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for A Fate Touched in Middle Earth

10h c19 4EricFreak
Good chapter. Thanks again. Harry and Taurile make a cute couple.
12/8 c19 Talonwalker
Great story, really enjoying it!
12/5 c19 3RedOuroboros
Thanks for the chapter
12/5 c2 aidann83
why do you use this?
makes little sense, don't need the hyphens and bathed would be a better term than swum.
12/5 c5 1Fawkes-Pas
Your description of Lady Galadriel in this chapter. And then we have the Rings of Power.
Absolute travesty was done by the makers of that TV show.
12/3 c19 sh777
Thanks for the update
12/1 c19 Fawkes-Pas
Just a query. Haven't read the whole chapter yet but are you going to include some references to "The Rings of Power" series'.? Or are you staying away from it.?
11/29 c12 juhiko02
I hope Harry has now the same lifespan of a elf so he can be with Tauriel and not became a old guy and die pathetically.
11/28 c19 2FinalKingdomHearts
I look forward to the next chapter.
11/28 c19 Kael Hyun
please don't include anything from RoP that show was awful it should be Purge from every memory bank on Earth for how badly it distorts Tolkien's works
11/25 c19 Guest
Really enjoyed this. Can’t wait for more.
11/26 c19 snetto2013
Muito obrigado pelo capítulo.
Eu acho que com a adição de Harry na música, muda assim o futuro. Por isso os Valar não sabem o que fazer. Acho que Harry e Tauriel vão ser o catalizador para uma nova terra média. E creio eu que não haverá mais o êxodo dos elfos para o oeste. E Harry e Tauriel criando uma nova linha de meio elfos, todos ou parte deles herdando sua magia.
Com os elfos podendo não sentindo a necessidade de ir para Aman, talvez Arwen não se mate quando Aragorn morrer. Talvez ela e Tauriel criem uma amizade no futuro. Já que Harry e Aragorn parecem ser amigos.
Fico ansioso pelo futuro
Um abraço
11/24 c19 Hi
Good chapter liked the little moments between Harry and Tariel
11/26 c19 Ranmaleopard
As always this is just really impressive and I eagerly await more
11/23 c19 WearyCurmudgeon
- Dryness
Nice bit that Harry doesn't know the spell, rather than there not being such a spell.

Didn't McG use a drying spell during third year on the students to help prevent Filch from bursting a vein about them creating water trails due to being soaked.

Harry not bothering to learn it does seem part of the course for him, whereas for most others it would be a gimmie on the spells to learn list, simply for its utility.

- Fluff
Enjoyed it. Enough said really. Deepened the characters and their relationships.

- Armiture
They did have a Tolkien expert, man holds the same chair that Tolkien did in life FFS.

They fired him, supposedly for NDA transgressions, but in truth because he kept on pointing out that they were polluting the Lore. And that interfered with their "vision".
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