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for Working Sinnoh With Skill!

11/26/2015 c4 6JAIMOL
The story gets better and better. I'm looking forward to seeing the performance they have.
11/25/2015 c3 Aevant
There's a long way to go before Dawn can begin to teach any of her Pokémon the more complex moves. Starting slow is the way to go.

Well... the rematch of Ash vs Paul was something unexpected.

If anything this battle showed the real difference between them. Whereas Paul focuses on a Pokémon's potential, Ash manipulates the battlefield. You certainly showcased that here. It was a devastating victory for Ash, it makes it seem like nothing but those at least on par with an Elite Four member can hold a candle to him.

Wonder how well Ash can control his Aura here, interested in that.

Anger mangement? Well there's a lot of that going around. Ursaring, who was suppose to be a decent threat originally, gets knockout and captured in a three to one beatdown by a pissed off Dawn.

The real surprise was Ash taking a no-nonsense attitude with the newly caught Ursaring. Showing that even the easy-going Trainer can act like that towards a Pokémon that's not an enemy. Ruthless towards criminals and Pokémon that are a threat... let them beware this Trainer.
11/25/2015 c2 Aevant
This chapter was more dedicated to Dawn to take the spotlight. Lots of development going on for here and the feelings that are getting thrown around.

Dawn's first capture with Buneary is much more clean than canon, the waves that have been made is a real confidence booster.

The first battle for her is also done well against Nando, short for character development, yet enough to satisfy the readers... or most of them at least.

Saw enough [PearlShipping] moments in the romance side. Ash saving the day with a wannabe criminal has sent Dawn with a pounding heart of emotion.
11/25/2015 c1 Aevant
The fact that people are actually spamming PM's just to get you to upload this story really makes me irritated. Its one thing to desire the next story or chapter, but its another when when others make demands. How rude...

Ash in this story is much more mature and smarter, though his past achievements and various battles make it so that he's not OP, yet not a Trainer you would want to mess around with.

Small hints on the changes of the timeline like Totodile fighting rather than Pikachu, Ash being a Ranger, and the other little details are good.

The victory over Paul played more on his anger of being unable to focus rather than having lesser experience. Had he not gone in a rage, Chimchar "might" have beaten Starly. The fact the Flying-Type held a small movepool didn't help things in there. Ash ended up proving even the weak can be strong, and that was when Starly had taken a low powered Thunderbolt making it weaker than normal.
11/25/2015 c4 UltimateCCC
Don't get all snarky Pikachu or it might happen with you and Buneary.
11/25/2015 c3 UltimateCCC
Pikachu and his ketchup I will not understand.
11/25/2015 c1 I-Nex-I
This story isn't good, it's bad. Pretty bad. Asspulls, 'gud grammer', handholds, and cliches galore. I wouldn't say it's a steaming pile of shit though, in comparison to a lot of the other trash this site holds. You've also improved in your newer writing, so that could be your 'redemption'. Who am I to really talk though, when my own story is actually a pile of shit.
11/25/2015 c3 Chermayne
Great start!
11/25/2015 c2 UltimateCCC
Big magnet to the babes.
11/25/2015 c1 UltimateCCC
With frisking involve.
11/25/2015 c1 storyteller1333
i honestly think your to hard on yourself for this and your other stories, this was a great story and was sad to see it go

hopfully, you might work on this again
11/25/2015 c3 thor94
good chapter.
another lesson for paul, who finally admit a part of his mistakes.
when mewtwo will join ash?
11/25/2015 c3 3Sharkbaitx42
Great story. Very funny omake. I love your version of what Pikachu says.
11/25/2015 c1 6Mad Library Scientist
I can't speak for all the other fans of this story, but personally I rate this in my top 10 Pokemon fics because it's unlike anything I'd read before; a skilled, talented Ash teaching the future generation the ins and outs of being a trainer. I found the whole concept fascinating at the time.
11/25/2015 c1 guest
first I love all your stories, second you are way too hard on yourself and third I was going to be without internet for a month a few years ago so I actually printed off some stories and this was one of them so if I find any chapters I could scan them and send them on.

P.S. you really should stop being so hard on yourself.
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