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4/7/2018 c2 STC
oh now you HAVE to write this as a series of what Kurt and Jane do on Thanksgiving, and we can sit back and watch them and their family. Wink wink
2/24/2017 c2 lipamo
Beauutiful! Only the very fitting kissing scene is missing ;)
12/7/2016 c2 6Hazmatt
Great story! I enjoyed it!
12/2/2016 c2 101MonkeyPajamas
Sure Thanksgiving has past. And it's now December. But I will review!

Bawahaha! I love the joking between them. "Still getting dressed/I'll be right up."

I don't know why I love the detail that they hung out at her place most of the time, but I do. And of course, cooking is NOT Jane's thing, it's totally Weller. That single line I love. And all the other llines.

I totally agree with you Jane. WTF is about having dinner at 1pm or whatever? Dinner is at 6. Or 7. I don't get it either.

Portland isn't NYC. That is a fact.

That he would have to find a reason for Jane to come to Portland with him! I love it! Also, next year, there will be no reason for Jane NOT to spend Thanksgiving with him. Right MG? Because next year they will be in a happy place.

I like that he knows Jane was a good person. His father wasn't. That part is really powerful. Now if only real Kurt could figure that out. But I like it.

Sigh. I really want to go shopping with Tasha, Patterson, and Jane. I just feel like it would be so much fun. And, I love that the sweater reminds her of his eyes. Especially since I just stared at the 34 day image and his eyes are totally mesmerizing.

And of course you had to go and remind me of the necklace. I'm writing it. Well, not technically right now since i'm reviewing. But see (points to file on taskbar) Open. Being writen. This morning still.

Sigh. Jane. You have it so lucky. Kurt STILL hasn't made me dinner. Or breakfast. Or done anything for me.

Poor Jane. Poor Kurt. Really both their lives were damaged this year. And then how you compared it with last year. In some ways I do think Jane is in a better place. Not that I like the place she's in or that she's hurting or anything (in the show, less here). But she knows who she is. She is stronger. She's been through crap and come out of it. And even though it's still painful, and stll rough... it is good. I just need her to be happy, someone to show them they care about HER.

I can totally hear Weller say "Just get in the car Jane." and it makes me happy.

He's admiring her. Because she's beautful.

"There was only Jane." AWWWWWWWWWWWWWW

I am squealing with delight about Kurt's thought. That how he's thinking about down the road with Jane and everything. And that he wants it to happen and the bigger apartment because JANE. FUTURE! OMG IT IS SO HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY


Bawahaha. I could see Roman at some point joining Jane and Kurt. But Shepherd. No. Shepherd scares me WAY more than Roman.

Oh wow. Wait. Thanksgiving doesn't need to be cleaned up? It's hilarious. I just flashed to all the Thanksiving I've ever had... like, as soon as we are done, the table is just emptied, the dishwashed loaded, leftovers put away, I even remember taking the table cloth and napkins and everyting down to the laundry. It's like Thanksgving was over, and then we erase all trace it ever existed. But it's Thanksgiving! That's just how we do it.

Ah see, now I know exactly what they needed to do at Balthazar. I like my research. Although I also want to re-research to see if I could find a better place for them to meet up. Oh well.

Hmm, Patterson's mom was driving her crazy? I wonder where the inspiration for that came from!

You don't need to keep up the "nothing more than friends" thing. Nope. Well, I guess you could try since right now you two refuse to talk about your feelings. And then I was like, how funny would it be if they tried to do that when they are actually dating, and then I reemember a) these two can't even begin to try and hide their heart eyes for each other and b) didn't I write that with FNG?

Damn, they all look so nice. Makes my tshirt and jeans I wore on Thanksgiving feel like nothing!

Heres to next year...because it has got to be better than this year!"

Their future is so bright and happy I can't stand it! This was the perfect introduction to the holidays... even a week after they started.
11/30/2016 c2 Elislin
Sweet! :)
11/27/2016 c2 Guest
I'm thankful not only for Blindspot, but for every single thing you've written! Your writing brings us such happiness...we thank you!
11/26/2016 c2 Guest
Wow! This was wonderful! Thanksgiving is also my brithday so this was a fantastic birthday present! This story is amazing! I love how you wrote thanksgiving, just jeller and then the whole family! It was a perfect balance for a holiday story and I loved reading it! This was a perfect thanksgiving story! Great great work!
11/26/2016 c2 5Chris.JC
Have really enjoyed this instalment and am pleased that you have got them back together. You do realise though that we will need a 3rd Thanksgiving story next year. Keep up the good work
11/26/2016 c2 Annie
Delightful! you could not have made this any better...what insight you have...incredible
11/25/2016 c2 Jackie
It was good but I would have loved a kiss.
11/26/2016 c2 17Scousedancer
That was just perfect! The growing romance between Jane & Kurt is perfectly paced, after all they've been through they're slowly finding their way back to each other. I don't think they're as clueless about what's happening between then though, I think they're just taking their time! I could totally see this happening on the show!
8/14/2016 c1 Amydave29
I went back to see if there were any of your stories I hadn't read and found this gem! :) Apparently you've always been good at writing fluff and capturing Jeller love perfectly!
6/13/2016 c1 Annie Wallis
lovely...so truye to character
5/27/2016 c1 21Dixon-Vixen13
Love this story!
1/31/2016 c1 17Scousedancer
Sweeeet! I loved the kindness Kurt shows Jane in this story , the tenderness - just lovely in its simplicity. Loved how comfortable they are with each other too -great story!
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