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5/7/2021 c128 Fan
Amaxing work boddy
4/12/2021 c128 Fan
Love the storry, just finishen it uptil this point3
4/3/2021 c128 Fan
CANT wait for more
3/28/2021 c128 KillerNinja
Hey, any thoughts about s15? Its releasing on April 4th 2021. So, I guess u update once a month? Yeah, the situation is hard cuz of COVID-19. And, how u doin? And i forgot what is katamari. Can u remind me? Plus, Nya is gonna tell Jay I Love You in s15 as told by Ninjago's creator. Finally. Plz reply in the nxt chapter! And, The chapter wos great!
3/28/2021 c128 OniLover
-Begins to chant- Warm-fuzzies Warm-FUZZIES WARM-FUZZIES!
3/24/2021 c97 lightning
Wait. Blue is Nash?
3/16/2021 c128 Thyldis
Praise, praise and nothing but praise for this amazing, well-written story! The characters are spot-on, the plot is well-balanced and the reader gets fully immersed. Well done! :)
3/14/2021 c127 Orchid Hill
You know you've got one heck of a story when you need previously-ons. And I mean that in a good way. XD I think they're a good idea.

NOO the sheep will be sheared. A momentous occasion.

Aw, you got the bitter tone down right. I can get that it's a messy situation where you don't want to be angry at someone but you can't help but resent them a little. Between this and Dork Squad you've been really selling me on the Cole-Lloyd relationship. Cole is so very protective.

Also Jay is awesome. I get that feeling of trying to make someone feel better in an impossible situation you hardly know how to deal with yourself.

Argh the whole sequence with Lloyd's hair is precious. I was smiling throughout. :3

I don't care if this was fluff, this was heckin' valuable fluff and it must be left in.
3/11/2021 c128 crazycat056
Heyyoooooo I finally got caught up! I figured I'd say it here instead of DMs like I did while rereading. I can't wait to read the next chapter! And also it's good to see the ninja are gonna get a small vacation! I just hope it actually happens and nothing else comes up to ruine it or to cut it short (٥_)
3/11/2021 c128 Yet Another Gues
OH MY GOSH, this story is just AMAZING! :DDDD Like, seriously! I normally don't have the patience for long stories-usually lose interest after half a dozen chapters-but with this here fic I just couldn't stop reading! Still took me three weeks as I-reluctantly-had to take breaks for sleeping. XP You sure have a way with words and know how to keep a reader enthralled! And the content-there's fluff and angst and adventure and fighting and dark elements and when you think you can't take any more, there's more even more fluff-just the right mixture! XD Dangit, da fluff! The fluff in this last chapter, man-I can't even! XDDD Can I give you a hug for making my day?
3/10/2021 c66 OniLover
EEEEEeEeEEe! Don't mess with Zane around big brother Kai and Jay with hallucinations! Zane is so SMART. EeEEeEE!
3/8/2021 c128 Lloyd.airjitzu
My goodness I haven’t reviewed in forever XD but dw I’ve been reading the recent chapters and gotta say the others getting excited over Lloyd’s haircut is hilarious xD gotta love having his hair short now xP Didn’t know Kai was a snake fan! Hehe too adorable
-Used to be kairocksrainbow but username change hehe(call me lava if you would like 3)
3/8/2021 c128 89Skylark Starflower
I'm sorry, I just gotta say that this chapter's title reminds me the Archer shirt I've got that says "I can't hear you over the deafening sound of my own awesomeness." That's all. XD

Don't be silly, Lloyd. I can't see Kai hooking up with a Serpentine, even if he wasn't dating Skylor. XD

Do NOT wake the baby, Lloyd. You WILL regret it. XD

Does she still have her egg tooth, or is she old enough that it's gone now? :P

I have to agree with Kai's assessment of babies. Maybe he should adopt a snek of his own? :B

I see that's already his plan. Good for him. XD

Yeah, he's too big to fit in just one hand. *rimshot* :B

Kai would probably love Archer, now that I think about it. XD

Serpentine got there very own Jurassic Park going on here? XD

Pug lived? Cool!
3/7/2021 c128 11GameCubeGirl1
Awww lots of Kai and Lloyd fluff here!

Kai as a baby sitter kinda makes sense really, considering he had to raise Nya after all xD

It's actually sweet that he feels so comfortable now amongst the Serpentine, and they in turn with him, like a home away from home, ya know?

Although I thought Kai had actually killed the Crusher? Aka put it out of its misery..yet it's alive and kicking, though in less pain, still seems..a sad existance for the poor thing though :(

Also this did bug me a little: Wouldn't Kai bet better off going with them to Chens island to recover? Surely he'd be way better off there than staying in a little underground hut with the Serpentine, he and Cole would keep each other company while healing :)

Other than that, lovely fluffy chapter! And I do appreciate the notes from previous chapters :D

3/6/2021 c128 JustRandom
Eeey KAIIII HELLOOOO skdnnrrkskicixjdbenjekdkn
bebe siblingzzz yesss to babysitter Kai
I think I might be broken.

Lloyd's haircut... I wanna see his haircut. Why am I getting nostalgic. Oh man. Also. Why am I getting jealous seeing Kai with a bunch of new friends...hmph. Junior is going through a jealous phase too. OK. Wow.
All da fluff. All da fluff is killing meh. Noo. I don't want to go...
Yeah I think this really did break me. I read this entire thing with a creepy smile on my face. I think my parents are getting worried. But urghhhh the part with LLOYD'S HAIR!
Also. Yes. Wonders for Kai's ego. And Skylor doesn't like babies either? We'll see guys...we'll see...

Cole needs all the love he can get. Yes. True.
This was so cute I almost forgot about the *looks around and whispers* murder.
And...Kai seems kind of off? I don't know why...but Kai, bud. Is the trauma finally getting to you?
Kai- It got to me like a bunch of chapters ago. Don't you dare pretend it's new.

Me low key shipping Greenflame. I don't normally. I'm a plasma shipper (don't ask me why. I don't know. I think it's the colors. Red. Blue. You get it...) But I can't resist.

I normally throw shade at the angst, even though I love the overall theme of trauma and depression and you know...all that good stuff... But since it's kind of a fluffy angst now...I shall not ignore it. I shall read this a few more times, and pretend that I am Jay. Even though he isn't here.
Yeah OK.
Da fluff. It has killed me. I'm dead now. Goodbye.
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