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11h c13 SacredKoopa
I'll be honest, I really did hope Tatsumi wouldn't let his grudge with Seryu killing Sheele get to him, and possibly think of changing her, having her as a new recruit for Night Raid, and possibly Tatsumi's harem. But that's when I first read this chapter, however, that doesn't mean that hope ever went away. I know that's pretty much impossible now, but that was a hope of mine. Also, I really hope that maybe, just maybe Sayo becomes sexually interested in Tatsumi. It may not be possible, but I'm not letting that hope die. Tatsumi clearly sees Sayo as both a sister and a woman, so I hope that ends up happening some day. That's all from me though, glad I decided to start reading this fic again. Keep up the amazing work!
2/15 c43 flurry
1/22 c1 Matias Villalba
I have a problem with Seryu, and is the hypocrisy that Tatsumi has about killing someone innocent in his lie when he killed an assasin (Ogre), and in Seryu's perspective, killed an assasin too (Sheele), but he needs to say those things about she killing innocents that she doesnt know because... she killed your assasin friend?
She didnt even knew the truth about it, just died the same way she did in the anime
And because the world of Akame ga kill is only black and white, is really stupid the idea of redeeming Esdeath but not creating situations where the Empire and almost everyone involved with it are not a stupid one dimensional villain all the time, except for Wave and Bols, everyone else are just mercenaries we dont care or psychos with a rot mind, that is the point with fanfics if you are not trying something new?
The last thing is Sayo, everything is the same as the anime, she didnt add anything in these 30 chapters i saw, at least is not a 1 in Tatsumi's harem, but come on, she barely affects the plot in any way, like if we are talking about a persona dlc character where its put in the plot separated from the normal timeline
Everyone still are doing the same dumb jokes of the anime, and the action scenes are mid because it feels that in a 4vs1 the others are not doing anything when 1 is attacking, like a bruce lee movie or assasin's creed game
Overall i dont regret reading it, but is nothing special, a 4.5/10, very boring sometimes and keeps the same plot, hope to see more of you soon tho
1/18 c43 13ALPHA02FURY97
Belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year please do update!
12/27/2023 c10 Barbatus Lupus Rex
Please tell me that the evolved armor isn’t the one from the anime, because the anime didn’t do the manga justice
12/23/2023 c43 1cesar0041
Day 130... No update
10/23/2023 c13 Italian sniper
I can't believe I have to defend Seryu, but I feel like it's necessary. What was said in this chapter about Esdeath being redeemable and Seryu being too far gone was entirely reversed. Others have said it in their own reviews, but Esdeath is absolutely not redeemable. She isn't misled or confused, is isn't a good person who's done some bad, and she's not even a bad person with good deep inside her as was said here. She is an unrepentant monster, just because she's nice to Tatsumi doesn't mean there's good in her. I'm sure Hitler had a few people he was fond of and treated well, and yes, I am comparing Esdeath to Hitler, I genuinely believe they are on a similar level of evil. At the very least Seryu, as twisted and psychotic as she was, truly believed she was doing the right thing and carrying out justice. Esdeath would have done every evil thing Seryu did and more just for a mild amount of entertainment. I hope as this story goes along Tatsumi stops thinking with his dick and realizes the demon that Esdeath truly is, and puts her down like she deserves. I don't know how anyone could finish the manga and think Esdeath was in any way redeemable.
10/20/2023 c43 Legion
Este fanfic es realmente bueno me encantó
Pero si lo va a terminar?
Porque cuando veo fanfics buenos, siempre el autor lo termina abandonando por una o otra razón
Espero que no sea el caso con este fanfic
Realmente quiero ver un final feliz para todos
8/20/2023 c43 ExcaliberShooter
I will say I am disappointed by Honest's death here. Most fanfics don't give him the same retribution he deserved as poetic justice like the manga did.
8/20/2023 c43 4Okaze
We're getting close to the end. I'm excited!
8/20/2023 c9 Jajur von Hohenzollern
oh come on . i really liked spear/supia. why does she always die
8/17/2023 c43 6Neko Twins Kagamine
Nice chapter and i like tatsumi to be dragon like in manga
8/16/2023 c43 27InsaneMakaioshin
1. Why did you change Honest's weapon?
2. How can he use 2 Teigu at once?
8/16/2023 c43 3Tenzalucard123
And so... Finally another Temporary variant was changed, and it was the Death of Leone...! And that Minister received what he deserved! And I seriously hope things stay that way please!
8/16/2023 c43 StrongGuy159
Amazing chapter continue please.
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