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12/21/2020 c124 18Active 2019 - 2020
I just tried to read this
without reading the first 123 chapters.
my brain hurts
12/19/2020 c1 Please
12/12/2020 c123 Fan
When Will u opdage again?
10/19/2020 c123 6Master Jarrus
Don't worry Lloyd knitting is hard
9/28/2020 c123 89Skylark Starflower
And now I'm just hearing that mp3 I have of the Windows boot up sounds that fails halfway through and then someone yells "aw F**K!" as Zane's coming back online. :B

And now I'm picturing Jay getting ripped by doing reps with Zane as the weight bar. XD

Zane's just grouchy because he hasn't had his robot coffee yet. :B

Kai can have my cat to comfort him in the night. I mean, Buddy won't comfort him, but he'd probably be more likely to bite Kai than run scared. :B

And I'd doubt Ninjago would be as much fun to watch if all the ninja were rampaging murder monsters. XD

Kai sleeping with Meep under his arm. Another picture I gotta add to my ever growing list of things I wanna draw. (Headdesk) XD

Me too, Cole. Me, too. Can't knit or crochet to save my life. XD

Skylor, yay! :D

Y'know, I never really thought of the fact that Skylor might own her dad's island now. Huh! XD

Time to give the adults some of those foam boxing gloves and let them go to town and blow off steam like the kids get to? :B

So Jay decided to start singing Billy Joel's Tell Her About It, as if that would solve everything. And then Kai punched him in the face. :B
9/24/2020 c123 Fan
Love the new chapter
9/23/2020 c123 36Kay Hau
Great job! Yay! Zane’s back up and running! And Cole and Lloyd’s are knitting, kinda? Lol! And poor Jay, you’re really not alone buddy - I bet none of us remembered those guys trapped on Chen’s island or the deal to scan their barcode the next time they went grocery shopping! Absolutely loved this, a lot of giggles even with our poor ninjas still deep in recovery mode. It was really nice to see Kai and Jay get some bonding time, and Jay’s phone call with Cole was hilarious, as well as giving us that yikes moment to think of hundreds of addicts going into withdrawal at the same time coming after them, and we even got som Skylor time! I hope she can help Kai heal. Anyway, again, so much wonderful stuff in this chapter and can’t wait for the next!
9/22/2020 c123 Fiiiyaaah
Also I really loved the moment they finally got to scan their hands. If only it actually turned out to be something, but figures.
9/22/2020 c123 Fiiiyaaah
Wow, you've reached the 500k mark! O_o That's quite an accomplishment. And then I can't believe I didn't notice when you updated on my birthday and I'm just now reading it... C'est la vie.
I appreciate it when there's not action in every single chapter and the characters are allowed to act normal for a while. (Well, the life of a ninja will never really be normal, but at least they get time to recover.) I loved your description of Lloyd's and Cole's knitting skills. I could totally picture it when he put the hat on XD. The pants joke cracked me up and I'm pretty sure people looked at me funny. And I totally feel Jay's comparison of teens and adults. As always, I love the aliens! (I need one. Maybe I'll make one...)
9/22/2020 c123 Guest
Are you a doctor/nurse (or studying to be one) or just do a lot of research? I feel like all of the medical aspects of this fic are weirdly detailed.
9/21/2020 c123 11GameCubeGirl1
Awww Jay, he is trying so hard to help Kai heal, what a sweetheart :)

You recent chapters Cole has been his true-friendly and lovely self, none of this "trying to act like a grownup" stuff, and honestly? Way back in the earlier chapters of this..I really wasn't feeling the stuffy-trying-to-be-grownup-Cole, it just...never sat well, yanno? I wonder if I was the only one..but lately he's actually been a joy to read, whatever you have planned for him I hope keeps him this way, just because he'll soon be coming out of his teens, doesn't mean he has to do one darn thing different, just has to be himself 3

The bootup sound thing for Zane was hilarious xD and the barcode thing was quite random, we'd forgotten about them too, but then how did Jay forget when it's literally on the palm of his hand which he must see every day? Unless they're still always wearing their gloves..

Yeah the slobber withdrawel thing...sounds like one massive can of worms coming their way, what do you have planned for that I wonder...hmmm? :3

You are still as wonderful as ever! xxx
9/20/2020 c123 26Kifo Entiegon
yay, new chapter! loved the knitting fiasco and the barcode thing was hilarious. It feels good to take a breather once in a while. Hopefully Jay doesn't get too stressed out with looking after the others.
9/20/2020 c123 35OrangeSunsets12
How in the world have you been doing this story since 2015 and still manage to update, let alone do so well! I love this story so, so much! Thank you so much for continuing with it, after all of this time!
9/20/2020 c123 6AuroraRain18
I forgot about the barcode omgggg that made me smile like crazy!
9/13/2020 c122 36Kay Hau
I am so late in reviewing this! I'm sorry! And I read this the day it came out, too! Anyway AMAZING JOB! I absolutely love it! This whole chapter is SO beautiful! I don't care that there's little plot progression and that it's mainly talking - come on! These poor kids DESPERATELY needed talking! I am SO relieved Wu got Kai past the worst of his trauma, and SO proud of Jay for trying so hard to take care of his brothers, and SO happy to see Lloyd and Cole bonding and getting past all that horrible mess! Poor, sweet, ninja!

Ah. The hair thing really was what we all probably figured it was. Agree with Jay and Cole... it's kind of hard to keep up the hair jokes knowing that. Poor baby.

And I do love your theory for where Lloyd's photo came from, especially when we've never seen it before that season too! Nice!

This remains one of my absolute favorite Ninjago fics and I'll definitely be here for the update! Keep up the amazing work!
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