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for One Piece: Monster of the Straw Hat Pirates

10/25/2022 c2 6Spedyalarm
Hmm, alot longer than chapter 1.
10/25/2022 c1 Spedyalarm
How many words are in this chapter huh?
Hope this story's good.
10/25/2022 c1 10nexusplayer
Ahh interesting. This story has much promise and many words.
10/25/2022 c45 Guest
A OC Ghidorah should've appeared here as Black Beard pirate.
10/21/2022 c98 Guest
Great chap
10/20/2022 c98 KaijuEmperor
Oh Gian you're definitely the Bro among Bros and friend to all children (though be prepared for competition if there's a Gamera Zoan user)

All that's left now is kicking Shiki's ass and despite all the boast he shouts I can't help but think he's weaker than he was before his imprisonment in Impel Down(hell he hasn't even shown haki on the same level as Gold Roger or White Beard in his prime) so Luffy has a chance to beat him and more so once Gian steps in. (At least that's how I see as a more logical and reasonable outcome than plot armor, sometimes those things get dull and make no sense.)
10/20/2022 c98 Slimereader11
Thanks for the update.
You know a part of me wants that Erika joining the strawhats and Gian teaching her how to control her powers
10/20/2022 c98 2FunkoHero15
Amazing chapter. Gian is one of the kindest people in this fanfic, he will do anything to help another in hardship. You created a fine OC.
10/20/2022 c98 primenidus
Oh so it continues does it well not a bad way to come back can’t wait to see more
10/20/2022 c98 6jaffa3
Pretty emotional fight. Can’t wait to see Shiki square off against Luffy.
10/3/2022 c20 ida bagus ngurah sathya dharma
i know gian is the mc, but can ypu please put more screen time to the others, please
10/3/2022 c20 ida bagus ngurah sathya dharma
i love the story, but there's a scene where nojiko and deimo talk with sanji, yusop, zoro, gian and the two bounty hunter, but only gian respon to nojiko and deimo. The rest just disapear (silent) in the background.
10/3/2022 c18 ida bagus ngurah sathya dharma
i hope theres more crew members
10/2/2022 c3 ida bagus ngurah sathya dharma
wow i really loved this story
9/29/2022 c97 Guest
Hey, don't know if you've heard, but Dr. Vegapunk has been revealed to be a woman so how are you going to retcon the prologue of your story?
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