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7/24 c1 BadEnglishSpeaker
Interesting story. I have to admit what made me curious about it was the German title. My native language is German so whenever I see a German title on this side it is really eye-catching for me. I didn't know the story of the Krabat beforehand, but that might be because I grew up far away from the places you've have mentioned in this story.
5/22/2016 c1 4Peanut-Butter-Bandit
That was really cool. It was just the right amount of dark too. I don't know who you meant to be the Master but I couldn't help but picture Maleficent. Especially with the Ravens. I'm a big sucker for stories like this, with folk elements and magic. I'm gonna blame my childhood because my bedtime stories were Irish folklore. I know Irish is different of course, but the folklore part. My grandma was an Irish immigrant and my Grandpa was a German one and it's cool to get more of the German. Anyway... Sorry for the ramble. The gist is: awesome story and thank you very much for sharing!

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