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4/7/2019 c3 Guest
pfft... Dante have learn from the last story, Those puzzle got to him pretty hard.
3/25/2019 c16 Mangoose
Now, this is a good fight scene. Apologies, I forgot to add that you're also good with writing fight scenes.
3/25/2019 c13 Mangoose
One thing I noticed is that you're good with characterization and dialogue but bad with plots.

The DMC characters being sent on a merry trip across the multiverse because of some kind of being's nefarious scheme, which would make sense or not in the end, is rather weak and flimsy. It's similar to the ROB concept common on Spacebattles and Sufficient Velocity.

Other authors use the 'space wedgie' trope to teleport characters from one place to another not only because it's easy to explain, but also it is the closest you can get to a cosmic being manifesting its will.

It's cliche yes, but every author gives it their own spin that each interpretation comes out unique.

It's like a natural disaster. You don't ask why it happened because it just did.

The overshadowing and the hints of something bigger in play don't really give a feeling of suspense. It's just very transparent and contrived.

Kind of like those kinds of plots that are supposedly 'open to interpretation' where nothing substantial is given, just vague hints. And even then, that's not what many people would care about. It's about how one group of people would affect the world and everyone else around them.
3/25/2019 c12 Mangoose
Okay, the flair admittedly dropped at this arc since we have both sides sticking to their own. DMC characters staying with theirs and the same with the RE characters, unlike the first one. A bad symptom of sequelitis in my opinion.
3/25/2019 c1 Mangoose
Damn, I'll definitely read this and fave it. But I can't see myself reading the latest story. Just not really a fan of anything crossed with HP since it's so tame compared to anything else out there.
7/10/2018 c30 2Triclopes
Ok, I've been reading you Devil May Cry crossover adventure stories for quit some time now and with all that I've read there are still numerous unexplained (or explored) plot points that have been mentioned and never brought up again going as far back as Bleach May Cry.

For example, who was in control of Toshiro Hitsugaya he was obviously under the influence of someone and was tasked with hunting down Nero, what happened with that? Not only that but while reading the first Resident DEvil FanFiction, Umbrella, a corperation only known for the illegal production of B.O.W.'s, somehow managed to harness the power of a Hell Gate and summon Demons for testing which would further help them develop enhanced B.O.W.'s, how did a Hell Gate show up in the RE world in the first place? Also as of this review I'm assuming the Nero subplot would be covered as progressing the through the DMC crossover series. So basically Mar, who I'm assuming is some known character from another universe, had the DMC crew transported to the RE univeres while leaving the Bleach universe at the mercy of Aizen, who by the way was shown to have recognized Mar, what's their relationship? how do they know eachother? Another plothole not explained.

Also how did Mar know how to make the Daylight cure for the T-virus? Why does he know so much about the RE world too? Why not include some events from RE3? There's obviously still some unresolved character relations from Resident DEvil 1. There could have at least been a breif run in with Dante and Jill since there were some implications that she had only just begun or recently left the R.P.D. station during the Racoon city outbreak to escape the city. Aside from that will any of these plot points be revisited or will they just be left ambiguous? I liked these stories so far but I'm just pointing out the things that need some sense of closure and explaining.
6/22/2018 c30 SereneCrosstamer
No matter how much I read this it will ALWAYS be one hell of a ride. Its so fun to chill and read just to get all hyped and excited and then worried and tense and its nice. You really are great at taking us through this roller coaster and I LOVE IT. I read this a couple years ago and even now knowing all the twists and turns, its still fresh and fun and exciting. Thanks for writing and posting these awesome stories.
6/21/2018 c22 SereneCrosstamer
I know I've said it before (holy crap was that really 2 years ago!?) But this is always going to be fun to read. Even knowing what happens its still fun to revisis
6/21/2018 c17 SereneCrosstamer
I still love this and the fight with Karkinos will always be epic. AHHH I'm not gonna get over this fanfic series anytime soon and YES MY HUNGER IS SATED YET AGAIN
6/17/2018 c7 HeartOfChaos13
I like this chapter and Jill"s letter.
6/17/2018 c6 HeartOfChaos13
I like this chapter and I hope that Leon and Claire will be Good fighters.
6/17/2018 c5 HeartOfChaos13
I like this chapter and I wonder who the character at the ending of the chapter Is.
6/17/2018 c4 HeartOfChaos13
I like this chapter and I wonder what their reaction will be of mr X.
6/17/2018 c3 HeartOfChaos13
I like this chapter and I think that I know who Lady Is suprised at In the ending of the chapter.
6/17/2018 c2 HeartOfChaos13
I like this chapter and I hope that Leon and Lady will be a couple.
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