing to see how the plots unfold, and so, so satisfying to watch as my personal theories were either proven right or wrong (mostly wrong, oops). But man, I just can’t wait for the rest of the story! We seem to be inching towards a conclusion, and I just know it’ll be thrilling. Also, can’t wait for the Capslock identity reveal, as well as how the ninja deal with Silica. She’s such a fun villain! I love the idea that this super smart girl just decided to take over the world for no other reason than, we’ll, she thought she could.
Oh, and I’m so glad that Ronin makes an appearance! He’s always so charismatic in that endearingly morally dubious way of his, and his interactions with Nya always bring out the best.
Anyway, I hope you’re doing well with whatever you’re doing. I’ll be patiently awaiting the next chapter (and re-reading the fic for another year if need be!) I just felt the need to tell you how wonderful I find your writing, and how much I appreciate the amount of dedication you’ve put into this fic! It’s truly one of the best ones I’ve read across all of my fandoms.
12/26/2021 c128 Fan
Pleessse Update again
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