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4/15/2020 c118 36Kay Hau
Again, just wow. This is some amazing writing here, really intense! Poor Kai. There's learning from your mistakes... and then there's whatever this is. I think it's fair to say Kai's redeemed himself. Too bad for him, it's definitely not in the way he wanted, and definitely not in a way he's going to get over anytime soon. It had to be done though, and he DID save his siblings' lives in doing so, and gotta say, I don't think a single person is gonna mourn that monster. Certainly none of us readers. Terrible to think, but it's actually probably best for Kai that someone saw, and that that someone was Jay. He'd really be busted up if it was Lloyd or Nya. Yes, they'll all know eventually, and absolutely Jay's right that they'd never hold it against Kai, but he'd definitely have held it against himself.

I am so just beyond impressed with Jay right now, as well as Kai. Kai for having to do the right thing that certainly doesn't FEEL right at all. And Jay, for being so amazingly there for Kai instead of freaking out, even when he has no clue what to do or say.
4/15/2020 c117 Kay Hau
Took your warnings seriously, thus my only reviewing now! But looks like I needn't have worried too much, whew, looks like all the ninja got through this. Well, not Zane, but it looks like he's not beyond rebuilding, so that's fine. I admit I was a coward and scanned the latest chapter to see if they were talking about anyone dying before backtracking and getting back to this. XP

Whoa. Impressively intense fight scene. Wow. I admit the ending of this chapter scared me a little with where you were going with this, but again I cheated and already know Jay gets through this, heh.
4/11/2020 c120 2howdespairful
Honestly I have like a idea for a chapter but how this is it would be way to dark for any of the most likely kids reading this. It’s not anything nsfw but it definitely isn’t properly fit for children. By the way I’m getting greenflame vibes have you been meaning for them to grow a lovey dovey relationship or just a very close sibling relationship.
4/7/2020 c120 Fiiiyaaah
Recovery time—finally! These poor kids need a break. Jay is the perfect friend, and it's such a good thing Kai has him right now. I love all the Jay and Kai bonding you've put in this story.

I've been enjoying season 12 too. The only problem is when I go straight from that to this and then I have trouble imagining them in the correct animation. ;) I feel like I kind of missed something in between episodes four and five, but maybe that's just me... :)
4/7/2020 c120 Jens.K
I'd like to say that I'm happy everything is getting better, but is it? Just look at Lloyd and Kai. They're the most messed-up. I really wonder what the conclusion of the story is going to be? There's no way it's going to be easy, anyway. You have a wide range of knowledge in the severe injuries, huh? XDDD I had to check up the electrolytes thingy.

Mopp really broke my heart. I was struggling not to let any emotion show on my face because K was supposed to be studying at the moment, and Dad was across the table.
"sitting here and hurting together". The sentence gave me shivers for unknown reasons.

I'm glad Cole's getting definetely better, though! But it must get painfully lonely, and distabilising in a foggy state of mind. Lloyd's lucky to have someone like Kai always by his side. Tell them all that they're awesome.
4/7/2020 c120 11GameCubeGirl1
Aww everyone's recovering now! Albeit..slowly, and Lloyd is..uh..questionable to say the least. But yay Cole woke up and Jay running into his arms was such a sweet image :D and staying with him until he fell asleep, gah those beans are so darned sweet! I detect a hint of something else going on with Cole? That perhaps he's more affected by his medication than he should be? Or am i just reading too much into things..

Good ol' Jay for finally getting Kai to actually sleep too! Kai's a stubborn son of a gun but glad he took the pills or I could see Jay shoving them down his throat xD

Lovely stuff here, yes it's nice to see a lighter mood with these kids finally! Absolutely loved this chapter :D
4/6/2020 c120 RPM Shadow
Love it! Can Skylor/Kai have a few moments together?
4/6/2020 c120 Blazze Phoenix
Jeesh! Poor Kai, he just can't get a break, can he? Jay's really doing his best though! As soon as I saw that this story had been updated, I just HAD to read it, y'know? It's just SO GOOD! Best wishes to all the ninja, especially Lloyd, Zane and Cole!
4/6/2020 c117 8RealtreeGal
Me: *Sees chapter title* Oh this should be funny haha

Chapter: *Violence, killing, bloodshed, Zane literally shredded alive*

Me: 0_o
4/5/2020 c119 CartoonBeth
OMG! Best story ever so far! Are you gonna update soon? Please do! This story is amazing so far! Keep up the good work!
4/5/2020 c105 Jens.K
WAit a MINute
I'd completely forgotten that SILVIA was SILICA
4/3/2020 c96 Jens
And now it is just as long, heh. (To be honest, I've never read either of them. Am I missing something?).

These few chapters were the most tense chapters EVER. I'd forgotten this happened! Jay gone blind?! Mack dead?! Lloyd has too much on his conscience right now. No one's going to be able to spark their dragons at the end of the story.
3/31/2020 c119 2dorizard
Boooooy sorry I haven't been around to review much but these last few chapters have been phenomenal! Continuously punching me in the gut but still, it's so good XD

Absolutely loved Kai's confrontation with Nash in this chapter, and how you tied together all the growth he's had to this one moment. He got me cheering when he didn't give Nash the satisfaction of blaming everything on himself, he didn't break and he's come so far ;v;
What came after was a gut wrencher though for sure, I kind of figured that things would have to end this way with an enemy as dangerous as Nash but was never prepared for... this. It was pretty violent and hands-on as well, that's gotta be even worse on Kai's conscience... but maybe with his experience he could finally get through to Lloyd? hmm

Ack, Zane, why do you always have to be so self-sacrificing ;; None of us deserve that nindroid, man
Can't help but feel Silica might be a little bit relieved Nash is gone, but on the other hand, they're in real danger now. Still, looks like the worst is over for the ninja right? ...right? :'D

Amazing writing as always, can't wait for more!
3/31/2020 c86 Jens.K
Okay, I'm wondering why I didn't review for this chapter last time I read it.

I had sooooo much fun! So much that Fire Oreo came to see what I was doing. (She's still exists!) My cheeks were about to fall off by the end of the mlrning service. Considering that I did a part-time job in a restaurant, I know how fun it is, sometimes. Even though it never rushed THIS much. That's what you get when fangirls takes action.

Kai and Skylor, though... (,,•ω•,,)キュン

You're doing great!
3/30/2020 c119 CrystalKunoichi
THAT WAS SO INTENSE! Your action scenes are amazing! I was legitimately worried on how they were gonna make it out of that! My reactions could only be described as keyboard mashes. But ding dong the Nash is finally dead! Poor Kai, I hope he doesn't hold this against himself for too long. And Zane, oh Zane, he loves his family so much and will put so much on the line for them! I wonder how things are gonna play out from here?

Also I found this kind of funny:
"Kai cursed so abruptly and so violently"

I get the actual curse was before that line but I just found the progression amusing.

Until next time!
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