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for Masked Desire

8/11/2021 c1 11kasiaeliza
In the series, Marta and Tessa's relationship was more maternal-friendly than romantic, and I like the original version more. However, here, their banters came out naturally and might as well be on the show.

But I have to admit that the story is well written, the reasoning is good, and the intrigue keeps the reader in suspense. I think that Tessa should connect the dots with shooting earlier, but it doesn't matter to the plot. Excellent idea with training Marta with sword, even if it will take several years. :)
12/19/2015 c1 doccubus lurver
Well as usual your passion and heart shine through your story. I have no idea if this was a real show or if it was, when or where it was. But it never matters because I am always immersed in your vision and story crafting. Top notch writing from a top notch writer.

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