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1/16/2019 c1 b6076b6076
I have no idea just to what standard you hold your writing to, but it must be absolute perfection. I have read upwards of 1000 stories in the 4 years that I have been on this site. This story is probably in my top 10.

Also, do you know how hard it is to find a rewrite of Ash's journey that does not suck, starts after KantoJoto, has decent length, has not been abandoned, and isn't a betrayal story? I have found less than 10 that are decent. I don't understand why it seems that beginning a story with these ideas seems to be almost taboo.

I want a story where Ash takes his journey and training more seriously and this delivers. I can't wait to see what happens in the future.
12/16/2018 c18 Guest
hey man, love this story. please continue it. i would love to read more.
10/5/2018 c18 ss43
please update
7/20/2018 c18 Guest
When is the next update, this is a great story. I hope you continue it
7/3/2018 c17 ss43
when will you update this story
5/31/2018 c18 1smart move
i like all of your storys pls continue!

Keep the amazing work
5/27/2018 c18 Guest
Please continue
Your story is awesome
5/13/2018 c18 Guest
Please continue this story
5/9/2018 c5 TheSilverUmbreon
yo dawn, pikachu got a pik ach u
4/22/2018 c18 Please Update
Please please please! It's so good I want more!
3/22/2018 c18 haha.plogue
Is there a chance for this story to continue? I mean I really love it and I hope this would continue.
3/18/2018 c18 PantheraTigr
So ... I have come to sort of hate writing reviews. But I just can not resist this one.

Why are you bashing this story so much? Its not nearly as bad as you think. It is not some sort of a literary master piece that will go down in history. But it is an extremely enjoyable relaxation to read this! Its just nice and soothing fic to read ...

So stop bashing it, it is what it is - a power fantasy. But that is OK, it is a pretty well written power fantasy.
3/16/2018 c18 Bosma19
Please update
3/1/2018 c18 Amanda
Finally, a good story! Do you know how hard it is to go through all the Pokemon stories to find a really good read? Your story was excellent, thanks a bunch.
3/3/2018 c18 Oi Your Boi
So this story is dead most likely.
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