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for Killing Your Dark Future

10h c13 Luisberserker
wave he can go with Night raid i think
11h c12 Luisberserker
i have fear i am think you add seryu to the harem xd
12h c11 Luisberserker
great chapter i love the final XD
23h c10 Luisberserker
very clever y like the explenation
6/16 c9 Luisberserker
i love it i read the next one now
6/16 c1 Luisberserker
i love this history myenglis is very bad but the story is amazing and the devolpment of the characters is emotional now iam reading chapter 7 i not coment a lot sorry
5/31 c35 Guest
Love it, more. The manga and anime version is very depressing. In fact u should be author of this manga. Dame good job.
5/16 c9 Curse Of Kings
How can Tatsumi tell Nyau is male?
5/13 c1 TheKeksxD
One question before i read...is it decided that Esdeath is in Tatsumis harem? And it stays like that?
5/5 c35 Guest
Ta increíble, actualice, que está bien bueno la historia
5/1 c2 Misaka Phenex
guess voice tyrant
4/28 c35 Jason Smith
amazing, please update it
4/26 c35 joao1
bro will u continue?
4/26 c1 2matthewchambers000
can you do a to love ru fanfic about episode 15of the first season, when rito was taken from the amazon tribe, but both lala and haruna failed to save rito and the queen of the tribe succeeds making rito the whole tribes husband?
4/16 c35 Michael Tackett
Hey man Love your story and i finished a little while ago and just came to check up on it, and i am really nervous for the next chapters. So come on bro PLZ update man. Like i said love the story.
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