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for Itachi, Is That A Baby?

5/16 c18 Osborn123
Well, it is oficial, the author turned Harry into a retard. I'm guessing the author chose to sacrifice Harry's intelligence for comical relieve and, while it is a bit funny at times, reading about a dumb mc gets annoying really fast.
5/16 c16 Osborn123
I hope this story is not one of those were there are many changes in POV were the story has nothing to do with the mc...
5/16 c12 Osborn123
This Hermione is far worse than canon. Originaly Hermione just gets a bit scared when seeing the cerberus for the first time, but in this story she completely brakes down histericaly, even though the pup was scared as hell. Sigh...
5/16 c11 Osborn123
The story is getting way too dull. Also, the author is nerfing the mc's intelligence far too much. I mean, Harry has the byakugan and he can spot all the secret passages and any events going on through the castle, and he even had no trouble recognicing McGonagall in her cat form, but despite that he doesn't seem to be able to recognice 'scabers' as an animagus, or understand that Quirrel is an enemy, or even understand that when the wizards speak about his father they don't mean Itachi...

Honestly, the author is creating so many plot holes in the story that it is bevoming annoying to read.
5/16 c102 2EJHowell
Love this story and I hope that you will be able to get back to updating at some point.
5/8 c34 EJHowell
Did Harry talk no jutsu voldemort?
5/3 c30 hobbes319
this is making me fucking Wheeze
5/2 c9 EJHowell
Did Harry find the holy grail?
4/29 c4 ChaoticInscriber
That is a good point. On the one hand, magical healing methods make things like a broken arm, ribs, etc. No Big Deal for long and thus many- parents, siblings, and strangers alike- can seem pretty neglectful in their lack of concern for precautions to the eyes of those more accustomed to muggle healing and it's pitfalls.
But as pointed out here, with magic those injuries may seem minor but with magic the potential for much more severe and not so reparable harm also shoots up - how often do fanfic writers have characters bring up concerns that Potions in the Dungeons seems like bad planning because a bad enough Disaster could damage the foundations of the entire castle? How many transfiguration mishaps have the potential to inhibit vital functions like breathing, heartbeat, the central nervous system? How easily could a spell misfire akin to the oft-quoted "buffalo on his chest" instead of levitation, which could then rampage around a classroom of baby wizzles before being dispelled?

How easily could someone who Studies Ahead Too Much accidentally send the building into another dimension messing with runes and rituals and such without supervision? Or atomize it?
(Really, Hogwarts may be fortress in physical structure to defend from threats without, but I'd bet that it's Durability as enhanced by wards and magic is /at least/ as much to Contain the catastrophes of young students of Magic to one area with Masters on hand to Fix as much as possible within as it is to keep invaders out!)
4/29 c102 Poseidon63
Come on you guys I know you have not given up on this story. Please start to update this amazing piece of fanfiction. I beg of you.
4/25 c29 Aria93
Hahaha. The YOUTH! always gets me everytime.
4/20 c101 TheLostArchivist
I would ordinarily think that Harry will find a way to blackmail Death into spitting his dysfunctional family back out, but I'm not sure that's something even he would do. I'm certainly not denying that he probably can, but I for some reason don't see it happening. I'd be quite happy to be proven wrong, though.
4/20 c100 TheLostArchivist
Well, shit.
4/20 c98 TheLostArchivist
Fudge's stupidity was great. Although I'm surprised that Astoria didn't just bring Daphne's Christmas present instead. Speaking of which, how many Nundu _ARE_ there for them to keep getting used in these shenanigans?
4/20 c95 TheLostArchivist
"Gabrielle looked at his sister's arms"? I have a vague feeling that something is horribly wrong there...
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