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for Itachi, Is That A Baby?

5/16 c102 IsakDemn
5/13 c40 Crywolfseven
Pretty sure this is like the fourth time I’ve read this story.

Really is too bad it was abandoned it’s just such a fun story. I hope you’re doing well in whatever you are doing now.
5/11 c2 3Ikasuki
house of the intelligent and cunning? Yheaaa... riiiight... sure. Except main character here is a braindead moron.
I kind of get this is a crack fic but, having an absolute moron insulting everyone, being an overall jerk, and revelling in murder isn't exactly my definition of fun
5/7 c46 badassmexican22
I like
5/1 c102 2subhogue
I know it's been over a year, but I hope to see this fic completed some day. it may be a very long insanity laden journey filled with death and jokes and more insanity but 10/10 would recommend others to read this. I have enjoyed this story so much through all the twists and turns and absolutely love it.
4/17 c93 Guest
FYI the Magna Carta is not a book. Like the Declaration of Independence it's a single piece of parchment. Also there are about a dozen original copies.
4/12 c100 AnthonyR89
why didn't he kidnap Konan when he returned to Europe?
4/11 c58 CampGarbage
I think it's funny how casually they sent Hari into a different universe
4/11 c41 CampGarbage
Just wait for Itachi to help teach
4/11 c75 AnthonyR89
Maryland? not Maine?
4/11 c69 AnthonyR89
...I'm pretty sure that Orochimaru can take Deidara in a fight.
4/11 c102 1RoseeQueen
I've been cackling as I read this, I wish there was more but how much there was was beautiful all the same
4/10 c7 AnthonyR89
...Tom grew up in the muggle world. during world War 2. pretty sure that he knows what a gun is.
4/10 c3 AnthonyR89
I forgot how amusing this story was.
4/3 c35 Aratherfluffyfatcat
Enjoying the story thanks.
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