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6/14/2020 c122 52ElementalNinja 84
Jay is such a great guy! Glad Lloyd and Cole were able to patch things up!
6/12/2020 c121 8ABCSKW123-IX
Man, this fic is reaching big plot points, huh?
*stares at TIWTW* one day ...

So Nash is dead. That whole scene sent chills down my spine, as did ... the entire chapter, honestly, yeesh. Good job faking us all out on whether they were gonna die or not. :S That status list is GNARLY, too. Kai, please.

How do you do it? How am I seesawing to crying over how hurt these kids are to crying over "it's hard to argue with the inverse cosine of a 30-degree angle"? 1.02 radians isn't actually all that many, Jay, I'm sure if you tried hard enough you could get him ... P:

Man, I digress. It's nice to see Cole alert again! Therapy Lloydfish also sounds good, if ... a little delicate ... but still! Should be good.

No Jay
repressing trauma and never hashing it out is not good for you
but who am I to talk. I wouldn't exactly handle that well, either.
Also can not WAIT for Kai's acute stress to come to a head. That should be real fun.

murderous - JAY PLEASE.

Oh boy Lloyd's not ... looking so good there.
HANG ON WHAT - BANISHED. HUH. huuuuh. Yeah, I'm with Jay, I'd be mad too! He better have a real good explanation.
Honestly, Jay might not be the only one who needs to turn himself in for an EKG. What the fresh, ever-loving ... Cole's mad? Yeah okay, fair enough. Lloyd's afraid he's off the team, and the other two's reactions? Fair enough! Cole unwittingly put the kid through hell for a few days, that was never going to end well! A MURDERER?

What else are you going to throw at us next? My heart's giving out, here. Poor Lloyd. But oh my gosh he's CRYING. The catharsis. Correct me if I'm wrong, but is this the first time he's cried the entire fic? Either way I am so glad that they got this sorted out, instead of leaving Lloyd to stew in that whole cocktail of pain. Go Jay, helping with yet another problem.

Ah yes, he's not supposed to be out of his room. Good luck Lloyd P:
6/3/2020 c121 89Skylark Starflower
Ninja are like cats. Gotta sleep in a pile. :B

Someone get Cole a bug racket and let some mosquitoes loose in his room. He'll change his tune pretty quickly after that, I think. :B

All I can think of now when you mention Lloydfish is a video I saw on Tumblr earlier of a fish looking for pets from the diver cleaning the tank filter. It was adorable. XD

Draw something, Cole. Y'know, that art you did once in the whole show and then never spoke of again? :B

Wu intervention time! This should be fun. :B I'ma get popcorn.

Yeeeahhh, good luck trying to beat Cole up, Jay. I think even lying in a hospital bed, he'd probably be able to pick you up and yeet you across the room with one hand. :B

Ah, good times. Don'tcha just love it when everything dogpiles on, Jay? :B

I think that's a fair trade, Lloyd. Stay on the team, get called Fluffy. :B
6/1/2020 c120 Skylark Starflower
Incoming dumb unfunny Animal Crossing joke! You have been warned! Ahem. Vitamin K? More like Vitamin K.K.! ...I will see myself out. :B

Skin grafts? I've heard those are fun! (And yeah, that's sarcasm.) :B

I think I'd rather have pudding than jello, myself. Bad call, Jay. XD

Why am I suddenly thinking that Kai would never want to play Clue ever again? As soon as someone announces who killed who with what, he'd just disassociate. XD

Kai gets a gold star that reads "There was an attempt." :B

Cole, yay! :D Also, Cole hugs! Whoo!

Aw, that was nice, Jay.

Maybe Lloyd's just possessed again? Morro, get outta here. You're supposed to be a dead ghost. However that works. :B

Shadow games? Dude, you never said ANYTHING about people playing children's card games this whole time! Where's Yugi hiding? :B

Yeah, hospitals can be confusing if you don't know where you're going.

Yay, the aliens! I missed those guys. :D

Zane becomes the Ninjago equivalent of a Bob-omb. :B

Honestly? I wouldn't trust Jay's parents with Zane's insides, either. XD

Oh no, is Skylor changing the Puffy Pot Sticker recipe?! Dareth is gonna FLIP! :B

Sleeping pills? That actually work? Dude, sign me up. :B
6/1/2020 c119 Skylark Starflower
I mean, how many cops does the city have? There's been like, what, four in the whole show? :B

Jay puts him back together, but something went wrong, and now he's pretty much become Echo. :B

To answer Kai's question: Yes? :B

Children: Saving the world! Because the police suck at their jobs! :B

Go to the hospital, dummy. You can't help Zane like that. XD
6/1/2020 c118 Skylark Starflower
Darn, no roast snek? :B

What is my brain, even? In the middle of Nash waiting for Kai to succumb, I just pictured Kai opening his mouth as if to scream, but instead, millions of spiders just came crawling out to swarm Nash. Kai only wishes he could do that right now, I bet. XD

Dude, Kai. :O I mean, I don't blame you in the slightest, but holy cow. Good job? Is it weird that I'm kinda gonna miss Nash? He was a fun villain.

