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for Itachi, Is That A Baby?

11h c3 Lupina Maeve Lupin
Caro autor (ou autora não sei ao certo e não possuo bola de cristal) vim ler sua história com a triste ilusão, e impressão infelizmente, de que ela teria 3-7 capítulos como a maioria dos escritores com um plot decente, impressionante, inovador e uma boa escrita fazem. Mas descobri que a história tem impressionantes 102 capítulos de Harry jogando o lindo... posso xingar? mas basicamente é ele jogando o ato carnal que acontece entre um homem e uma mulher, ou o que quer que lhes de prazer.

Você não sabe o quanto esses 102 capítulos me deixaram feliz, mas só pra imaginar e chegar perto o provavelmente te pediria em namoro.
11/16 c80 Lazrusto
11/13 c42 17Child of Dreams
Please please please have Tobi teach...
Or Itachi.
10/18 c102 Ktheus
I'm glad I had the privilege of reading something so funny and creative. I wish the best to the authors, and a hug from a Brazilian reader.
10/17 c87 alsdjhfgljkwebgh
Writing had slowed because you're either lazy or brain dead, why'd you try to lie here?
10/16 c1 Apollodorus13
Hope you come back go this at some point. It was great and the juiciest parts were coming
10/16 c52 alsdjhfgljkwebgh
Dumbledore quickly went from being amused and uncaring, to being way too serious over the course of like three chapters. Awful, really. No real wonder you abandoned this. Idiot.
10/16 c44 alsdjhfgljkwebgh
I know you abandoned this, but it really sucks this went from crack to serious.
10/14 c102 Guest
Thank you for sharing this story with us readers.
It put a smile on my face near constantly and made me laugh out loud quite often.
Thank you for making my days while reading this far brighter than they were before.
10/13 c38 Guest
Fish for dinner?
I guess they were only served the tails...

thank you for making me laugh with this story.
10/12 c21 Apollodorus13
Sassy asshole Dumbledore is fantastic. On that note, this fic has already made me laugh out loud multiple times, quite the enjoyable fic. Thank you
10/2 c10 Acheron Skolfruund
Every time something happens, I just picture Hari going "Well of course I know him, he's me!"
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9/16 c1 9Typewriter21
Oh, from the title and synopsis, i thought this story would be mostly about itachi raising baby harry.

PS: I just noticed this late, but how did Itachi manage to get a grown man's eyes to fit inside a baby's head?
9/12 c102 Guest
More please
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