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3/30/2020 c119 Blazze Phoenix
Holy Fizzims! That... was intense. I LOVE IT! This has to be one of the best stories I've ever read. I've been reading for months, but only recently got an FFN account, or I'd have reviewed sooner. All the characters are so well written! Have you watched S12 yet? I actually think the show writers screwed with Kai in ep4, he seems really OOC! (btw, I really hope he's okay!) Best of luck with this fic!
-Blazze. XD
3/30/2020 c119 11GameCubeGirl1
Kai just...he needs all the hugs, and I mean ALL the hugs right now ;0; that or a darn good therapist, geez can his mental state take much more? I thought Lloyd was bad but geez Kai is right behind him now.

Kai wants to be held accountable, I get that...but even though every one else is willing to let it go...he's just gonna find some way of punishing himself for it isn't he? Kai may have gotten over himself, but he's yet to learn to let some things go, I's not like he killed a human right? Right? D:

And just love being the hero and getting yourself shred to pieces don't you? D: Though I wonder how Zane knew Nash would be coming that way...?

Surely now..surely now they can all relax, recover and pull themselves together?

But then..this is your story, you love these characters as much as us, but you do love to put them through the ringer xD but then once they hit rock bottom there ain't no way to go but up!'re gonna make them dig further down, you're known for that by now :P

Ahem..anyway, I love that Nash is no longer a threat, but I know their work ain't done yet. Wonder how Cole will take the news of Nash?

You are as wonderful as ever :D xxx
3/30/2020 c119 Minre
I love your story so much XD I wonder how Nash’s death will effect the technicians, and what will the aliens do with everyone so injured
3/30/2020 c76 Jens.K
Heeeeyyyy I wanted to read that PM you sent me, but it turns out that PM feature is disabled for 24 hours after creating an account. Sheesh.

Chorky the glitter drone XDDD I totally forgot abou it.
3/29/2020 c72 Jens.K

It was about time, though.
3/28/2020 c119 21Dragongem17
Love the frequent updates! Keep em coming pleaseeeee :)
3/28/2020 c119 Jens
Junior? Pshh, easy. My sixth sense told me so.
No, seriously. It's just that these kids had it rough(rough is an understatement), plus Lloyd and Kai could have extra help getting their mind off the darker stuff and concentrate on keeping a hyperactive snakelet in place.

I'm going to be real sad when this is finished... Though I think FMW will still go on, with Lloyd's "curse", his hair, Meep and Mopp, and all those little mysteries you dropped throughout the story. And Mindy! Who is she. I'm still clinging onto the hypothesis that she is Silica.

Oh gosh ZANE! I can't believe him. Pixal must have disapprouved of his plan sooooo much.

No duh. Only sickos would regret Nash's death.

I will! 2017, Wow. I can't thank you enough either!
3/28/2020 c119 Guest
Pshh. Over? I think not. They've still got Silica to deal with! Gosh, what was Wu thinking? Gathering up some angsty kids and teaching 'em to fight evil 'n stuff. Now they've got even more angst and problems to deal with! He probably wonders what he was thinking too. But at the very least, Ninjago hasn't been destroyed yet, I suppose.
Jay definitely has a concussion, I'd be surprised if he didn't. Maybe Lloyd and Kai can bond(?) over the angst of killing someone? Or maybe Lloyd will remain a tightly shut door...
Who knows- but hopefully they do actually get some time to recover, because they so need it.
3/28/2020 c119 Fiiiyaaah
Yeesh, you're right, Lloyd probably would've had it easier. It's a good thing it didn't end up being up to him then, because that probably would have messed him up even more. Maybe with Kai going through the same guilt now he'll finally tell the others.

I'm kind of waiting for someone to joke that Cole wasn't allowed to be the only one injured and they had to make it even. But now is probably not the best time for jokes...

Wow. If the Technicians decided to do something now, they wouldn't get a lot of resistance, except maybe from the police. Maybe. If they knew what was happening. Hopefully they're in enough shock about Nash's death they won't try anything yet.

I just realized, I'm pretty sure Kai doesn't have any physical injuries at all. It's totally psychological, and he probably should have gone in the ambulance too anyway, but he had to help Zane. Hopefully he gets help himself soon. I wonder if the aliens could help with that? They always managed to calm Jay down.

You do a great job of getting into everyone's heads! All the characterization is spot on, and they all react perfectly. I'm loving watching each ninja grow with the story. They mature enough without completely losing the innocence of being a teenager. (That might change now after what happened :[ but hopefully not too much.) Keep up the good work!
3/28/2020 c119 1dragonsatdawn
Have I ever said that this is really good? Because this story is reeeeeeally good.
Literally everything in this chapter is written perfectly- from Kai’s self-blame and wanting to turn himself in, to Jay’s small stutters, to Zane putting himself where he knew Nash would strike first. I love this story so much because it feels like I’m reading about the actual world of Ninjago. You have a great talent for writing, I’m inspired so much by your stories!
have a nice day
3/26/2020 c118 ProfessorYeti
I swear, if Kai doesn't get some break I'm gonna go ballistic! That hothead needs a break or something, that's some deep trauma. The ninja are bound to realize that he did it to protect them (you know after they recover), right?

How are they going to fix Zane?! From my understanding since they (mostly Kai) defeated Nash, that means they only have to deal with the Technicians. Then they still have to deal with the aliens and how they're going to bring them back to their home planet.

So much work needs to be done for the ninja, it's rough.

Bloody great chapter! (Pun not intended) I cannot wait for the next!
3/25/2020 c118 Fiiiyaaah
Well that was very... intense, to say the least. I can't really see it playing out any other way though. It had to happen, and Kai just happened to be unlucky enough to be the one to do it. I'm not sure if any of the others would have been able to do it. That line, "Maybe a little too tough," was so true and so heartbreaking. Kai, you poor kid, only eighteen and already having to deal with a death on your conscience. I'm crying for you, bud. You've got the best friends to help you get through it though. Jay is seriously an awesome guy.

I don't know how these ninja aren't permanently emotionally scarred, what with the kind of lives they lead, but I'm pretty sure Kai might be now. He'll need some serious therapy. Sometimes I swear drama and trauma mean almost the same thing.

I'm honestly kind of disturbed that you can write evil psychos so well, but that's just another testament to the extent of your talent. Mad props, Shiny. Hope to see plenty more of your skills soon. Do you have a schedule for posting chapters, or do you just post as you complete or when you feel like it? Just curious if there's a specific time we can look forward to each amazing piece.
3/25/2020 c52 Jens
Junior is going to make appaerance in the chapters to come, with the biggest threat gone and all. I missed the snakelet, actually. He's adorable. And YES, Lloyd will make the best father ever. Or equalling Kai.
3/25/2020 c118 26Kifo Entiegon
oh man, this was hard. but sometimes, the price of one is a lot better than the price of many. now we just wait for the antivenin to work and Zane to be rebuilt again and Cole to be able to move around a bit so they can all dog-pile Kai with love and understanding.
3/25/2020 c118 8Olivehasleftthebuilding
And Nash has finally ascended into hell and now it's just Ninja vs. Technicians... I think.
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