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for Working Sinnoh With Skill!

5/19 c2 1AshKing1
It would have been nice to post the revised chapters as a v2 story
5/19 c1 pokemonmasterfire
what happened just now
5/19 c1 Brownies0614
I'm anxious now. I saw chapters get reduced one by one. slightly traumatized...
5/19 c1 Brownies0614
what's happenin!?
5/18 c19 alphabacon34
Glad the series is continuing!
5/16 c19 The Master
Can't wait to see the edits, hope you include some stuff from Alola. Galar I can take or leave, I hate how overrated Leon is, there's no way fucking Leon is stronger than Cyntia, Lance, or Steven imo. If you try to incorporate the stupid Gigantamax stuff, why not takes the ones like G-Max Lapras, Garboder, Snorlax, and Machamp and turn them into new Megas?

Anyway, its cool to see this come back, kinda hope to see Ash also hook up with Cynthia and maybe Zoey.
5/16 c19 Guest
Yeah you might wanna change the ages by a coupe years at least. I thought it was pretty good at some parts, cringe in a few, but I never understood the obsession with this, honestly the obsessions were probably coming from teens as well lol.
5/15 c19 Guest
Glad your back even if there is no smut to By fucking sinoh ash should know what the fuck he is doing
5/16 c19 RandomCoolGuy
Oh nice! Are you going to do this on Akun or is it something you wanna do on your own?
5/16 c19 R34D3R1O1
oh yeah, it's all coming together
5/15 c18 deoxeyses
5/15 c19 Mohamed Salim
I’ll be honest I had no hope you’d return. I followed this fic with no expectation, and it’s amazing that your back. I’ve read the Charizard entrance scene too many times. You left on such a cliffhanger though that I had to imagine the Charizard vs Garchomp fight myself.
5/15 c19 BlackhawkRookie
Personally love the story, don’t feel it needs a rewrite. But you do what you need to do, I’ll read whatever you decide on! Thanks for an entertaining story regardless!
5/15 c19 ZeroExia
I thought you left fan fiction and concentrated on your life so I can wait, I’m honestly impressed how descent this story is and can’t wait to see how you clean it up. The relationship between Ash and Dawn shows how little experience and their age fairly well, I would simply add a little insecure moments because I remember my first girlfriend and I was nervous and unsure about things, and she was as well but we were teenagers so we still did things and move quickly then hit a wall because we moved quickly.
5/14 c19 thor94
You should change the chapter title to show the one updated or corrected. like: Chapter 1(2021)
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