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5/31 c14 ADDBaby
5/11 c14 martinez.emmac
Update soon this is amazing
4/30 c14 1Viviene001
I believe I’ve read all five of your stories now, and they all have the theme of betrayal. XP
Which is fine, because the way you write it each time is so heart wrenching. Urk, I had tears when I read aang’s perspective... urk.
4/3 c14 JustAFan123
Read through this entire thing in a day. This is genuinely amazing and your character development and the social interactions and world building are brilliant! I hope you update soon.
3/21 c14 Rosiekay
Ahhh I love this story so much! I’ve reread it countless times. I do hope you get the chance to update this! Stay safe and healthy!
3/15 c7 4Revliledpembroke
Oh look, one of my favorite tropes.
"Oh, woe is me, I'm a terribly unforgivable terrible person for lying and manipulating people in a situation where lying is the only option and the manipulation is to help push events the way they are supposed to go. Clearly, I don't deserve happiness!"

Why are there so many people who seem to think they are the most evil people on the planet despite never once cooking and eating a baby, committing genocide, or cutting somebody off in traffic?
3/15 c3 Revliledpembroke
I very highly doubt Zuko and Iroh could have seen anything other than a vague outline of whoever was on the flying bison. It's difficult enough to recognize someone from distance without the added hassle of a storm turning day to night, pouring rain, and giant waves. Not unless they were within 10 feet if each other. They probably would have just figured it was Sokka..
3/9 c12 Vortz
I have one thing to say, why does it say pt2 instead of pt3?!
DUDE just fix these small mistakes PLZ
3/9 c11 Vortz
Now use your knowledge of the watertribes defenses to destroy the enemy and BURN THEM ALL. TORTURE KATARA, EAT SOKKA, DANCE WITH AANG AND PET MOMO!
3/9 c10 Vortz
You pulled out the first part of the chapter and explained the first 2 days perfectly without signs of skipping... ... ... Then you had him out on the Balcony saying a Month had passed.
I pick up way too many faults and I ABSOLUTELY HATE IT. I LIKE THIS STORY DAMN IT
So after my casual rage at being OCD I'll say this, thankyou for the chapter, although they all have small faults I do enjoy reading them and that's all that counts in the end for me or anyone.

Kind Regards and Many Thanks,
- Vortozan
3/9 c7 Vortz
Wow, a little late to start thinking about how he should use his knowledge. It's not that the realisation of how to use it grates at me but the fact that it sounds like this is the first time he's given it any thought!?
As soon as he realised the time and universe he was in that would be one of the first things anyone would think about, how to use their future seeing knowledge, yet here it seems he only just realised he has them consciously instead of sub-consciously
I spelt the wrong didn't I xD

- Vortozan
3/9 c4 Vortz
UHHhhhhhhhh, Sai being uncertain about why Aang way hurt even thou he KNOWS the reason.

If he's just keeping up appearances then that makes sense but if that's true stop making it seem like he doesn't know about the cartoon or elude to the fact he doesn't remember most of it (even though you can't do that with this episode unless you show he doesn't remember perfectly well that this is the blue spirit episode, and Katara and Sokka are meant to get sick). URRRRr, you make it so difficult to give advice to you since this is so over the place.
Look, when writing about Sai 'pretending' to not know about the cartoon and events happening. Restrict him doing so by saying he "Looks" confused not "Is confused". You've done it a thousand times in the past few chapters and it makes no sense because you don't need to hide him knowing stuff from us. We know his secret knowledge and so does he so wtf?

Either way, you've given me a headache. Cause if he does know about the cartoon, why the hell was he confused about Jet blowing the damn, the avatar's Identity, unknowing about the canyon crawlers and the tribes lying, not realising he would run into the Avatar by being in the village and by extension of that not deciding beforehand (of which he had what? 15-18 years to decide) whether or not to join the Gang in the first place.

SOOO many gigantic plot holes in such a well written story.
Thank you for your time writing, I've enjoyed the first 3 chapters, but if this continues (they ain't small problems) then I gonna have to leave

Thank you for the read!
- Vortozan
3/9 c3 Vortz
Uhhhhh, if he knew about the cartoon. Why is he constantly surpirsed when stuff happens like that big wave, or questioning if Aang really was the Avatar when he first met them, or the fa...
I sense this is going to continue being a problem so I'll erase the fact he knew about the cartoon in the first place. I think you made a mistake there
3/9 c2 Vortz
Uhhh, I don't like re-reading plot points from a show I've already watched. I tell writers that rehashing a plot we have seen with our own two eyes just isn't going to fly if you change nothing about it.
You somehow change little and a lot.
It's weird that I enjoy reading this
Well bloody done mate
- Vortozan
2/21 c14 54ShadowPillow
I now understand why Taiza made his choice in the first chapter - he has a very human perspective. I understood it more earlier, too, but now I understand it more deeply. This intervention by Iroh and Piandao has helped him a lot, whereas he might have otherwise given up on life and kept close charted to the expected path laid before him. Instead, he took the opportunity to - just for a little while, be free, and try to do what he will, to help save lives and soften the hurts without taking away wisdom. I think he got scared though, after what happened with Joeng Joeng, and that's what led him to ultimately decide to leave now; in addition to his duties waiting for him back at home, his family, and his sense of responsibility - and the fact that he accomplished his goal in preventing the Fire Nation from getting air technology - he had a sudden, compelling reason to go back. Still, I am glad that he cherished his final moments with Aang, Katara, and Sokka so much, and I hope that they will understand and forgive him. Had they been in his position, a general and not a colonel... well, they might've not done the same, but if they were in that position they'd never be so naive as to not lie about it.

I wonder if Sai's meeting with the Gaang was intentional. He showed so little of his thought them; certainly, the timing seems suspicious, and the active involvement with Jet. Somehow he had to have a reason to go through that forest alone, and if he knew of the location, or maybe even just met Jet by coincidence, he still decided to take adavantage of it and very easily began speaking with the Avatar and others, and lying too to be surprised at all the little details he shouldn't know. I can't really blame him, but it will also be very hard for Aang to understand - particularly that Sai also had a life that he left behind to help Aang, because he truly believed in Aang. And Aang isn't old enough, I think, to understand why Sai would have that sort of belief in him.

But anyways. I would like to thank you very much for writing this story, and your Percy Jackson story about Jade as well. I've really enjoyed both of them and felt that I had a valuable time reading them. I've laughed and smiled and sincerely felt for the characters, and everything in your writing feels very smooth and natural, like the gradual, yet sometimes abrupt and scary, flow of a river. So thank you for your excellent stories, and I look forward to hopefully seeing more updates from you. :) Keep up the good work, and stay awesome.
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