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for One Piece: Monster of the Straw Hat Pirates

4h c35 3LoneWolf427
Genderless? Don't you mean nonbinary? Not trying to offend, I'm actually asking if that's what he meant to say. I honestly don't know if theres a difference. Don't blame me, people I know don't talk about this kind of stuff!
1/11 c42 Damian Hendriks
ch42: why even give a enemie a backstory in your novel? and he already died long long before but you give him willpower to keep going... so stupid and unnessery_
1/11 c34 Damian Hendriks
can mc eat rumble balls and have more forms?
1/11 c33 Damian Hendriks
why are you even put the backstories in? everyone already knows...
1/11 c32 Damian Hendriks
why did the beautifull miss valentine have to die?:(
1/10 c25 Damian Hendriks
tashigi got a bf? its that other douche with the kaijufruit isnt he? good for her tho.. not sure how i feel about that
1/10 c16 Damian Hendriks
good god ch16 only talking? really? ffs
1/10 c12 Damian Hendriks
im at ch 12 and i hope he learns soru or something when the need arises
1/10 c5 Damian Hendriks
gian is reincarnated but he doesnt know?
1/10 c1 Damian Hendriks
how big is he?
12/10/2021 c23 brandonmunoz499
Dam i thought it was honna be gian
12/10/2021 c22 brandonmunoz499
Will he have kings haki later?
12/10/2021 c1 og.grid
Few chapters coming out but I'm still glad you give us a new chapter. Thank you for the update.
12/8/2021 c93 brandonmunoz499
Nvm i loved this
12/8/2021 c93 brandonmunoz499
Ngl thats disappointing i wanted it to be gian
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