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3/25/2019 c33 3Markus-Antonius
I loved this, great job!
2/21/2019 c33 Halo Star Wars X-over fan
Kinda a interesting twist, not what I wanted or was hoping for, however it works and guess it sorta means a semi happy ending for all, even if I wish that the Chief would continue fighting and humanity being constantly at peril, from increasingly more powerful fleets, being and species. While the UNSC gets bigger and stronger, but whatever, this works.
2/21/2019 c20 Halo Star Wars X-over fan
I’m also pretty disappointed in how your portraying Halsey, as she is actually a good person and isn’t that selfish, neither does she actually have too much ambition, part of why she turned down going higher in the command chain actually. However it’s your choice for how to portray her, although I always get disappointed when he’s show negativity, especially since a lot of people don’t truly understand why she went along with the Spartan Project and instead like to scapegoat her. After all she never even wanted to do the Spartan project, instead she despised it however given ONI said they’d replace her with a more willing scientist with less ethics, so she decided between the greater and lesser evils that the children would be better taken care of if she was in control. Kinda why they look up to her as their sorta Mother.

But it’s your choice for how to show her, still can’t help but review and say how disappointed or sad it makes me.
2/21/2019 c17 Halo Star Wars X-over fan
Like seriously the food never ever spread to out in the galaxy after the Halo rings were fired, you keep severely overstating what happened, honestly it’s almost a insult to what happened to the Forerunners given that even when the flood was just within one section of the galaxy before they overran the Forerunners they absolutely had innumerable more biomass and ships then they did in Halo 2 and Halo 3, both of them the flood had at Max 2 or 3 ships, before they either end up crashing or being destroyed, however only 2 flood infested ships got away from the Beta Halo, both of which only headed to Earth one was the one that appeared after destroying the AA gun and the second being High Charity that arrived and then immediately went into the portal to the Ark. so Would you call 2 solar systems and the Ark the entire Galaxy? No you wouldn’t.

I can handle a lot of changes in FanFiction given well Non canon is supposed to happen, however there are always baseline events that never get changed, for some of them I can tolerate being changed and won’t cause me to much issues in reading, however doing what your saying about what happened during Halo CE, Halo 2 and Halo 3 in regards to the flood is such a gross overstatement it’s laughable, the flood never escaped Instillation 07, they did however escape on the other Halo ring but only in a limited sense. Which was the Amber Clad frigate which went into High Charity, other then that the flood never spread anywhere.
2/21/2019 c17 Halo Star Wars X-over fan
Actually when the Chief destroyed the Alpha Halo he succeeded in destroying the flood, he didn’t fail not to mention the flood even from the Beta Halo never spread out throughout the galaxy, Ive got honestly absolutely no idea where your pulling this random idea from though since after all in no Halo book, no Halo game, no Halo video and no Halo comic does it ever say anything of the sort, there is the Mona Lisa comic series though however the flood never managed to actually escape from the Alpha instillation, it’s just unfortunately on the other Beta instillation the flood broke out tens of thousands of years ago and took control of the Halo ring, which is precisely why the limited knowledge and the restrictive protocols was installed on the Halo Rings. And when High Charity came by the Flood took control of it and went to Earth.
2/16/2019 c33 Hz
Very good ending
1/19/2019 c1 2thrawn92
I can't help but comment on the "introducing 7 new characters" line. Even though a lot of people probably haven't read the books or comics, I'd like to think that a few of them have played Halo 3 ODST, and so weren't caught too off-guard with Buck.

Anyways, I've gotten up to chapter 19 so far, and I gotta say, I'm enjoying it a lot. Of course, a lot of this is rendered non-canon as of the novel "Bad Blood", which explains how Blue Team and Fireteam Osiris rejoined Infinity, but other than that, it seems like a fairly reasonable explanation about what happened after Guardians.
9/13/2018 c33 The Commander
Masterful work. You have done what 343 could not, and created a compelling narrative out of the nonsense that was Halo 5. Well done.
9/9/2018 c26 Guest
Like I said in the distant past, I'm sure, Black Box is very much like the Littlefinger of the Haloverse. Cunning, ruthless, manipulative, and able to think on his feet.
9/9/2018 c22 Guest
I haven't read this in a while, as I became disinterested in Halo for the longest time, but I must say, bloody brilliant!
9/8/2018 c32 cannonfodder43
Well, after quite some time this story has come to its end.

While by no means perfect or my top favorite for many reasons, I enjoyed it. For despite its flaws, I can see and enjoy the effort poured into this story. Always interesting to see what others see and think of Halo through their stories.

I wish you well on any future endeavors.
9/7/2018 c32 TralfamadoreUndone
Unfollow, are you kidding? You've written some of the most emotion-wrenching Halo FF I've read in, well...years. While I love some of the ideas you presented, as well as the setup and the action surrounding them, I feel this fic could have actually been even better as a tightly-paced long one-shot. More than once I felt you had to force the characters to act a certain way when they wouldn't - and I dont blame you for it. Its why I think your other story, The Reclamation, is superior to this one. It left more of an impact on me. I thought the resolution of BB/ONI's power over the Guardians was too quickly resolved, and took away most of the tension. I genuinely felt horrified at the idea of Serin Osman having that kind of power - even though she would use it to protect humanity. Lord knows what encompasses her idea of protection.

While I loved Locke slowly bonding with Tersia and coming around to understand Chief's POV, I did feel that she was a little too much like Cortana. Or what Cortana had been like in say, Halo CE. Tersia certainly seems much different from Maya, but must share more with her creator than she realizes, considering she inherited all her memories.

And never say never. Halo has slowly been drying up in content even with Infinite's reveal trailer, and so has its fanbase. This fic was a port in a storm. I highly recommend you check out Troy Denning's Halo Silent Storm. I'm only a quarter way in, and I can already say its the best book since the original Halo trilogy. It really hits the perfect blend of military sci-fi the series became famous for, and both hopeful/concerned for HInfinite. Inspiration breeds creativity, and this universe sorely needs more. Hopefully you'll be open to writing one-shots from other characters POV in different situations, or maybe something completely AU.

Whatever the case, I wish you all the best in your future endeavors, and please know that you have a loyal follower who enjoyed every word you wrote(flawed or otherwise), and looks forward to your future work(Halo or not). Thank you.
9/6/2018 c32 fordkdn
Please tell ur going to still keep writing right
8/31/2018 c31 cannonfodder43
Well a rather reasonable and short hearing. Could have been worse and everyone carried themselves well.

All in all, pretty good.
8/30/2018 c31 Joey
Haaaaaaa serves ONI right... Clap em' in irons and straight to the dungeons... I'd have had them immediately executed.
Damn shame Lasky wasn't there when Osman was arrested. He'd probably have popcorn. Additionally, I don't fully agree with Cortana and John 117's choice. At least a few pieces of new tech to improve humanity and Sangheli every couple of years. But under careful mentoring though.
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