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for Justice in the Isles

12/3/2019 c1 10Christine Cathryn Ver Leth
I am loathe to admit i wish there was far more with the two of them. Thoroughly enjoyed this and these two are now my new favorite pair. sad i missed this when it was written.
10/5/2016 c5 dracodawnstar
Wow! This was really really good! You did an excellent job with the characters. I really enjoyed your story :)
12/15/2015 c1 Guest
A really cute and well-written story. Though, I'd say— leaving welts, and harsh bruises, and beating him to the point of blood— and spanking him afterwards, even, when it's not even all healed— is a bit cringy. While Hans does deserve to have his butt warmed, he doesn't to have been beaten so savagely. They could've in the least eased it out as to deduce injury, or stopped before he could welt; justification isn't necessarily to the point of collapse, or getting severely injured.
11/30/2015 c5 Guest
Spankings? Those were brutal beatings and if I had been Hans I'd have hurt badly those bastards

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