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for A Fate Touched in Middle Earth

11/28 c15 evattude
I like how tauriel and Harry's relationship is going. I am also enjoying how the story overall is going
11/28 c12 evattude
This was fantastic
11/19 c1 shadowtalonsalazar
what atp mean?
11/17 c6 Guest
"This thing all things devours:" or This think debours all things.

Very odd/convenient Harry didnt have rune kit (bqg od stones was understandable). It seemed he would always carry it like a inreplaceable pocketknife. Perhaps find it on way "home"? Or did Gandalf find it on way there?

Nice job weaving in much of JRRT's front door and escape from Goblin town.

No gollum survivor for Mordor to capture and torture between Bilbo's return and "Fellowship" where wraiths go to follow the clues
11/18 c21 9NightFuryFanfic
this is my favourite story on this entire website and I look forward to every update
11/12 c3 didyousaytim
Nice blend of JRRT's world and HP presence. surprised no rifelo on trolls, but liked conclusion. still,some dwarves would not be trusting of poisoner outside the immediate adventure.

liked segue with Necromancer... often overlooked opportunity
11/9 c14 Rifful
Very decent battle description. One of the better ones, I think.
11/10 c7 NathanTankersley
Even though this chapter wasn't what you wished it to be, you seem to be a near master word smith. Keep on the course, and this story shall be the beginnings of the Legends you shall create.
11/2 c21 l4w
Good for Harry and Tauriel , getting some rest and time together
11/1 c8 Jay Okami
This has, without a doubt been one of the best Harry Potter/LOTR crossovers I've even read. heck possible even one of the best ones I've read period. please keep up the great work
10/27 c21 Guest
This book is absolutely beautiful thank you for this marvelous literature!
10/26 c21 snetto2013
Obrigado por escrever.
Eu fico pensando se os elfos no final realmente vão deixar a terra média, e acabem ficando após as mudanças que Harry venha a trazer. Até pq como foi dito, a música foi alterada.
10/26 c21 Shadeymankey
I have adored their romance
10/26 c20 Shadeymankey
I feel this bilbo would notice the corruption of the ring more. He has been channeling the purifying power far more than in the original story, and i cannot imagine him forgetting to continue to do so.
10/26 c19 Shadeymankey
Hope he remembers to teach them the patronus. Also hope he remembers the messenger patronus
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