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for Itachi, Is That A Baby?

5h c102 Nickd1291
I hope that this story will start getting updated again soon.
18h c102 Argonaut986
Remus is going to change the magical world.
19h c101 Argonaut986
A brooding Hari can be dangerous!
19h c100 Argonaut986
Hari is grieving over the death of Pein.
19h c99 Argonaut986
Astoria won the tournament?
20h c98 Argonaut986
Itachi lost his life, but did Orochimaru get removed from Sosuke’s body?
21h c97 Argonaut986
Jiraiya didn’t even get to finish his sentence.
21h c96 Argonaut986
Oh brother.
22h c95 Argonaut986
Naruto is no master of poetry, but the second note was eloquent.
22h c94 Argonaut986
Quadruple disqualification is a rare occurrence.
23h c93 Argonaut986
The situation is getting confusing.
23h c92 Argonaut986
Hermione is not happy with Blaze.
1/26 c91 Argonaut986
Naruto has figured out Susano, and Amaterasu!
1/26 c43 2ta.shrivastava
Tricking a pawn shop owner, digging a tunnel to the bank, coppying the dictionary...

Sounds like one of the case of Sherlock Holmes to me.
1/25 c90 Argonaut986
Circe Helious?
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