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5/29/2020 c121 21Dragongem17
Awwww, Cole the dad-friend strikes again. This chapter was so sweet and made me smile. Jay is totally gonna get it from Kai though lol. Can't wait for the next one!
5/9/2020 c120 CrystalKunoichi
I still haven't seen Season 12 (I'm stuck in my ways and waiting for it to air on TV) but good to hear it's enjoyably corny! While I tend to prefer the more darker and serious Ninjago story lines, I can have a lot of fun with some over the top ridiculousness too, so I'm looking forward to it.

On to the story!

That list of status conditions. Yikes.

Well at least Jay and Nya are making good recovery progress. I loved Jay and Cole's little moment together! Good to see Cole getting better, albeit slowly. As for Kai and Lloyd... oof. Lloyd, I just keep getting more worried about yooooouuu! I feel like something big is gonna go down before Lloyd starts to get better...

Yay Meep and Mopp return! I missed those little guys. Also thoroughly enjoyed the Jaya scene! Never been much of a shipper but those two were one of my first ships and it just stuck with me.

Ah the adults, overbearing but trying their best.

Geez Kai don't swallow pills without water! I don't even know how he could do that. I struggle swallowing them with water lol. Now I'm curious what he was saying in his sleep...

Until next time!
5/2/2020 c120 Allinory
Ahhhhh I finally got to the latest chapter! That surely was a ride, and I will await for the updates without a doubt! You are so so so amazing, this fic is just amazing! The amount of great work you do is fenomenal. Good luck in the future! Can't wait to see what's up with Lloyd, and if Kai will be okay, and what Silica's gonna do
5/2/2020 c117 Allinory
Go Nash, goo, but don't kill them
Everything now relies on Kai, so I hope he doesn't go down as well, though
4/28/2020 c108 Allinory
4/25/2020 c82 Allinory
Aww that scene with Kai tickling Lloyd was sooo adorable. I loved it very much. Kai is the best bro, I swear
4/23/2020 c71 Allinory
Ah, I should've known, this croopneek sounded familiar. It's belarusian liquor, and this language sounds so much like belarusian polish
4/23/2020 c68 Allinory
Okay this language looks like polish and russian and I somewhat understand it intuitively. Maybe I'm just imagining, but some words look like legitimate words
4/22/2020 c52 Allinory
Oh finally, the royal snake family is whole again. And it was sooo sad too, because ninja and Skales Jr. got split up :(( I've really grown on that boy
4/22/2020 c43 Allinory
Ohn noooo
4/20/2020 c33 Allinory
Omg Jay got stabbed, it's so awesome, I live for this
4/18/2020 c4 Allinory
Oh my god that argument between Jay and Kai at the end
I love that you made him be really science involved and intelligent, because I think he's just like that. Thank you, really, I need some Jay's smartness appreciation
4/17/2020 c1 Allinory
Ok, so, I've found this fic a bit ago, and I'm honestly terrified by its size. But right now I'm willing to start it and hopefully get through to the end. Let the marathon begin!
4/15/2020 c120 36Kay Hau
Is it terrible that I actually got a laugh out of the status conditions list? Poor Kai.

Excellent wind-down, catch up chapter after the last few! Poor little aliens, and good to see the parents as well. SO good to see Cole finally conscious, though man now I'm really worried about Lloyd's headspace, with all that on TOP of being drugged up to the eyeballs. I'm guessing suicidal thoughts plus hospital-only painkillers is a REALLY bad combination. Interesting touches on Lloyd's not quite human biology, wonder what the hospital is making of that, or if they're just crediting it to his powers.

Also interesting, the hints about how low Jay had sunk when they'd thought Zane was truly gone back then. We've been so focused on how far Kai fell, even into getting involved in things that are flat out illegal, we didn't really think of what on earth would be going on in Jay's head beyond the sheer, well, WEIRDNESS of becoming a peppy game show host. Makes sense that it was an escape, and one that probably didn't work that well.

Very curious to see where you'll go from here! AMAZING job, congrats!
4/15/2020 c119 Kay Hau
Wow, yup. That's totally Zane. I have no doubt that Kai's right. Zane totally knew he was probably gonna be ripped apart and deliberately put himself in that position to protect his siblings. Yeah, he can be rebuilt and any of the others would probably be dead, but wow. Yikes.

I LOVE the officers' reactions to Kai's confession. That whole scene is incredible and explains so much of the relationship between the ninja and the local police, as well as really makes the police into real people.

Whoa, Jay is OUT of it. Definitely head injury. We can trust Kai to take care of Zane's parts in the meantime though.

Shame on me, I pretty much completely forgot about Silica and, well, the main plot of this story? Was definitely so focused on an insane drug dealer that I kind of forgot about everything else! Nice little reminder, and actually curious where you'll go with her, since you've established she's no murderer and at this point is just in so way over her own head.
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