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for Killing Your Dark Future

6/13 c39 Kamisam89521145
New Chapter when?
5/28 c39 4Mister Grim
I just spent the past 3 days binge reading through this story and all I've got to say is...I wish I had found the this way sooner!

It's such a great read that kept me hooked the entire way the only thing that makes me sad is now I'm caught up and have to wait. But, I will look forward to the next chapter with great joy.

I do have to ask...Is Shuzuka(I believe her name is) going to be a potential harem member? Nothing against if she is or isn't but I will admit that I could see alot of funny interactions between her, Tatsumi and his harem. But, either way it's your story and will enjoy it no matter what you do.

Thanks for creating such and enjoyable work.
5/11 c39 Guest
Truly excellent! I love your fanfiction so much it always keeps me going and makes me happy on my good and bad days and I hellaciously stressful ones too. I’ll wait forever if I have to finally see you completely this epic manga story that I know and love so much, in your own way with Tatsumi and all of his girls get the happy ending the so rightfully deserve. Frankly, part of me wants to see a lot more lemons, romantic moments and relationship development between Tatsumi and Esdeath and the other girls, since although I completely hate Esdeath for everything that she’s done and is in the original story and manga, I can’t deny that like many others she is one of my guilty pleasures. So I always love seeing her and Tatsumi interact and with the other members of his harem within this fanfiction of yours.
5/9 c39 10samuraimatrix1
Can't wait for the next chapter hope you update soon.
5/4 c39 Mikunakiri
I need more lemons on them I guess fivesome it's not bad at all
4/25 c1 Guest
The story is good, but I would like to point out that time travel isn't as simple as anime makes it seem. If Tatsumi doesn't die in the past then, Incursio would have no reason to time travel in the future. But I suppose that this paradox doesn't matter, since it's all fiction.
4/10 c39 thaqiftalip
I have to favourite this. Thank you.
4/8 c39 8Bismarck Alexander
Hey you took my Advice with the lemon. (Wish that was the case for Leone and Esdeath)

Also you added Jesus Christ in there. I really wouldn’t have done that since that would put real world references into an entirely fictional one.

Also I couldn’t help but feel sorry for Dorothea. Begging makes it hard but still she done horrible things. And I gotta say your fight scene are well written.

But what will happen with Suzuka? Like a mini Esdeath if she were just an M.

Speaking of which I hope Esdeath grants Run the peace he deserves. I hope she will try to talk to some sense into Kurome but I know that will be like trying to get blood out a stone. (I hope that’s correct)
4/6 c1 Ohma
I know this is a fanfic, but now I'll forever have the thought that Sayo was calling out to Tatsumi only to then go unnoticed and die alone in canon.
3/31 c39 Brody
4/2 c36 Dromor
Tatsumi never lets incursio finish his sentences, how disrespectful to his partner lol
3/31 c5 Dromor
So what happened to the guys teigu? surely they took it with them but nothing was mentioned about it
3/28 c37 SHWAT
I felt it really weird that Esdeath joined them only to fuck off to some corner of the world, not helping or staying with Tatsumi, despite love and all that...
I understand that there would be power balance issues but you could have done better than -
Esdeath went to talk to Revolutionary Army and then done...
3/28 c35 SHWAT
When I look at fights like these...
Shuka screamed in pain as he hunched over.
He was completely open to attacks here. Did Tatsumi really not have a blade or something to execute him? Did he have to kick him?
When I see bad choreography, I feel like puking...
3/27 c39 Dragonsatan
Do you have any plans for hinowa ga crush or are you going to ignore that and end this fic and move on?
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