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for The Walking Dead:Beth Greene Unfinished Storyline

12/12/2015 c7 1Invisible-Lyss
Great Chapter :) Keep updating! :)
12/7/2015 c5 1Buffygurl077
I hope Beth getting killed off is something you found as not right. Don't think her character should've been killed off the show.
12/3/2015 c1 11Jody Barsch
Hm... your summary and story avatar caught my eye... I'm interested in your story line to see an alternative route for Beth's story. (I definitely felt shortchanged not just by Beth's death, but by the storyline of rescue - I for one felt there was a lot of potential with Carol and Beth working together.) I think your story will be more effective if it's further expanded, the ol' "show don't tell" thing. Thanks for posting!
12/1/2015 c3 23087-B
I'm sorry, but this grammar is absolutely atrocious.

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