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4/14/2019 c112 36Kay Hau
This story is amazing! I can’t believe I got through 112 chapters so quickly but it’s just that good! I absolutely love how you depict every one of the ninjasI actually am struggling to pick my favorite now! Each of them has their flaws and their positives, and each one of them is so important to the team as a whole. Amazing job, and keep up the great work! There’s a reason this is hands down the number one Ninjago fic! Wonderful characters, wonderful plot, great subplots, awesome backstories and character development, what more can I say? Loved it and can’t wait for more!
4/12/2019 c112 4alleycatforthelulz
ahhhh, finally had time to leave a review! it's been a while since I officially "caught up" and it's been a lot of chapters since my last review (discounting the one before this one) so i'm sorry if my thoughts are all over the place.

the entire mindy thing caught me so off guard. I was convinced for a better part of the story that she was connected to the technicians in some way then when she wasn't I *surprised Pikachu face* but her wanting to steal nya and jay's invention landed her in my "do not like" character zone. not that she was a bad character (her sneakiness about the whole thing and the way it was written was super good because I didn't see it coming at all) but that she is a person I would not get along with at all. that might be because I usually end up on the end of having my work stolen and/or copied though...

Lloyd sweet green bean, why do you have to be so stubborn? and such a hypocrite about it too! like I can imagine this exchange happening:
Lloyd *is mortally wounded*: i'm fine
other ninja: YOU'RE NOT
other ninja *barely wounded*: i'm fine
and now i'm just waiting for that moment where his stubbornness doesn't get him in trouble but someone ELSE in trouble. Because that's really how a lot of character arcs go and it looks like cole already is the first one up...

now the entire thing with cole and kai made me legitimately worried. because like you were explaining, they were both in the right and wrong so the entire time I was screaming at them to just make up already (cole specifically). then when cole said, "at least it's legal" or something (it's been a while since I read that line) I literally gasped out loud and went, "NO COLE!" my cats were very concerned. when it finally got to the dragon bit I knew my heart was gonna get ripped out (along with a part of kai's dragon's throat) and you delivered by gosh. I think jay mentioned earlier that kai seemed to mess up/get messed up in big doses and he sure does, hoooooo boy.

and now after everyone is happy and raiding nash's terf, I think we might have happy fun times for a bit. but as soon as I read, "Just looking at that kid constantly struggling to get his hair out of his eyes gave Cole ulcers. One of these days it was going to get him killed..." I knew. it wasn't even a "oh are we leading up to something?" it was an instant response after reading so much. those are the words of a character that is going to be hurt soon and I just prepared myself for the worst.

I don't know what else to talk about but i'm sure there's more that I forgot! maybe i'll go back and reread a few chapters to see but I don't have as much time as I want rn to do so ;; either way, I excited to see what happens with cole and how nash is going to react once he finds out!
4/8/2019 c106 212Keanna
The mentioning of Lloyd having a potential arch nemesis girlfriend seems too familiar...god. This is amazing!
3/27/2019 c112 89Skylark Starflower
Someone should take the kid to the hairdressers for a fancy updo. At least that might keep it out of his face. :B

"Lloyd came sliding in" he does in the opening sequence to season three? :B

"...managed to knock out out"? I'm guessing that first out was supposed to be 'one'?

Oh man, poor Cole. That's gotta suck.

"This is fine" says Lloyd, as everything burns around him... :B

Cole's gonna have fun with the hospital food. :B

Sure, Jay, you're just the quietest of quiet ninja, you are. :B

Bread? Jay, he's a teenager, not a duck. :B

Well, I mean, if it was a loaf of white bread from the supermarket, then yeah, it's not going to taste of anything. :B

Pull the things out/off, Lloyd! It'll be fun! And the screeching noises the machines'll make is like a little symphony! :B

If death sounds like unending beeping, I think I'll find a way to be immortal, thanks. XD
3/25/2019 c112 CrystalKunoichi
The ratings thing was kind of a half-joke, but that's interesting information, I didn't know that before, I guess it's true you learn something new everyday. :p In all honestly that sounds like an inaccurate way to gauge television viewership, but ah well.

