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for Working Sinnoh With Skill!

11/25/2015 c3 3Caelus06
Great story. Very funny omake. I love your version of what Pikachu says.
11/25/2015 c1 6Mad Library Scientist
I can't speak for all the other fans of this story, but personally I rate this in my top 10 Pokemon fics because it's unlike anything I'd read before; a skilled, talented Ash teaching the future generation the ins and outs of being a trainer. I found the whole concept fascinating at the time.
11/25/2015 c1 guest
first I love all your stories, second you are way too hard on yourself and third I was going to be without internet for a month a few years ago so I actually printed off some stories and this was one of them so if I find any chapters I could scan them and send them on.

P.S. you really should stop being so hard on yourself.
11/24/2015 c1 3Phantom Aficionado
You don't have to listen tho jack shit about what other people want. You are not obligated to post anything and your asshat readers aren't entitled to shit. If they don't like it, tough shit. They can just fuck off. You do you bro.
11/24/2015 c1 kitsune of darkfire
You are way to over critical of your own work dude.
11/24/2015 c1 1Master of the Mind
I was actually sad when this story stopped since it was interesting, but why don't you revise the story a bit so that Dawn actually works for most of her pokemon instead of pouting about it you can actually use this time to make the story even better.
11/24/2015 c1 WhiteEagle1985
A great chapter here!
11/24/2015 c1 mr.grey23
While I'm glad that you are posting this story. If you really hate how it turned out you could always go back and fix your errors with in the story, or do a rewrite of it.

Thank you for reposting this story though.
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