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for A Fate Touched in Middle Earth

10/2/2023 c21 28Kairan1979
Thanks for the chapter.
The Stiffbeards were really unfriendly bunch. I don't think Harry should sign any contracts with them if they are incapable of gratitude.
10/2/2023 c21 PolarWriter95
After finally reading FILFY teacher and catching up with all the rest I noticed this had been updated, happy as Larry and eager for the rest
10/2/2023 c21 HowlnMadHowie
Well, this is a break from your usual chapter titles but I suppose that would be giving away the story a bit. Still, Gimli introduced this early is not bad, just means there'll be no compeition with Tauriel.

So, we meet Ecthrlion...Denethor's father, I would have hoped he can be less of an ass than his son at least. Then again he was likely corrupted by the {Palantir like Sarauman.

Oh! What if Harry makes a flying carpet/rug instead of a broom? Great way to cross fast rivers and taking people in groups. Brooms are so limited to 2 people at best.
10/2/2023 c6 TKstein
I'm sorry to say, and this is far back from where you're writing right now so it might be meaningless, but what is the point of having Harry along for the journey if the EXACT SAME things happened again? This has been an issue with me since the beginning of the story...The troll situation, is more or less the same. The visit to Rivendell, still happens as Thorin still goes along with it/

I feel this is a sign of poor writing. One of the reasons I like most of your stories is that even if the stories hit the same beats initially, due to the main character not being relevant to arc-relevant characters, there are more significant and greater deviations from canon due to the interactions the further along it goes. I do not see that in any significant event here, and that is a little disappointing.
You even made it a point that Harry lost the runes and rune carving set; the EXACT equipment Harry would have needed to have the most significant impact.
10/2/2023 c21 1Poseidon93
thanks for the chapter!
10/1/2023 c21 WearyCurmudgeon
- Gandalf
Interesting to note that his film/book counterpart is a tad more cagey with things than your iteration. Even more so considering his capture in your tale.

Wonder what the impetus will be to make him change.

Oh don't get me wrong, his trust in Saruman is fully understandable. But sharing Harry's teachings without permission feels kinda ... off?

Not fully sure how to put it into words at the moment as I'm more than a tad sleepy.

- Stiffbeards
All I can say is they've stuffed up. Both with the insults as well as the attitude.

Being wary is one thing, but being rude/insulting is another.

And this may very well sink their chances at a marriage pact, considering how valued Harry is by the Dwarves of Erebor.

- Gimli
As I suspect that Tauriel will take Legolas' place in the Fellowship, similar to Harry possibly subbing for Gandalf.

Well, will be a good way to introduce the characters and start to build their friendship early.

So yeah, an enjoyable romp to say the least.
10/1/2023 c21 1diggerboy4
Great stuff! Glad to see us finally getting close to the war of the ring
10/1/2023 c21 ulttoanova
This was a really good chapter I don't have much else to say but I really look forward to the next chapter of this.
10/1/2023 c21 19magical fan18
I was really looking forward to this chapter, and I’m really happy that you have managed to introduce Gimli into this.

The way you’ve shown more of the changes that Harry has undergone from being brought into the song of Arda and other factors is really fun to read about.
10/1/2023 c21 3RyMalice
Another amazing chapter, a bit lore heavy in some areas, but just goes to show how much research you do for your stories. It's pretty inspiring.
10/1/2023 c21 Spk hunter
ah! we finally meet the wee lad! excellent, cheers for another great chapter, looking forward to more
10/1/2023 c21 Rebell 01
Great Story.
10/1/2023 c21 fallendemon248
And gimili enters stage left, now all that’s left is for Legolas is visit erebor and meet his future friend… maybe? I don’t know if he would still go with the fellowship if he is king now. Love that Harry’s spells are affected by valar like the lumos basically became a sun wonder what other affects might have happened
10/1/2023 c21 Eternalking500
Glad to see this story is still alive, chapter 21 was awesome as usual and i can't wait to read the next chapter.
10/1/2023 c21 frankieu
nice chapter thx for writing it
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