Oh no Lloyd's dragons gone goth! Before you know it he'll be reading Edgar Allen Poe and shopping at Hot Topic. In seriousness though poor Cole, that was painful, and then to have it pulled out like that? Yeesh. I remember back when had a wound sterilized with a heated knife or something back when they were trapped in the caves (that feels so long ago it's hard to remember exactly now), he's probably one the toughest person on the planet. Props to Lloyd to for reacting so dilligently and getting the staple out, I would've seen the blood and probably fainted. I can read gore on paper but seeing it in real life? Nope. Lloyd shouldn't be so hard on himself the poor boy, but this is one of the many dangers of emo hair! At least Cole is doing alright and will hopefully get better!

Until next time!
3/25/2019 c112 Jens
Hi... I enjoyed this fic soo much, thank you for not giving up on us.
The way you described Cole's wound was really impressive. Poor Lloyd, now he's thinking why life conflicts him with such a meaningless thing as hair. I hope this will push him to tell the others why he's so insistent on not cutting his hair... I'm pretty sure it has something to do with his dad. Or the curse. And to say that he was almost starting to get better! What a shame.

Haha btw I almost forgot this was a Jay-centric story XDD Glad to see his positivity and his talent to lighten someone up hasn't changed.

Sensei Wu is a genius. And he thinks the same way as his students. Man, the hospital's security is absolutely no match for the friggin' shenanigans.

Anyways, thank you for everything! This story means a lot to me... And quite a lot of the readers, I'm pretty sure.

3/25/2019 c112 8Olivehasleftthebuilding
This is probably my favorite Ninjago fanfic.
3/24/2019 c112 103grungekitty
I'm REALLY hoping that was actually Wu and not anyone unsavory.
Also, that hospital needs better security.
3/24/2019 c112 DeletedAccountDeletedFics
3/24/2019 c112 Minre
Minre here, first thank you so much for noticing and responding to me :) also I have seen season 9 but they were using all there powers and I was talking about specificly jay to use him as a power source or use him like a kidnapped investor. I’m in love with this story so keep up the good word :D
3/24/2019 c112 Guest
Hoo, boy! WOW! That sure got my adrenaline going!
Oh dear, Lloyd. He's going to break one of these days. It's gunna be the straw that breaks the wallibur's (I know I spelled that wrong...) back! The longer it goes, the more straw there is... *Tosses a giant plushy dragon at him*
And gosh, Cole! Yeesh. I hyper-extended my elbow in a bike crash once. Didn't hurt immediately, but it sure did hurt. It throbbed actually, like it was clenching up. That's when it hurt the most. But there was no bleeding. And most certainly hurt a lot less than a metal bar through the leg. I'm guessing recovered quicker too. Oof. *Plops a plushy dragon upon him*
3/24/2019 c112 11GameCubeGirl1
Oh poor dear sweet Cole! That really sounded painful, the way you described what he went through in having to pull out the shaft even made *me* wince :(

Reaching out for someones hand..anyones hand just so he wouldnt be are right in saying thats probably not something he'd do in his usual state of mind but...I guess he's just so scared and needs the comfort...I'd hold his hand if I could...*ahem*

However...I was kind of hoping he could maybe have had his hernia sorted out while he's in hospital? Perhaps once he's healed more of course..mind you I'm sure you have more plans for that.

As for Lloyd...will we ever know what's truly been bothering him all this time? I thought it was when he saw...was it Mark? Fall to his death back at the technicians hideout..or am I wrong? Probably..

And will he finally cut his hair after what happened to Cole? Seems this might finally be what sends him over the edge and have it done willngly.

Really enjoyed this chapter :) xxx
3/24/2019 c112 19The Mayor of Ninjago City
I wish a full recovery for my Cole!
3/24/2019 c112 40Destiny Willowleaf
oh ouch
that's gotta hurt
someone save these ninjas
3/24/2019 c112 1OliviaTheDragon
Yheesh. Wow this chapter had me going “aww” and smiling for the first bit and then expecting Lloyd to get a knife and cut his hair for the rest of it.

So, in short: ARRGH THE FEELS
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