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for A Fate Touched in Middle Earth

1/26 c22 1bradwall0715
What happens in Dragon Age, involving the women from that series is truly horrifying and brings to light the words 'somethings are worse than death' to be feared.
1/24 c22 Paulsson
New chapter, yay!
1/24 c22 Death
Well. You should be writing this for the Rings of Power, at least i would tune in to watch it!
1/26 c22 2JoeMcLuvin
I was hoping harry would see the section of the mountain he made see through, to allow light in the farms located inside Erabor. See if he needed to do anything else.
1/26 c22 Akvis
1/26 c3 jessessanto
Você tem um sério problema com o Dumbledore KKKK ele não era um deus para resolver todos os problemas e de onde caralhos vcs tiram essa porra de bem maior? Dumbledore tinha 17 anos quando acreditava nisso... A maior parte das aventuras que o hp se meteu foi por conta própria pq ele sempre mete o nariz onde não é chamado
1/26 c22 1Sword-Vamp
great chapter. I just love how you are giving new life to the stories of middle earth. Somehow your story gave me this headcanon of the last resistance in harry's world Holding Hogwarts against the death eaters and trying to summon Harry back. But because Harry is now part of Iluvarar's song, it's pretty much like a kid, trying to pull a boulder with a string, causing the kid to go flying to the boulder instead. That means the entirety of hogwarts (castle included) gets summoned straight to middle earth insteat. maybe even some death eaters who later on become Sauron's underlings. Any Time discrepencys could be explained with time moving differently in those two worlds, so the inhabitants of hogwarts would be in the seventh HP book in terms of time. Sorry for the brain fart, just had to get rid of this Idea of expanding your world
1/26 c9 Shiva547
Is harry retarded that a simple alohomora spell couldn’t open the gates in chp 9? Are you so hell bent on following the canon that you seem to ignore common sense which ain’t common anymore
1/26 c22 percemetis and natcap
Meeting with the parents, let's see how that goes. The stiffbeards are surely in for a surprise.
1/25 c22 6Mando-Vet
Jesus, dude...
1/25 c22 BasiliskSlayer7
Awesome chapter, I really like how you linked in a lot of the history from the Silmarillion when it comes to the hatred between Dwarves and Elves. Looking forward to where you go next. Hopefully we start to see more characters from Fellowship or more of the history that builds up to it.
1/25 c22 HowlnMadHowie
Next chapter title: Meet the Oarents!

Still, Gimli is more personable to Tauriel than how he treated Legolas. ALthough I half expected them to start a goblin kill tally. Of course I can just imagine Gimli's argument "Goblins! Bah, they are too easy to kill, no, the challenge will be orcs!"

ANyhow I imagine if Harry can figure out the everfull rune Tauriel would have a infinite amount of arrows.
1/25 c7 George Cristian810
While the story is somewhat interesting,harry is way to weak,plus the slow ritm of update make this impossible to follow.
1/25 c22 28Kairan1979
Thanks for the chapter.
Looks like the Stiffbeards are going to regret their treatment of Harry and Tauriel.
Thorin's potential bride looks like an interesting character.
1/25 c6 Shiva547
I don't understand how pathetic harry can be ,it feels like complete canon with harry as extra and nothing else
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