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3/6/2021 c128 ForeverFictional
Pugs Alive! FSM be praised, Thatw as weighing Kai down a LOT, wasn't it?
Sillica in this chapter is me studying for finals. (Uh-oh, Is capslock (Nico?) just avoiding her or did something happen?)
Also Selena is perfect name for the perfect princess! I'm with kai, babysitting a little snakelet would be awesome
3/6/2021 c71 SiriusOrionBlack04
Ngl this is literally the best fanfic I have ever read! This is the 3rd time reading it
3/6/2021 c128 Guest
Yeah, the last couple of chapters in Dork Squad weren't nearly as bad for me- still emotional, but not as rough, or perhaps just rough in a different way?

And that's wild! I swear one day I looked and you were ShinyShiny9, that was a while ago though! And I've never even been to Australia! XD (Though seriously, I'm not sure I want to go there too hot and I think there's a large and fast spider there. The- I looked it up, it seems that it's in other places too hahaha... It's called the Huntsman spider, if you're curious)

3/6/2021 c128 Fiiiyaaah
Yay, more Kai! Glad to see he's starting to get over what happened. Selena is adorable and I'm in love already. More Lloyd and Kai banter, a look at the new Crusher, and Junior all over the place. And then the twins are alive! I'm ashamed to say I had temporarily forgotten they existed, but to be fair, the mentions were brief and forever ago. Thank you for including chapter numbers in the recap, because I needed to review:)
3/6/2021 c127 Fiiiyaaah
I can't believe I forgot to review this chapter! Well, time for a re-read/quick skim to refresh and on with the review!

It is so Jay to lament the loss of a final pet of Lloyd's hair. That bit was perfectly completed with "Jay didn't even die." I cracked up. Everyone's reactions later were hilarious. Jay's joke about his eyes, the others' spot-on speculations, Zane's "lightheaded" joke, finishing with the question of wig donation—it was all perfect. I almost cried along with Lloyd when he saw his hair; I get stupidly emotional sometimes when I'm reading stuff. Especially when it involves a soundtrack. (I wasn't actually listening to anything this time, but now I need to find a good Ninjago playlist to listen to while I read fanfiction.)

Good to see Jay and Cole having another good talk. I honestly can't say whether I'd deal with it any better than Cole if my future in the walking department was uncertain. Hopefully he can either heal or, worst case scenario, learn to live with it.

Now. On to the new chapter!
3/3/2021 c127 Foreverfictional
annnnddd... boom! i've successfully read this start-to-finish. took a week and a half, sooo worth it.
This is awesome. THe best parts are the death-fakeouts, written in true Ninjago fashion. I don't know why i like those, but they're VERY good.
nice nice niceeeee
2/27/2021 c127 Jens.K
So. Eum. I really had a stupid grin on my face and tears in my eyes in the end, when Lloyd was crying about his haircut. The barber deserves a pat on the back.

The presentation of Garmadon is pretty different compared to Dork Squad, huh? Maybe it's rude of me to be comparing, but I prefer Lloyd's Dad in FMW. Except the fact that he's gone.

So he doesn't talk in his sleep anymore! That's... 。゚(゚Д゚)゚。 (tears of relief for the Lloydfish)

I want pumpkin rolls. Too bad it's not pumpkin season anymore. Cinnamon rolls are pretty good too.

Thank you for this marathon of FLUFF
2/25/2021 c31 OniLover
YES JAYA HAS RETURNED! And this, Mopp, is what happens when humans lose their minds. Rather sad, isn't it? I thought that line what hilarious!
2/21/2021 c127 89Skylark Starflower
"I mean, there was that incident with a guy swiping an inflatable cow off a shop roof, but at least that was FUNNY." :B

Instead, Lloyd gets one of those buzz cuts where they draw a picture or write something, and gets a fish. The other ninja go bonkers. :B

Jay makes it sound like they just sent Lloyd out to get sheared like a sheep. XD

Hmm, yeah, Cole wouldn't make a great live-in cook, so I guess cleaner it is! :B

So if a good way to get Cole to heal is to get him to reconnect to the dirt, does that work with all the ninja? Like, when Kai's feeling unwell, you just shove him in an active volcano? :B

Suddenly, the New Kids on the Block materialize right there in the living room, singing Hanging Tough at the top of their lungs. Cole and Jay throw things at them until they leave. :B

And Jay begins contemplating a pact with the Time Twins to prevent them all from ever aging again... :B

Ah, so it was a fan girl scream? :B

Et tu, Zane? XD

Eh, I see nothing wrong with the recap, myself. _
2/21/2021 c127 SiriusOrionBlack04
Please please pleaaaaaase update!
That may be the best ninjago fanfic I have EVER read
2/18/2021 c127 12HailsStorm
Can’t- breathe- lungs squeeeeeeeeezing from the suffocating amount of fluff. Aaaaaaaaa but you make them all so cute and good! And Lloyd’s whole arc coming to close is so, so sweet, I love the little green bugger. His interactions with Cole these past several chapters were so good
2/18/2021 c127 11GameCubeGirl1
The "previously on" thing is actually quite a good idea! It's easyt to lose track of key plot-points when they were like..20 chapters ago xD for example I'd nearly forgotten about the whole katamari thing.

That whole exchange between Jay and Cole..I could feel a sting in ym eyes at Jays little speech, especially the "it's our turn to do it for you."

Oh my baby Cole D: please tell me he eventually heals and is back to his old self? Jay wants the old Cole back so *badly* and honestly I'm starting to miss him too, I know life will always kick you when you're done buddy but that's no reason to spend the rest of your life just expecting misery ;0; ..he needs hugs, whether he resents them at the moment or not ;0;

The healing thing about getting hi back in touch with his element is interesting...and an untouched island? Was that...a hint to the upcoming The Island special perhaps? or just coincidence? :P

Aww Lloyd wou;d've just seen a younger version of his dad in that mirror which was really sweet, but Cole giving Lloyd the gentleness and care but only bitterness to Jay, I wonder if Jay felt any jealously over that considering Lloyd got the good Cole and he got the bitter one? :(

These beans need more happiness and soon D:
2/17/2021 c26 8EmPro8
It was probably good for Kai to finally get that all off his chest, the good and the bad.
2/17/2021 c127 21Dragongem17
Geez, Shiny, this fluff is giving me a toothache! I love the teasing, especially about Lloyd's hair. Does this mean it's back to how we see it in S5? Also, how much longer is your plan for this? (I never want it to end, it's incredible :"))
I like the whole recap thing, it's been such a long time since some of this stuff was brought up that it's really helpful, lol.
Amazing chapter, as always. I can't wait for the next one!
2/17/2021 c25 8EmPro8
This chapter was intense compared to your usual fluff.
Wait does Kai still hide drugs? I figured that being a ninja would pay for your food and rent enough.
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