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3/13/2020 c1 Jostanos
Gamer, I can honestly say that, after I had binged watched the entire Akame ga Kill/Kira series on Netflix, _THIS_ is a wonderful crossover and that it would be nice if it continued. :)
12/23/2019 c1 absoluteanime99
It is a nice beginning. Please continue writing it.
11/23/2018 c1 Guest
Can you please finish this story please i really want to see how it ends
4/16/2017 c1 2thebountyhunter2001
2/12/2017 c1 Sixpennykhan45
I really don't know what the bosses reaction will be considering how we first met her in the anime
9/16/2016 c1 Thunder Dragon
Oh boy...Harry you are in for one rough ride, and you already have been through one before you are ready. I am liking the premise of Harry gradually opening up and beginning to trust others, hopefully Harry is going to be all right. I have a question though. Are you going to go down the Manga route? As that is the only one were most of the Akame Ga Kill cast survives and Harry needs Leone even if he does not know it yet.
5/14/2016 c1 1Raynedead
:3 good story
3/18/2016 c1 manticore-gurl071134
cool start!
3/14/2016 c1 Bastion
Another interesting take on the Akame ga Kiru x HP idea, both these and the Esdeath fic are great, please continue them and add other characters to this line of thought (prehaps not Scheel, while I like the character, what havoc could she bring looking after little Harry, oooh the potential carnage... and laughs).
2/21/2016 c1 Guest
:3 cool story
1/19/2016 c1 Guest
:3 sad yet good more please
1/16/2016 c1 World62590
So far you have an interesting story. It'll be interesting to read the twist and turns it takes.
12/8/2015 c1 20On Soaring Wings
Nice, but are you sure you meant Sheele to be arguing to Leone in the end? Because that sounds more like what Mine would say, not Sheele.
12/6/2015 c1 Pax Guy
Try Callie and Marie from Splatoon
12/6/2015 c1 animr2014
Sorry about that something weired happened while I was tiyping anyway if your thinking other of doing Harry potter crossovers here some female characters you can write about if you want to.

Anyone of the pink, yellow, white or blue female power rangers or any female characters from Mass Effect, or White Tiger from Ultimate spider-man and any female character from Elder scroll/Skyrim.
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