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for Working Sinnoh With Skill!

5/23 c1 SalimzShadow
Great read once again, would be great if ash had relationships with others, maybe Cynthia included or a May return. Could be a harem.
5/21 c1 Admirer
Nice story intro. Hope you will be able to keep up motivation and finish the story with fantastic end.
5/22 c1 2Xerzo LotCN
I enjoyed the original im sure ill enjoy a remaster
Id say i wish the original still exist in the another fic but this is just like a remaster not a rewrite so the story is mostly the same lol but its been ages since the original the republish and this so rereading good fics is nice

Though a problem unless you deleted all comments any old comments will cause some older readers to be unable to comment at times thats why rewrite and remasters its better to make them separately from the original but besides the point
5/21 c1 6RYNO IV
looks good. to be honest things happen a little fastslightly unrealistic that some who loves pokemon like ash would straight up give a total stranger one of his right after meeting her. you and I know that dawn is a good person, but he wouldn't. personally, I would have gone a couple chapters in to allow for more character interaction and give ash time to trust her with one of his friends. but its good enough, especially if you're not straight up rewriting your story, it reads a lot cleaner
5/21 c1 4King Draconias
Decent start to the rewrite, I was pretty young when I found it and thought this was one of the best stories ever.

Your AN the other day really made me laugh cause knowing you wrote this when you were a kid makes me understand just why I liked this story so much.

I'm really looking forward to seeing this story continued and rewritten. Keep up the great work.
5/21 c1 Son Kakabrat
Umm I was wondering if you can tell us how often will you update roughly. And are there any other smart sinnoh ash fanfic you can recommend?
5/21 c1 Scandalf
I thought I was trippin when I refreshed the page and suddenly the chapter/AN was different and the fic now only had 9k words lol. I was just about to read it too, shame
5/21 c1 13thunderofdeath97
eh, charizard beating articuno isn't as big a deal as they are making it, i mean charizard does have type advantage over it, and he resisted articuno's moves

damn, here i was hoping for ash x cynthia, and or sabrina, lol
5/20 c1 Lonewolf3957
5/20 c1 ZeroExia
Love it Anyone can see your new writing style and improvements
5/20 c1 candel06
Off to a great start! I loved the original rendition and am excited to see what else you have altered. The changes were there but not overt as you said and the story flowed a little bit more smoothly. Looking forward to seeing what else you cook up.
5/20 c1 guest
man its no prob Just dont drop it its one my fave smart ash sinnoh fic...
5/20 c1 Elite Four
Not much of a fan for romance or lemons in Pokemon stories, but for the sake of finally reading a good pokemon story that isn't trying to be realistic, gritty or edgy is good enough for me.
5/20 c1 OSR fanatic
Great start for this make over of a story. :D
5/20 c1 silverkami963
I noted some well welcoming changes in this remake, keep going you’re doing awesome.
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