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12/18/2017 c1 Guest
Wait why... oh, 2003, okay... nice
2/7/2017 c1 Kagome Higurashi T
You should continue
9/27/2012 c4 3numbuh 1x1
Ok i have absolutely no idea why you dont update this great story
4/18/2011 c4 21YouGotBurned
wow okay so i realllyyyy like this story! i`m glad that i found this story.how long has it been since you wrote this? 2003?wow...
12/10/2010 c4 11Numbuh24Insane
Nice your the first one to do a knd fanfic I'm so proud I tried putting you in the emmy award but turns out the one I tried was the Noble prize for best scientist you got second some idiot named Albert Einstien got first. Like the joke just for you thanks for starting the K.N.D fanfiction empire thanks.
8/17/2005 c4 Kukifan
flying fuck! its been two years! how long does it take to make a chapter?
2/4/2005 c4 7rini124
Can't wait to see what happens next! ^^
1/3/2005 c4 9Psi Kat
S.: UPDATE! (foams at the mouth)

H.: UGH! (tries to restrain S.)

M.: (helping) This (pant) story (pant) rocks!

J.: Update soon please, or S.'s house'll be wrecked...again.
7/23/2004 c4 HamGirl168
Pul-ease finish this story...i really like alot! it is very very good so please finish *big puppy dog eyes*
6/5/2004 c1 Anonymous
Keep up the great work!

Keep writng more stories for interested

readers and myself to read. Thanx!
5/28/2004 c4 1Numbuh 7
Please write more!
4/20/2004 c4 Molly S
Nice! I like it so far! Post the next chapter!
4/14/2004 c4 17Sentra
Wow. so this is the very first posted knd fic... i like it, and i hope you will update sometime soon
11/15/2003 c4 12weartheseshorts
*getting wide eyed* Whoa... The DCFDL got 'er? *shudders* WHY! Numbuh 4 bettah be on 'is way ta save 'er! And why aren't ya updating? *pouts* Ya bettah do it soon or Ah'll, Ah'll... *starts to get mad* EXPLODE! *smirks* Hey... sorry 'bout that, I just get so happy over romance!

thats me


aka Pauline
7/31/2003 c1 Ravlic
very nice ... wait he likes #3? o_O
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