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for One Piece: Monster of the Straw Hat Pirates

9/29/2022 c32 IAMJEFFSKI
Hey mate, I'm currently at chapter 32,and in the paragraph where Gian is sitting with Nami giving her some dose of Chemotherapy, you insert a bit of TF2 reference (and that's how I lost my medical License) LOL
Thx for that, it's always funny seeing TF2 reference in fan ficts
9/22/2022 c97 Omega Porunga
Found this story at random one day and now I've finally read this story chapter to chapter. Looking forward to Sabaody and meeting the rest of the Worst Generation. Kinda want to see a fight between Gian and X Drake. Update soon!
9/14/2022 c97 5LoneWolf427
Hey, I got a good one! The whole "One Piece High School" commercials have gained popularity. I'm curious; what would High School AU be like? And what would his altered origin be like?
9/1/2022 c30 REDdemon28
I’m starting to sing the MC‘s an SI Buddy lost his memory somehow but he still remembers references on occasion LOL that’s funny
8/29/2022 c97 Guest
Sorry to have to invade your quiet space but I didn't have enough space to write another suite of other questions but above all I have the question of how Gian will react to a doflamigo seen that I remember the relations between them and especially Gian still suspects the memorial scars in front of Caesar and suddenly esque Gian has already seen or just heard the name of doflamigo even just seeing his Joker nickname suddenly if Gian manages to make the connection esque Gian will not go into destruction mode in the face of doflamigo on the fact that doflamigo is also responsible for his suffering and therefore to have more reason than Law to want to smash doflamigo
8/29/2022 c97 Guest
I'm watching your fanfic it's very interesting to watch and great to follow the manga or series equivalent for those who haven't seen OP's manga but a question is bothering me in my head since Luffy's crew is going a while after you try to interpret Gian's 2 years of training since the crew will end up running into Caesar so I wonder how the crew is doing. that in they will learn that Caesar and the asshole who tortured their friends kaiju no mi since Gian never told his story or never said anything about his origins before Shank finds it my question and especially in relation to the relationship between Gian and Robin on how she will take it by learning the truth about Gian and pk also he got the Goji Fruit instead of giving himself a doflamingo
8/28/2022 c96 primenidus
If there’s anyone out there who knows how to write a decent lemon scene between Gian and Robin I beg you get in touch with this author pls
8/24/2022 c84 primenidus
Hahaha honestly reading Gians Reaction to Robin getting assaulted by Absolom is priceless makes me wonder how he’ll react when he sees her taken prisoner by Mad Treasure in the coming future
8/23/2022 c97 primenidus
There’s one point in this fanfic that I really want to see come to be and thats when Gian and the Straw hats comes face to face with his childhood tormentor Cesar Clown and Joe the crew will see the very depths of what Gian went through as a child. IF this story reaches that point after the 2 year time skip
8/17/2022 c97 Bloubloutte
8/13/2022 c97 Aryan Harmalkar
When are you going to update?
7/31/2022 c97 Guest
Great chapter
7/31/2022 c90 1anireohanto
Dear author of One PieceMonster of the Straw Hat Pirates

I would like to write my appreciation towards you for finding the time to continue this story. I am sucker for pairings especially OCs x any character that I find interesting inside an anime.

As a recent reader and someone who just found this not too long ago, I would like to say that I like the progress between Gian and Robin that you had made. It really just felt right to me personally.

Furthermore, you managing to merge the Kaiju Monsterverse into the One Piece world is really surprisingly well made.

Lastly, I am eternally grateful to get the chance to read this at work and I can't wait to see what you have in plan for Sabaody Archipelago arc.

I also hope that you're doing well and I wish the very best for you. All the best dear author.
7/29/2022 c7 Squarekiddo
Okay please explain to me how Gian and Luffy are so we they cant beat Richie? like wut, seriously, how could they possible have gotten to that pet store? There is literally no way it could happen this way, its so unnatural, this isnt canon, why is the story on rails follow canon? Surely I cant be the only one thinking that this just dosnt make any sense! is Gian always going to have literally no impact on the story?
7/29/2022 c6 Squarekiddo
Why is it so much like canon? :S dosnt make much sense, Zoro shouldnt have been stabbed here for example, he has another fighter watching his back, like wut? this only happen because its what happens in canon, which I dont like, I can just watch canon if I wanted canon, I really hope this wont turn out to be canon, with a few sprinkles of Gian not being helpful whatsoever, and not changing anything by being part of the crew.
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