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for Working Sinnoh With Skill!

11/6/2023 c18 15NinjaFang1331
Wonderful job with the battle and showing how this Ash’s Charizard is.
11/6/2023 c18 fresh prince1
Kinda hoping you do put a new chapter for this.
11/6/2023 c11 n3mes1s
just to let you know ur this story is currently broken it shows 18 chapters but when you click to read it it only has 11 chapters might want to fix that
11/6/2023 c18 goyalaayush890
I hope this finally gets a 19th chapter
11/6/2023 c18 KakeruPB
Fair, although it most be nice going down memory lane right? It's nice once in awhile.
11/6/2023 c18 Kamijou Takako
Can I just say thank you? This was one of my favourite Pokemon fics and I'm thankful that you're letting me see it in its completion again. I always loved the what if storylines and this was just so cheesy that I couldn't help but smile when a new chapter came out.

So, thank you again. It was great to see my favourite parts get re-uploaded (I love tournament arcs) and all the best for whatever you write in the future.
11/5/2023 c17 dan.lew.upg
11/3/2023 c5 1Anas Nazim
loving it so far man. Keep it up
11/2/2023 c1 Guest
another cringe Ash fanboy, lmao. Grow up, loser.
10/29/2023 c13 4Antex-The Legendary Zoroark
A very enjoyable chapter!
10/29/2023 c17 Lazymanjones96
Interesting stuff looking forward to more
10/29/2023 c16 28Kairan1979
It's a nice surprise that Squirtle evolved.
10/28/2023 c1 LexD
System as in Pokemon: Trainer Starts As Bounty Hunter. ninok?
10/28/2023 c17 Guest
Excellent job and can’t wait for the next chapter!
10/28/2023 c17 Guest
Pokémon : Transmigrated as Gary Oak
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