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for Working Sinnoh With Skill!

11/22/2023 c18 28Kairan1979
Looking forward to see more.
11/22/2023 c17 Kairan1979
Both battles were impressive. Looking forward to see Charizard battling Dragonite.
11/18/2023 c18 Sire of insanity
I have been looking for this story for awhile because when it was taken down the first time I was kinda irritated but because you decided to rewrite and fix a lot of mistakes the story flows better and I cant wait to see what happens next
11/10/2023 c18 Guest
Love this story. As for beating Cynthia’s team it seems competitors can pick what type of match they want so go for a 2v2 tag team in ash’s match against Cynthia. That negates both her lucario and garchomp from being able to mega evolve since they can’t do it at the same time. Then preferably focus on taking out the one that isn’t mega evolved. If he comes out swinging with his strongest that strategy could very well win it for him.
11/9/2023 c18 UltimateCCC
Wonder how she'll celebrate with her boyfriend?
11/9/2023 c18 3OmniIBIBUltraInstinctGodzilla
Palmer's Dragonite never had a chance against Ash's Charizard, given Charizard is the most powerful Pokemon in Ash's Pokemon team, with Pikachu trailing behind Charizard as the second most powerful, for now.

It begs the question: what strategy will Paul prepare with to increase his chances of beating Ash, assuming he can? Cause it seems inevitable they will cross paths.

That, and the Finals could come down to Ash and Cynthia. By his own admission, Ash is still not ready to beat Regional Elite Four members and their Champions, but he's getting there.

Lance's praises of Ash can't be ignored, so I am curious to find out how well Ash will hold up against Cynthia in a Pokemon Battle in this AU.
11/8/2023 c18 Demolok
please continue this story
11/7/2023 c18 Guest
11/7/2023 c18 yungmoneygirl
I've been following your story for years now and I've always enjoyed reading your story and looking forward to it so I truly hope you continue writing as it would be see an ending for Ash and dawn after all this time,
11/6/2023 c18 thor94
really good chapter and battle.
But if ash already need to call his common Ace team at the first round, i think he won't win without calling at least one legendary.
11/6/2023 c18 Force Smuggler
Amazing battle
11/6/2023 c11 Airalin
I started following your stories even before creating this account of mine, it's probably been near a decade. Was extremely disappointed to see you take this down, and was extremely harsh in my criticism as well. Good to see you coming back to sense and re-uploading it. Try to continue in future if possible. Best of luck
11/6/2023 c18 docfrodo2
this story really is great! it would be awesome if you decided to continue it. I do like Jordino version only a smidge more than this one, I have to admit
11/6/2023 c18 Guest
thanks for catching things up, I hope you take this story up again since I really enjoy how Ash is portrayed in this story
11/6/2023 c18 Ordo 91
i have to say you do Ash's Charzard justice. great job.
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