Jay has a better tolerance for needles than I do, I guess. I don't think I would have been able to watch Kai do that. Bleah. XD

Well, I mean, it was in defence of his friends and himself. (Heck, I'm pretty sure there's something in the Bible about how that's allowed?)

Kai is gonna need therapy for a while now, ain't he? At least he's getting the hug he deserves.
5/30/2020 c121 Jens.K
I can't even start telling you how RELEIVED I am. Good gracious. Lloyd is going to get better. Mack's not dead, he's not kicked off the team. Now we just have to help him overcome the tons of trauma he's been bottling up since childhood.

So basically, Kai becomes a math-nerd in his sleep. How interesting. XDD

True it is. When someone's not around, it's so easy to make threats. And when you see that person, you start to muse how empty the threats are. Maybe that's why social media harrassing is so frequent.

Jay is just awesome. I'm so glad this turned out well. I can't imagine things geeting even worse. They've went through hell more time than they could count. There's still the delicate part with Kai. There's no way Nash would be ALIVE. Not that I'd wish he was.

Thanks for the chapter!
5/30/2020 c121 52ElementalNinja 84
That was soooooooooo good! I almost forgot that you had Cole the leader instead of Lloyd in this fic. Loved it! I hope Sensei's talk with Kai make him at peace. And I'm really looking forward to Kai/Skylor moments!
5/30/2020 c121 11GameCubeGirl1
Ohhh how I live for these sweet fluffy moments.

So it seems Lloyd has *finally* gotten what's been eating him all this time off his chest, only for it all to have been for nought, silly boy, should have told them sooner.

I find it odd though that Lloyd remembers Cole going into so much detail over kicking him off the team...yet Cole himself has no recollection of it, was he showing no signs of being drugged up to his eyeballs? Or maybe he was and Lloyd didn't notice...

But ohh man..Cole being so angry with Lloyd he tells him to get out..but soon he's just "Get over here!" wanting to give him a hug because boy does Lloyd need one and...aww that scene nearly had me blubbering over the two of them. Lloyd must be feeling *so* much relief over finding out he didn't kill Mack nor is he kicked off the team, poor bean ;-;

Though I can't quite put my finger on what it is that Jay didn't feel was right...hmmmm

But anyway, absolutely adored this chapter :D

Hope you're doing alright too! xxx
5/29/2020 c121 26Kifo Entiegon
Poor Jay, getting stuck in the middle of all this. I'm honestly waiting for him to crack and start laughing hysterically at something not funny and get weird looks from everyone before they realised what had happened. But this is so awesome. I'm glad Lloyd's starting to feel better, too. hopefully there will be less instances of the cursed world opening from now on. Also, not to rush you or anything, but how much more of this awesomeness is to come? I want to know so I can prepare myself for not being able to look forward to reading this (I do this with everything I read, even physical books). keep up the good work.
5/29/2020 c121 36Kay Hau
I’m actually crying. This chapter was sooooo beautiful and it’s
sooooo good that things can heal between Cole and Lloyd now. Now we’ve gotta get Kai on the right path to mental health, and it looks like we’re going to get the first steps toward that next chapter. Thank goodness for Jay! Or Lloyd might have pulled a disappearing act on them and no one, especially poor confused Cole, would know the actual reason why!

That last line is hilarious too! Great job!
5/29/2020 c121 Blazze Phoenix
Yikes! Those status conditions aren't looking too good!
When did Kai learn trigonometry? Was most of the math even correct? And he probably needed the talk with Master Wu... He'll be fine... hopefully...
Cole's awake! And coherent! Yay!
Poor Lloyd- wait. Didn't you say earlier that his hair would be a minor plot point? You did, didn't you! So THAT'S where that comes into play! ...Or am I getting too overexcited and you have more suffering in store for him?
Not a ninja? Lloyd?! NEVER!
Aww, good to see that Cole and Lloyd make up in the end. Talking about the end, it was a funny one! Haven't had one of those in a while!
Season 12 was great, but poor Jay having to do all that- without even Nya! They tied it up nicely though, with Unagami and all that.
Please update soon! The suspense is killing me! and, of course, great story as per usual!
5/29/2020 c121 Guest
That was a certainly a ride. You hit me right in the chest with the good kind of angst. (That...sounds like a weird thing to say but I couldn't think of any other way to put it, XD)
But gosh, things were just piled up on Lloyd. At least Mack wasn't actually dead... Though Kai. I get the feeling his secret isn't going to stay hidden for long.

5/29/2020 c121 Fiiiyaaah
Whew, Lloyd desperately needed that talk. Hopefully things will be closer to whatever counts as normal now. Kai needed that talk with Sensei, too. That poor kid, traumatized over what happened, and he doesn't have that in common with Lloyd anymore... Still, I think those two should talk as well. It'd help. Now all that's left is to patch up Zane (and finish recovering).
5/29/2020 c121 Guest
This chapter ended so much more light heartedly then lately xD its a nice breather! The team is finally pulling themselves together! :D
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