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for Circle Daybreak: random moments

9/2/2018 c1 BLXJs
Veri n1c3IlBst0riNS
7/25/2016 c2 9Ana88
It's nice that you decided to write a second chapter and you did it a AshxM'lynn, they're one of my favorite NW couples D. I enjoyed watching the two of them together, (they are soooo cute), I think you managed to cath their personalities fairly well, the ''teeth moment'' was good ;) just a little bit ...hurried in my opinion. I think Mare would be more shy in moments like that but it was very fun to read nonetheless. Hope you write something else soon.
P.D: Awesome title.
11/29/2015 c1 Ana88
I like Helix, the idea of having a ghost in the mansion sounds cool. You could write more about her and how she died but maybe you should change the demon part because it seems out of place in the series, maybe it could be a dragon or a vampire instead. You could also show us more about Iliana and Helix frienship like the two of them go shopping or something.

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