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5/21 c4 danielkid50
But if Sai was a trusted general then why was he stationed in the boonies?
4/2 c14 Avercrucicus
Don’t know if we’ll ever get more but it’s fun
11/6/2021 c13 1Panthosilea
After reading this story a few more times I noticed that he grew up a lot like Azula. Alone among people, never getting over the past, never forming meaningful relationships. Until the age of 14. The same age Azula was in the show. But the difference between them would be Taiza's previous life experience provided him with true love, something Azula never felt from anyone. Taiza acknowledged he needed help while Azula never knew what problem she was facing.
I already have a few theories for what Azula could be like in this fanfiction: a "villainess" (a female character who expresses true love in awkwardly mean ways), a "reincarnated" villainess (for example: Taiza's previous wife or someone new, who knows about ATLA too), or the usual Azula affected by whatever Taiza did to her in the past to become an extremely jealous girl.
11/6/2021 c14 CaramelDragon
10/24/2021 c14 Panthosilea
This story is AMAZING! I am begging for a new chapter, an OC that makes a difference is so rare in fanfiction! I am getting tired of always reading the same story over and over through the eyes of an OC again. And Taiza leaves his own mark in the hearts of our beloved ATLA-Characters. (Fan-girling in my heart to the point of screaming)
Please, please, please UPDATE !
10/17/2021 c14 SpoiledTomato
I loved your story! I hope one day I get to see the interaction between Sai and Azula if you ever continue writing this.
10/15/2021 c14 Jessie
I love this... I hope you continue very soon️
10/9/2021 c14 3blisscity
this is promising. i would really love him to be engaged to Azula, i hope with his maturity and kindness he'll be able to thaw the flame princess' frozen cruel heart and guide her to the right path. oh, and I'm anticipating the day Tom Tom gets kidnapped for ransom by the Gaang. I can't wait for the Gaang's reaction after finding out they unknowingly kidnapped their beloved Sai/Taiza's younger brother.
9/17/2021 c14 1TotallyNotASerialKiller
I have mad respect for Taiza for not running from the room in blind panic whenever an impending marriage to Princess ‘Effin Azula was even hinted at. Homeboy has got balls of steel. I love this story and I love the worldbuilding. Most OC stories have them following the plot to the letter while only there to provide smartass comments and romance sokka, katara, or Zuko. Nothing bad ever happens and there are never any grander plans at work. Taiza, on the other hand, is a grade A schemer who has vested interest in the wellbeing of the fire nation post-war and I love to see it. I really, really, loved your character and I would be thrilled to see more of this. Thank you for writing.
9/1/2021 c14 iexistmate
Sai is a pretty interesting fellow huh. Can't wait to see how he interacts with Azula. I also wonder if he's met Ty Lee in person yet, because she and Mai are good friends. I'm excited to see him interacting with Zuko as well. Can you imagine the beach episode with Sai in it?! Honestly that would be glorious.
8/9/2021 c14 LightWatcher2896
I really, really, really loved reading the story! I especially liked the “Sai” character ‘cause his tone was very neutral the majority of the time, and I really liked the somber atmosphere he gave off too! Again awesome story...is their gonna be a continuation of it I wonder? Well, if their isn’t that’s okay ‘cause the story it’s self was really worth reading. Another thing I liked about “Sai” was that he had this very controlled nature and sometimes cracked and splintered but never shattered or broke, his character type is one of my favorites to read to because the emotion detachment he is able to employ is fascinating to see in writing in a good, gripping story!
Welp, I probably wrote too much or chammered on and on but this was a fun review to give and a again a wonderful story to read~
— LW2896
7/12/2021 c14 Hola
Update please
5/31/2021 c14 ADDBaby
5/11/2021 c14 martinez.emmac
Update soon this is amazing
4/30/2021 c14 1Viviene001
I believe I’ve read all five of your stories now, and they all have the theme of betrayal. XP
Which is fine, because the way you write it each time is so heart wrenching. Urk, I had tears when I read aang’s perspective... urk.
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