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12/3/2021 c128 Dreadmess
Jeez, I've been reading this since cave chapters were being uploaded. I was a wee little 11 or 12yo, and now I'm applying for college :,)
It's pretty insane you've kept this up over the years, and this has always been one of my favorite stories, if not number one.
9/13/2021 c1 LightGriffin
Aww, Lloyd caring about tiny creatures is so like him XD.
"Or trees! Walking trees." GotG reference?
9/12/2021 c128 103grungekitty
How long did I leave this? Lord I reread it all, not in one go this time though, I have a JOB now.
Urgh, it's 5 in the morning and I have work. Not in the morning though, I am somewhat responsible.

anyways, I'll be back when you update, hopefully soon after you update and I won't leave the emails to sit in my inbox and like up again, but I'm not betting against my anxiety and it's ability to immobilize me on random things.

Wow, I should sleep...
9/10/2021 c128 MasterOfSwag213
6/29/2021 c103 3Moonlight mm123
So good to see Jay back to his pun-making self! :-)
The way Jay is probing for what might be eating Lloyd - very well written.
And man, so cool that Jay can put his handicap actually to good use in this situation! :-) That should boost Jay's confidence.
The behavior of Lloyd's dragon reminds me of one scene in one of the early Season 14 episodes. ;-) And of the Fire Dragon in the pilots.
"He'd never seen anything like this." - And technically, he is not /seeing/ it right now, either. ;-P
Oh my, poor Lloyd though! :-O I feel so much for him!
And hooray, Zane is back! :-)
6/29/2021 c102 Moonlight mm123
What an apt title.
Aww, poor Jay. Don't be so hard on yourself. Mindy is the one to blame, not you!
Wonderful scene with Jay and Cole here. Cole speaks very wise words. And the stuff about Kai - so true!
"The straw that broke the Wallober's back" - love that expression! :-)
"Living well is the best revenge?" Yes, if it makes the person who did you wrong jealous. :-P
Lovely Jaya scene. :-)
All in all a very uplifting chapter. :-)
6/29/2021 c101 Moonlight mm123
So good to see Nya's better. :-)
Aww man, poor Jay is feeling useless ... poor kiddo! :'(
The scene in which Nya calls Mindy and then Dr. Borg was wonderfully written! The tension, the mystery, and interspersed Jay's feelings - just beautiful.
6/29/2021 c100 Moonlight mm123
Congratulations on the 100th chapter! Woohoo, three digits! :-D
Heheh, Kai's parking skills here match his driving skills from Rebooted. ;-P
Enjoyable banter scene with Kai and Cole. Milkshakes! :-B Also nice banter later on, when Nya reads the letter.
Hmm, what does the broken glass remind Lloyd of ...
I like how you portray Kai in this chapter.
South Ninjagian Sand Lizards - somehow I just like the sound of it. :-)
Oh, and an update on the villains! Man, they are technically allies, and yet they don't trust each other ... I could almost feel Silica's tension here.
A nice little touch that Jay doesn't like the thought of Nya teaching Cole stuff. No, he isn't jealous. Of course not. ;-P
Aww, Jay's childhood memory is so sweet. :-)
I think it's great that you take your time to deal with the aftermath of the "action" from previous chapters: Nya's withdrawal, Jay coping (more or less) with his blindness, Zane being shut down, Kai's restlessness, Lloyd's ... condition. The show naturally doesn't have time for stuff like that, so I appreciate it the more in fanfics.
Heheh, now I can finally say it out loud! I /knew/ it was a girl all along! :-B
Aww, that sweet Jaya scene is a nice way to end this special chapter. :-)
6/29/2021 c99 Moonlight mm123
Hey ninja, here are some more silicon packets from my shoeboxes. ;-)
Listen to Kai, Lloyd, it's not your fault Zane got wet.
"... with all the directness of a spiral staircase" - loved that expression. :-P
I like how you wrote Wu in this chapter.
Great ninja interactions. You captured the mood perfectly.
Heh, I can totally picture Doug and Cole talking shop. :-P
Love how you portrayed Lloyd and his emotional turmoil here.
Hmm, very interesting the thing about the water and booster fuel tanks ...
6/29/2021 c98 Moonlight mm123
Oh, that feeling when what you thought was just a nightmare turns out to be the harsh reality ... :-/
Come on, Jay! There's tea that makes you age in a matter of minutes, tea that opens a portal to another realm, not to mention all those weird effects from Wu's Teas - and you really think it's impossible to have a tea that cures blindness? ;-P
Nice detail (in tune with show): After that disappointment on Chen's Island, Jay is really done with the "power of positive thinking" - now he feels safer assuming that he'll be blind forever, even though the gas is supposed to have only a temporary effect.
Jay's so much in character when he wonders how the others will treat him now that he's blind. Aww, it makes me want to give him a reassuring hug!
"... battered, bandaged, traumatized, exhausted. The usual." That's so heartbreaking! Because it rings true. :'(
A nice counter-balance to the action-heavy previous chapter. :-)
6/8/2021 c63 OniLover

Not a rickroll or a virus. Resonant frequencies of a human. :)
5/28/2021 c128 Famm
Wow plezz dont stop the storry here! I love it
5/23/2021 c23 1Invader Zim1
That's funny. Realizing that so far in the 100 chapters, the aliens haven't said 'Cole's' name yet...should just refer to him as the 'raspberry noise'. Nailed it.
5/23/2021 c19 Invader Zim1
I'm with Cole on this oneBLT?" I know the sandwich, but the reference confuses me as well.
5/21/2021 c128 12HailsStorm
I’m hecka late coming in to review but aaaaaaaa the Lloyd and Kai fluffies are so good. Love that found family trope so much, I’ve got those warm fuzzies. Best brother duo 3 (Nagging Lloyd and poking him with a broomstick. Stop hiding your emotions, you nerd)

I think the only thing that competes was Kai taking care of Selina. That sent a whole new different wave of high-pitched squealing out of me and a mighty NEED for more.

I admit, I got choked up giggling when Skales told Junior that Lloyd used to be bad. “You don’t wanna be like him, kiddo. Trust me.” -has treehouse flashbacks-

Also, Jinty and Pug make a return! :D Why do I feel like Natanka would just love these two (sarcastic emphasis on “love”)
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