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3/29/2016 c1 25fanofthisfiction
Wonderful story, and you don't even have to know much about Star Wars to enjoy it. Of course knowledge makes the references all the more deep. I made assumptions that Anakin was the one to re-wire R2D2. I know he did repairs on him although I'm not certain who R2D2s original owner was.

Melika's personality helped to highlight various aspects of the story which was fun.

If you're interested there was one typo I though I'd mention...
"...but (he) was a relatively well-known Alliance leader. (not we)

A nice one shot shared.
2/5/2016 c1 128meldahlie
I'm not massively well up in Star Wars, and I haven't read the preceding fic for this either, but I ENJOYED this immensely! Such fun to see the canon characters and events from a different viewpoint.
I think Princess Leia's appearance had me laughing the most.
More? Tell Melika we like her a lot?
11/30/2015 c1 3Supreme Gamesmaster Yddisac
I actually read this before Loyalty's Boundaries, so I guess I should review this. :V
I guess the weird thing to me is that Melika hasn't heard of the Death Star. I suppose it's not beyond the realm of possibility if she hasn't been around Yavin IV, but as I understand it the Death Star was sort of a big deal to the entire Rebel Alliance.
Speaking of, I was pretty surprised at Melika's age. It seems like she's very new to the Alliance, since she doesn't share the culture of camaraderie we see from them in the films. So that makes me think this happens pretty shortly after Loyalty's Boundaries. But then she says she's a decade older than Han Solo, which puts her at 39-ish. She doesn't feel that old, though, and she certainly didn't feel thirtysomething in Loyalty's Boundaries - I thought she was in her early twenties. Huh.
Here's a nitpick for you: The last line lacks closure to me. It feels like there should be something after that. I think the making the punctuation a little punchier might help - "I've done my bit. Now I need ten hours of uninterrupted sleep. Maybe more." - something like that? I dunno.
In general, though? This story was great fun, watching Melika interact with all the canon characters was refreshing, and I liked this one enough to go track down Loyalty's Boundaries, so I'd call this a success.

With all due respect,
~Supreme Gamesmaster Yddisac
Okay, /here's/ a nitpick: I looked it up, and the general's name is spelled Rieekan, with an I. Star Wars spelling is silly. u;

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